Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Junior high school students in Chicago were studying the Seven Wonders of the World. At the end of the lesson, the students were asked to list what they considered to be the Seven Wonders of the World. Though there was some disagreement, the following received the most votes:

1. Egypt’s Great Pyramids
2. The Taj Mahal in India
3. The Grand Canyon in Arizona
4. The Panama Canal
5. The Empire State Building
6. St. Peter’s Basilica
7. China’s Great Wall

While gathering the votes, the teacher noted that one student, a quiet girl, hadn’t turned in her paper yet. So she asked the girl if she was having trouble with her list. The quiet girl replied, “Yes, a little. I couldn’t quite make up my mind because there were so many.” The teacher said, “Well, tell us what you have, and maybe we can help.”

The girl hesitated, then read, “I think the Seven Wonders of the World are:

1. to touch…
2. to taste…
3. to see…
4. to hear… (She hesitated a little, and then added…)
5. to feel…
6. to laugh…
7. and to love.

The room was so quiet, you could have heard a pin drop.

May this story serve as a gentle reminder to all of us that the things we overlook as simple and ordinary are often the most wonderful - and we don’t have to travel anywhere special to experience them.

Enjoy your gifts!
(Author Unknown - source)

Monday, December 28, 2009

to you, from me.

it’s been a while since we’ve actually talked, but for once, i’m not trippin’. i guess you can say i’ve moved on - finally - but i still can’t help but wonder if it’s the right thing to do. i honestly thought you were the one, whatever the hell that means. haaah. i trusted you; we made promises to each other. and now that i look back at them, all it is to me now is complete bullshit. not that you lied or broke them, that’s a definite NO, but just how much time i wasted on you. jeeeez, i focused on you more than school ! maybe that’s the reason for the rapid deterioration of my grades ? i’m not sure if it’s cuhs i spent my time dreaming of the day when you’d realize all this, or if it was my own laziness that got in the way. but in all honesty, i am as happy as ever. i’ve realized that there are other ways to achieve happiness, ways that do not have your name written all over them. now i see your sn on my buddy list & for once, i don’t get butterflies & hurry to double-click so i can talk to you before you sign off. but out of reassurance, pat yourself on the back cuhs i don’t think i’ve ever fallen for someone that hard in such a short amount of time. y’know that quote “you had me at hello” ? yeah, you’re a perfect example of that. but now, i can actually go through a day without thinking of you, & when i do, all it is is that i hope you’re happy, cuhs i know i am. (:

Sunday, December 27, 2009


the first 10 people i could think of.

1. i can't believe i wasted
that much time on you. you were deff not worth it & i'm glad i'm finally over your ass. happier than eveeeer.

2. if you don't know i'm pissed at you, then you're a dumbass. i really dgaf what you do anymore, i'm just pissed you'd go back on your word & still call me "best friend."


4. i think you're secretly a girl trapped in a guy's body. you're annoying as faawk & i hate having to put up with you everyday.

5. sanks for all the greentea lemonades ! (: favorito cousin, most deff.

6. i'm happy we've gotten close again (: i reaaaally missed you, but it's all good now cuhs we're back to where we started last year !

7. da haaail happened to you !? i don't talk to you anymore & i miss you ): you've changed - you've ditched your old best friends & have gone to a new clique, ones that do drugs & shit. boo.

8. i love how we can spend ridiculous amounts of hours on the phone. & half the time, we don't even talk. ahaha, fuck what people think. sanks for always being there for me. holyshit, i really don't know where i'd be if i didn't have you to rant to. (:

9. did you drop off the face of the planet ? whatevs, i'm glad you're not there to lecture me anymore. haaaah. i can't believe i spent 8 months on you. BAHAHAHA. funny shit.

10. i'm sorry i can't go to disneyland for your birfday. ): it's killing me cuhs [a] disneyland's my favorito place & [b] you're my best friend ! since third grade, bitch. (: have fun & i promise i'll make it up to youuuuu. <333333

Thursday, December 24, 2009

winter break.

needs to end, right now. i hate it. i have no plans whatsoever; it's just wake up, sit in front of tv or computer, eat one meal, nap, shower, sleep. literally. okay, fine. i went to work on monday. but that's about it. i worked my ass off for 5 hours only to be paid $10 by my mom. lameshit. today's christmas eve, but it seriously doesn't feel like it. i'm so over break & i can't wait for school to start again. hopefully 2010 will be a better year. i'm sick & tired of the same old bullshit i wake up to everyday.

on the bright side though, my best friend's back from virginia (: which means, sushi & me getting a life ? yes, please.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

my mom,

needs to back the fuck off.
it's fucking winter break & she expects me to sleep before 10.
bitch tries teaching me respect; haaah fuck thaaat.
she can suck my imaginary dick.
can't wait till next week cuhs she's going to arizona.
if only it was forever tho. waaahmp.

break so far sucks asssss.
i need to make plans with people.

Thursday, December 17, 2009



Tuesday, December 15, 2009

it's amazing.

how much i can hate being here.
can't wait till i'm 18, with a license.
haaah, fuck dbar.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

$olitaire ♥

i love my solitaire girls (:
& vickie chen, ahahah !

Saturday, December 12, 2009


i want to curl up into a ball & just cry. i want to get in a car with someone and just DRIVE with no destination whatsoever. i want to sit outside in the pouring rain with the hope of getting pneumonia. i want everyone to just fall off the face of the planet. i want to start fresh.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

daisyhaaaan !

Ddaaaiisy: i know how you feel.
Ddaaaiisy: shit sucks
Ddaaaiisy: but really, suck that shit up.
Ddaaaiisy: you really can't do shit.
Ddaaaiisy: be good, go to college, make bank
Ddaaaiisy: if you wanna shove your pretty ass in the motherfucker's face.
Ddaaaiisy: & live your fucking life.
Ddaaaiisy: (: there.

i wuv her & her bluntness.


really now ? you're such a little shit. you can't fucking pay child support for your own damn kids & you go pay some girl to fuck you ? scratch that, it's not that you can't pay for us, you DON'T want to. you're such a selfish piece of shit. and not only here, but you got your little hoes in china, too i guess. no wonder you visit asia every fuckin' year. i'm not even gonna ask you to come to my christmas concert, even though it would mean the whole fuckin' world to me if you go.

fuck, i feel like crying for the first time in a billion years. DAYKILLER, much.

Monday, December 7, 2009


the rain can go suck my imaginary dick.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


shit's comedy, really.
i'm getting sick of it, so i'm done.
i can't wait for next year.
actually, the end of senior year.
cuhs that means outta this shithole.
all i gotta say is fuck "family".

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


a drunken mind speaks a sober heart.

i need to rethink errthaaang, cuhs i'm seriously trippin' balls.
idk why, it's complete bullshit.
lately, random throwbacks have just been getting to me.
& i'm caring a little too much about them.
i need to learn how to let go of my past, ferreaaaaals.

ANYWAYS. $2 see's candies chocolate bars (=
left with milk chocolate only though.
let me know if you want one ! pleeeeease.

Monday, November 30, 2009

she’s moved on. and i feel sorry for you, because she thought you were the most amazing boy ever. she may not be the prettiest, or the smartest, but i can guarantee you; she would have given you the world. she thought you were different. she was wrong. & if she could of had any guy in the world, she would have picked you above the others. but you’re just another guy to her now.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


turning sixteen tomorrow, waaaadup.
spending it with my sister at disneyland. (:

Friday, November 27, 2009

random throwbaaack,

1. i really don't know what to do with you. i thought you'd be picking up the pieces for me, but lately, everything's just so blah. i hate that i'm so on & off about you. there are times when i find out some stuff, & i say i want nothing to do with you. but when i see you, it's like nothing ever happened & i feel back on track with my feelings. i don't want to say you're a waste of my time, cuhs even if you are, it's worth every minute. you really are a sweet guy, & i wish i could read you like the back of my hand so i'd know what to do with you.

2. i love you, but i hate what you do. you're one of my best friends, & you know i like him. yet you still go off and FLIRT with him like no other. and it's not just him, it's a bunch of other guys. but what really bugs me is the fact that you like someone else, but you talk & act like you're his girlfriend. and i really want to tell you this, but i seriously can't word it when i'm with you. i've told you a bunch of times to back off, but it seems like you don't listen. i'm doing this for your own good, & for the benefit of him.

3. YOU. mr "i promise on my last bowl of pho". i can't believe you went to knott's with her. i'm so irritated with you two. & i told you not to go for her and to stop with the flirting. come on, you're a freaking senior & she's a freshman. and she ain't even CUTE ! you can do so much better. i feel like we're drifting this year like no otheeer. bestfriend, i laaahve you. since sixth grade, come on now. listen to me, just this once - i promise. you guys haven't even known each other for a long time & you guys say stuff like "i love you" ?! um, ew.

4. whore whore whore. i hate what you're doing with #3 up there. i see your face once a week, & every time i do, i want to slap it. you overdress all the time & you're a complete fake. no wonder whatsherface got in a fight with you. i read your hack on her myspace; gg for cussing like that. you put on this mask of "i want to be a church leader" & you put yourself on blast like that ? retaaard. i feel like a hypocrite when i say this cuhs i know i have the mouth of a beast, but at least i don't prance around calling myself a leader & crap. come on now. act AND dress your age, please.

5. um, i don't know if you're mad at me or not. and if you are, well then i'm sorry for whatever shit i did to you. i see you around at school, and you just ignore me when i say hi & i really don't know what the hell i did. i cleared stuff up with whatshername, so if you were taking her side, things are all good. i trusted you with a lot of stuff & i really wouldn't want a small thing to eff up our friendship. you're supaa chill & you seriously understood all the crap i vented to you about. so i hope i'm wrong about this misunderstanding.

6. homewreckeeeeer. i eat lunch with you every day & it takes me so much not to just reach over & give you the biggest slap ever. i already posted a blog about you, so i won't do any repeats. but DAMN, really !? you seriously would do this to your own "sister" !? shaaaady. well honestly, she deserves better. so you can take dickhead over there witchu so she can finally realize she doesn't need him OR you in her life. strike two for you, bitch. i sweaaar, you're going down.

7. i'm indecisive about you too, haaaaha. you're el presidente, aka stalin or hitler. me & a bunch of other girls get so irritated with you. and i hate that we're always so fake to you, cuhs you're too dumb to see right through us. i can't believe i got you for secret santa, but whaaatevs. i feel like i have an obligation to get you something bigger than all the other girls cuhs you're "THE BIG GIRL" but fuck thaaat. there are times when i can put up with you, but there are others when i wish you never ran for that rank.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy thanksgiving (:

i noticed i take a lot of shit for granted. but for one, i am definitely thankful for friends. they're top priority, number 1 on my list. they come before the fambam, cuhs well. i hate fambam. haah. bestfriends have seen me at my worst & best, yet have stuck with me through thick & thin. i owe them a shitload.

anyways. disneyland on sunday for my birfday. ^_^

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


five more days till my birfday.
five more days till i'm sixteen.
five more days till disneyland.

supaaa excited ! ♥

Thursday, November 19, 2009


wow, strike 2 for you, bitch. why do you even do this to girls ? and not just ANY girls, but your best friends !? last year's was whatevers cuhs i really don't care about that one. what's really bugging me is the one that you're dealing with right now. you met him that ONE DAY and you went off making out with him & what not !? and you KNOW that his girlfriend-of-some-sort, aka your "sister" because she's so damn close to you, was already heartbroken over a couple things that happened before. and you still go off with him, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME !? you need to get your head checked up. you aren't even as cute as she is. and i don't think you know how much pain you're causing her. she cries herself to sleep every single night. and the reason why she hasn't said anything to you yet is cuhs she's playing the better person. she shouldn't have to because he was her's to begin with. grow the fuck up & stop stealing other girls' boyfriends. you shady little bitch.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


i hate getting sick. -__- woke up on sunday feeling like craaap. went to church, came back and just slept. woke up at 7 to eat a little bit and went up to shower and sleep again. woke up on monday feeling gross so i didn't go to school. slept till 11, went downstairs to drink soup, went back to sleep till 5. went on my computer for a while, then went back to sleep till 11:30. HAH. went upstairs to shower, then slept again. woke up today at 10-ish, took a bunch of medicine & madre took my temperature. light fever, but whaatevs. stayed home from school again. spent all day working on my art portfolio. i don't wanna go back to school tomorrow cuhs i'm gonna have to make up a bunch of tests & crap. ): i can't stop sneezing, coughing, & blowing my nose. boo. but i don't regret going to amanda's party. even if it did get me sick. haaah. (:

Sunday, November 15, 2009

amanda's fiestaaa.

so anj. came at 6 & her mom took us to amber’s house. posted there for 30 minutes-ish cuhs amber was deciding on which leggings to wear. picked up lindsey and went to amanda’s. holy craaap, her house is HUGE ! it’s like a mini-white house. hahahaha (: it was really cold while we were eating so we went into the mini garage where everyone was dancing to get body heat. danced with jjung, ryan, anj, amber, alice, nicole, becca, kathie, & stephanie. it got all hot, and then she was gonna cut the cake so it got all cold again. got all hot cuhs we were dancing again, and then jessica’s parents took me & amber home. posted at amber’s for 10 minutes & janice picked me up. woke up today with a freaking sore throat. my legs ache like a mofo & i feel like yakking. napped for half the day & i still have a lot of spanish & history tarea. eeeff. i don’t wanna go to school tomorrow. but yesterday was one hell of a party. [:

Friday, November 13, 2009


i hate when someone gets all up in your face about stupid shit like who i like & crap. well it's obvious i didn't want you to know, or else i would have told you. and you mention the guy i do like & when i deny it, you push it on me saying that i do & i should stop lying. well then why the hell did you ask me in the first place, you nimrod. -____-

Thursday, November 12, 2009


definitely NOT a good day.
janice rushed me out of bed today. & i ended up getting to school like, 10 minutes earlier. so i fell asleep kinda-ish during chem again. but since our whole row was asleep, goya came over & shook our table. haaaaaah. whatevs. sub tomorrow (: spanish was so boring. i'm so sick of artists & paintings. next week's gonna be hell. portfolios are due, orals, tests, writing tests. ): i hate test weeks in spanish cuhs it's like. test after test after test. history was whaaatevs. salmons class is always chill. moved to eric's seat behind ana for the last 5 minutes. attempted to knock out but that nimrod shook my head every 10 seconds. chilled outside the choir room as usual & tried to count how many people would high five eric out of randomness. HAH. one person. (: aaanyways. i can't get the notes for the opening number for choir. -_- it frustrates me. and before we were gonna dance, dictator blew up on us. HAAH. whaaatevs. i'm excited for this year in solitaire, but with her, i'm just like. eh. she gave me a high five cuhs apparently i sold the most tickets for the fall choir concert ? & i was like "... uh." FREAKING VIVIAN ! hahahahahah. i felt something during warmups but i thought i was just imagining things. LOL. you & kaitlyn are hilarious ! ♥ lunch was whaatevs. when brandon walked into trig today, he handed me my maff hw & i guess schaeffer saw and he was STARING at us. and the last 5 minutes of class, he called us over & he was like "you guys got the same answers. is there anything you wanna explain to me ?" asdfghjkl;'* ! i'm never giving brandon my homework again. -_______- good thing he had a lie up his sleeve or else we would have gotten a cheating contract. geebus. roubian's class was aaaalright cuhs i had anj's book. had to write poems & i couldn't finish cuhs eric doesn't do ANYTHING. anyways. mom's coming home from taiwan today. ): my one month of happiness is over. so with that, hello homework. hahaha.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

lady gaga.

you're so weird.
but you're fayrce at the same time.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


"i believe the happiest girls are the prettiest girls." - audrey hepburn

so lea came over yesterday. & we came up with the conclusion that the reason why our left boobs are bigger than our right ones is cuhs we're right handed & we both sleep on our right arms. so last night, i tried sleeping on my left arm. and now my left arm hurts like a bitch. boo. and the reason this is on blogger & not tumblr is cuhs it's a tad bit too inappropriate for tumblr. HAH.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

breath of heaven.

breath of heaven ; amy grant

singing this for winter concert !
gives me goosebumps every time i hear it. (:

Friday, November 6, 2009

"i have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love." - mother teresa

bombed my ap chem test like no otheeer.
imma drop that class. maybe. i think. idk. ):
trig test was aaaalrights.
i get 50 extra credit points, so it's all good.

danced more in choir; learned our intro.
we sho gooood ! except i hate president. -____-

nom nom nom. i want a rubios burrito.
basic tonight, funstuff. [:

Thursday, November 5, 2009


"coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous." — albert einstein

chem — bummed it. fell asleep again, then moved to the back for our stupid review game. bombed that craaap with kaitlyn. hah. whaatevs.
spanish — cheeell. i actually finished my homework for once ! i’m so sick of that stupid thing sorenson makes us do though. it’s like playing slide or whatevs. i feel like i’m back in elementary school.
history — salmons was showing pictures of trench foot. buuut, i didn’t look up (= watched a clip from legends of the fall. holycrap. it always makes me cry. ): but MM, brad pitt. haaaha. moved in the back with eric to do that group test & talked to alyseeee.
choir — reviewed songs, breath of heaven gives me goosebumps ! i’m excited for our christmas concert. (=
trig — HAH. i actually enjoyed today. me, sarthi, michelle, & chelsea won our review game. schaefer has britney spears songs. yeah, it’s pretty faggity of him. mm, we picked michael jackson for our last one. and i was like “i hope he plays human nature.” what does he play ? HUMAN NATURE, BABY. (:
english — ms. whitehead was our sub. boo. like, she’s chill & all, but she talks too much. ): i TRIED to sleep in that class, but freaking eric kept hitting my head. -_- doucheeee.

apchem & trig tests tomorrow. fml. ): but whaatevs. it’s gonna be friday. ♥ more dancing in choir tomorrow, yays ! imma wear my faith shirt. ^_^

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


hi, my name's linda & i need a rewind button !
& to think, last week i was the happiest girl in the world.
it needs to be the weekend soon. ):

Sunday, November 1, 2009

halloween 'o9.

so, i got to nicole’s at 4:30 ish. said hello to bob, my love. told christine about _________ while everyone else showed up. ate lots of food, especially spinach/artichoke dip which was soooo good & filling. had a food coma. went outside with genevieve, daphne, christine, amanda & ryan to take pictures. posted on nicole’s front yard which was funstuff. everyone else came outside, so me, jacki, ryan, & nicole tried to re-take a picture from last year. made sure nicole looked prettier than ____. HAAAH. jacki explained some stuff about ____ & _____. [sorry for all the blanks, haaah.] pretty shaaady ! anyways. camera whored for theeeee longest time. jessie, karen, steven, ana, angie, chris, & chris showed up with chipotle. hahahah ! they were gonna trick or treat w/ us but they had to go somewheeere. finally started trick or treating. mm, it was funstuff ! sang mulan songs agaaaain. along with taylor swift & christmas carols. we tried re-taking all the pictures from last year. it just wasn’t the same without tim ): mm, got back to nicole’s & posted in her living room. beat up a pinata with the names ____ & _____ written on them. had caaake, christine had to leave ): ate more spinach/artichoke dip with chips and swapped candy. had another bloody nose while we were watching music & lyrics. then went into her other living room and took jumping pictures. OH MY GOODNESS. I SWEAR, I AM PICTURE MASTER. [; mm, jessica’s parents came to pick us up at 11-ish. i still think last year was better. buuuuut, whatevs ! i'm waiting for next year. senior year, bitches. [:

Friday, October 30, 2009



anyways. goya was actually here today for school. boo. spanish was lame. but it went by really fast. screwed up on my 50 states test in salmons, but whaaatevs ! cleaned up the choreo for choir. rally was coolbeans. lost my voice for a while cuhs i was screaming so loud. sat with lea, alexis, & bethany. yayayayay. (: trig was easy stuff. only had like 3 problems to do. haaah. english was boring. but we had like 30 minutes to just chill. eric freaking blew up on me cuhs i touched his hurr. -____- freak. came home, did some laundry. was gonna nap but janice wanted to watch a movie. so we watched the longest yard. haaah, such a cute movie ! um, went to basic 20 minutes earlier cuhs kevin was gonna tutor me & agnes. lames, cuhs he only helped me on one problem. not gonna go into deets about basic, but i was so tireeed. almost passed out on the couch & if it weren't for rachel, i would have probably died. ): got back at like 10ish. hungry as fawk cuhs i didn't eat deenar. my eyes are freaking irrtated and they won't stop itching. ): 11:11, make a wish ! haaaah. kbye.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


today sucked. end of story.

sub in chem. talked to kaitlyn the whole time. failed my spanish oral. paused for 20 seconds straaaaight. i have a fifty states test & id quiz tomorrow in history. learned more choreo for choir. i am so sick of mariah carey's voice. the nightmare before christmas is scary. watched it for best buddies today. trig is hell. study sesh @ agnes' friday ? english was lames. roubian propped the door open and the freaking cold wind was rushing in. ): tried fixing the strap on my bag, but it got caught on my nail so my nail's about to freaking snap off. it hurts. got home, still kinda happy. talked to dorababy & lea. went to jonathan's cap & gown crap, then deenar con padre. i want his canon camera. even though canon beats nikon. he got a doberman. wtf. haah. it's cute, i guess. couldn't stop licking my foot though, sicko. my right earphone on my ipod broke. whaddahail. anyways, got home, attempted to do homework. started my chem outline. but uh, something got to me and now i'm irritated as heeell, even though i really shouldn't have a reason to be. haaah. my feet are supaa cold and so are my hands. my thumb nail hurts like a mofo & i'm tireeed. whatevs. i'm still irrtated. haaah. bye.

ps; happy birthday genevieve & larry. ♥


i hate spanish orals with my life.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

copied from tumblr.

"and in that moment, i swear we were infinite." - stephen chbosky

today was a laaatestart ! i got my 8 hours of sleep last night. i hate ap chem. so so so much. got my choir jackeeet. it’s warm but kinda small. ): i’m gonna fail trig. & roubian’s gonna end up hating me even more. nicole gave me her sweet sixteen thing. but it’s on halloween. 1) idk what imma beeee. 2) janice apparently made plans to go to my aunt’s house & sleep oveeer. BOO. anyways, i finally watched toy story 1 & 2. in 3D. that little baby head is gonna give me nightmares. but those little green aliens are so cute. haahaha ! i’m excited for toy story 3. um, got buffalo wingssss. nom cubed. watched part of the laker game ? haaah, lamesauce. i really need a tv. listened to disney songs & now i have “you’ll be in my heart” stuck in my head. now in possession of two cafe latte lollipops from sees candies — EAT MY SKIVVIES JANICE. (: ricola’s still better than halls. mm, i guess today was overall a good day. been a while since i’ve had one. thanks, ________. (you know who you are, CREEPER.)

Monday, October 26, 2009


today was bipolar. to the maaaax. i hate ap cheeem. D; didn’t turn in my lab cuhs i have no idea what the hell i’m doing in that class. did some fire-changing color though. haaah, funstuff. me & kevin kim were making fun of ______ right in front of her face. gaaahd she’s so stupid & annoying. spanish was LAMESAUCE. i hate ensayos. the pressure makes me brain-dead. i cited each fuente once when i was supposed to cite it twice. -_- fmlfmlfml. history was funstuff. aced my quiz on our lecture, then moved my seat & sat next to eric. yelled “STOP TEXTING, ERIC !” in front of salmons but he didn’t hear me ): talked to daisy about whatshisname & asked her what i should doooo. haha i love her bluntness. choir was funstuff ! except we got lectured about bingooo. ): got our shirts ! aaaand they’re cutes. yay ! saw jy at lunch [: beeeestfriendnigga. math was so gay. haaah. wrote sarthi a letter cuhs i liked his highlighters & i never pay attention to mr. rat face. roubian’s class was so cold. -_- wore eric’s jacket which is HELLA WAAARM. played “swagga like us” cuhs it was part of my hw assignment. hahahahahah. bad song. eric showed me this freaking “sex asap” he found in the newspaper he was reading. FREAKING AY. i couldn’t stop laughing & roubian was giving us dirty looks. -_- anyways. bus ride home was funstuff cuhs amber’s finally back ! [: talked with nicole while she told us more of her usb stories. haaaahaha ! (: lea came over and we chilled at the park for a whileeee. talking about whatshisname. awh, i love my best friend. “linda, don’t get in a relationship. cuhs when that boy hurts you, & i find out, his reproductive system will no longer work.” ♥ anyways. i have a headache and i think jonathan has swine flu. -_- had pizza & made corn soup for dinner & i feel like imma freaking explodeeeeee. k, discussion time. byeees. tomorrow should be funstuff [:

found this on tumblr.

"it’s not easy for me to cry. when i’m sad, i’m very quiet. when i’m mad, you’ll just know. i’m a sucker for chocolate candy. i walk fast when i’m rushing. i’m demanding sometimes. i love to shop, but i’m not a shopaholic. it’s easy to amuse me. i don’t think before i say things. i get bored on some ocasions. i study/do my homework last minute. i don’t smoke or drink, i’m above the influence. i like to have fun and not always stay home. i get in trouble sometimes. i think a lot. i’m very bubbly. i’m shy at first but then i talk a lot. i got my good days and bad days. i love my music, so if you see me phasing out or singing out of no where you’ll know why. i care more about other’s then i do myself. i’m not perfect in any way. there’s more to me than what meet’s the eye. i’m not here to impress anyone other than myself. & if you don’t like me, then i really don’t care. but it’s who i am and i ain’t changing for no one."

amazing how this is 100% correct about me. reblog, fo'really.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

russian roulette.

as my life flashes before my eyes,
i’m wondering will i ever see another sunrise?
so many won’t get the chance to say goodbye,
but it’s too late to pick up the value of my life.

and you can see my heart beating,
you can see it through my chest.
and i’m terrified but i’m not leaving,
i know that i must pass this test -
so just pull the trigger.

daaang, gotta love rihanna. she FIERCE.


"to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." - coco chanel

new blogger layout. & what the hell. i guess i haven't looked at my "followers" list. haaah. sorry if i cuss too much on this stuff, i can't really help it. if you want a more pg-rated blog, visit my tumblr. cuhs this is where i let out all my angry shit & just vent to the world. (= aaanyways. i'm a fucking mess right now. i really don't know what to do & i wanna take a break from it aaaall. the past week has been horrrrible. you'd think i'd love it cuhs madre's in taiwan & shit. massive failures at tests, sleeping at 1am every day, getting lectured by my dad about stupid shit. ugh. i'm so done with junior yeaaar. i still need to get my permit & take my gayass sat's. oh & i've noticed i'm a reaaally deprived child. haaah. i've never seen toy story 1 or 2 full through, or bambi, pinocchio, & dumbo. my house contains 2 wideass plasma tvs but it's not hooked up so i'm basically tv-less. texting's always been blocked, which sucks ass cuhs i've always wanted a texting plan. haaaah. but whatevs. aaanyways. choir's been really fun. i swear, it's the only class i look forward to. we've started choreo for our christmas concert. (: even though "all i want for christmas" is theee most annoying christmas song, i love that vibe i get whenever i walk into the choir room. it's like christmas in there already. we're thinking of sticking a fake christmas tree in there soon. haaah. halloween's in a week & i still don't have an idea of what i wanna be. dammit. i was supposed to be webby with nickhale, but that didn't really work outtt. fuck it. i'm tired as hell. so goodnight.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


"but when i look in the mirror, i see a girl who’s been through so much, and yet, still finds a way to smile at the past. she still loves with all her heart, or what’s left of it. and when you see herwalking in the hallway i can guarantee you she’ll have her head up high, faking a smile just one more time. and for all those people who try to break her, trust me; you never will."

hi, my name's linda & idk what to doooo.

Friday, October 23, 2009


"she has a choice. she can either accept a life of misery or she can struggle against it — and she chooses to struggle. she fails in the end, but there’s something beautiful and even heroic in her rebellion." — kate winslet

baaaaaaaack the fuck off.
i'm so fucking irrtated.
like, words cannot explain.
whatevs. think what you want.
i could honestly care less.

anyways. tired as faawk.
choreo's getting to me. haaaaah.
but it looks good !
can't wait for our showwwww.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


"you're a bitch because of how straightforward you are to people. you're a bitch because of how brutally honest you are. you're a bitch because you say things that not much people will say or have the guts to say. you're a bitch because you tell the truth even if it hurts. you're a bitch because you tell 'em how it is. you're a bitch because if someone doesn't like you, all you're gonna say is "i don't care." so that makes you a bitch. but who cares; everyone needs some honesty in their life anyways."

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


“i’m not a bitch. i just have a low bullshit tolerance.”

"reblogged" from carolynyap ! <3

Excuse me, but hunny I won't let you walk all over me. Call me a bitch, IDGAF. Ima teach you a lesson to don't act like im terrified of you. Yes i'm younger than you, but doesnt mean i'm a fucking idiot. Your words, aren't wisdom to me, its fucking bullshit. Especially how you cover coat everything. You think i can't read you? Too bad i can bitch. Next time you got a problem with me or her, say it and dont end it with "but love you still" type of shit. You just said something fucked up and your trying to make yourself sound like some goodie two shoes. But hunny that don't phase me. I read you like an open book, stop trying to play that "im so perfect" role, when you're just full of imperfections like the rest of us. If you put me on blast, then i'ma do it in return. I won't back down, unless you give me a credible reason to. This could go out to everyone to, if you don't like what i post on twitter, then just "unfollow me". Saves everyone a trip. Cos seriously reading your twitter, is fucking pointless. You talk about the gayest stuff & idk why i still follow you. And you twitter like 24/7 flooding my homepage, so don't come bitching at me that i'm flooding on yours. So here's the solution. GTFO and unfollow me.

Dayum, stupid ass people think age gives them the key to say whtever they want. I got dirt on you too, so you're no hero in my eyes. Fuck off.

Friday, October 16, 2009

see if you can guess who you are.

  1. bestfriend, nerdslut. i love you more than words can explain. (: you know i'll always be down to cover for you, through thick & thin. we've been to hell & back more than once, & i'm down to go back. i approve of yo boyyy ! [;

  2. ohmywonderful. you of all people. haaaah, i still can't believe i like you. but whaaatevs. we'll see how this thing goes. i love our conversations & inside jokes. it's funny that i've known you for like. 2 weeks & yet i tell you errthaang. you're a good guy & my momma needs to see that. haaaah. (:

  3. our relationship is so damn bipolar, i swear. one minute i'll be happy witchu, and the next i'll be ranting on & on about you. i'm sorry if i've hurt you in any way, but damn. sometimes you just annoy the shit outta me. but whaatevs, i guess that's the way our friendship is.

  4. i see you everyday & i know you see me. i don't know why we stopped talking, haah. but i guess i'm pretty irritated that you didn't do anything about it. but whaatevs. maybe one day i'll eventually im you, or you'll do the same. idk if i miss you or not, but i miss our conversations, ferreaaaals.

  5. goddamn it, so much for "best friend" ! you ditched the choir concert like, 20 minutes into the show. i'm still iffy about you & whatsherface, but whatever makes you happy. you promised on your last bowl of pho, so imma hold you up to that. [:

  6. yeah, i guess you're cute. but from what i've heard, you're a complete jeeerk. you flirt so much, and in front of your girlfriend. you make me feel so bad cuhs i feel like she hates me. you're chill in some ways, but i'm gonna keep my distance from you.

  7. what the fuck happened to us. we were so damn close last year and bam, now we only say hi to each other at school. i miss our random ims & our long convos that would start from the minute we'd sign on to like, midnight. i miss you. we need to have like. a motherfucking bonding day or something. haaaah. [:


"a wise girl kisses but doesn’t love, listens but doesn’t believe, and leaves before she is left." — marilyn monroe

you're a cutieeee. (:

Thursday, October 15, 2009


"you are the answer to every prayer i’ve offered. you are a song, a dream, a whisper, and i don’t know how i could live without you for as long as i have. i love you, more than you can ever imagine. i always have, and i always will." - the notebook

today was a good day.
cuhs the sun was finally up (:

btw, i'm a peer buddy (:
his name's justin & he's a junior, too !
gonna double this yeaaar.
con adrian & genevieve. YAYAYAY.
i'm sho excited.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


sHE beLIEveD. - tumblr

from what i've heard, i don't want to like you.
you're a flirt, you're a player.
you're a jerk, you're a heartbreaker.
you're a liar, you're a dick.
you're hella cute, but you're so twisted.

so i'm done witchu.
movin' on cuhs there are way better guys than you.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

choir concert.

"you never lose by loving. you always lose by holding back." — barbara de angelis

it went supaa dupaa well (: i loved every second of it. thank you CAROLYN for making me the wonderful poster that i have still yet to hang. ♥ basic was funstuff. especially when carolyn & agnes were fighting for shotgun for andy's coche. HAHAH, i love you both. level6 coloring w/ andy in arden's coloring book is haaard. ): i officially hate those masks the atlantis people wear. haha(: so um. six week grading period. BOO. one c, two b's, three a's. fml. whaaatevs though. i'm already over this year. roubian officially hates me now i guess cuhs of eric, that dumbass. ): stole jonathan's webcam to oovoo with nick, lima, & jy. daaamn, shit's addicting as heeell ! but um yeah. read my tumblr cuhs i barely update this shiiiit.

Monday, October 5, 2009

you two,

you have got to be kidding me. you guys have known each other for a fucking week and are talking about LOVE with each other ?! it's disgusting. you guys are FOUR years apart. to the guy -- you're my best friend. 'nuff said. and you thinking she's cute is just wrong. cuhs she's not ! she's a fake. she accessorizes TOO much. she looks older than she is, but acts so damn immaturely. how can you possibly "love" her !? you lame-o. ):< & to the girl -- stop playing games. you had BETTER not break his heart. stop leading him on. this deff won't be the first heart you break. you do really low-key & shady shit. stop with this one cuhs he's my bestfriend. break his heart, i break your face. understand ? good.

FUCK, i'm irritated. but last week was a good week i guess. made new friendships, patched up i really needed to patch up. went to hmart area w/ basic-ers !(: saw ms chen & it was kinda awkward. got eric, evelyn, & andy to go to the choir concert. yeee ! i'm sho excited for thursday. went shopping for jonathan's hc suit. omg. who knew it would take four fucking hours. sheeesh. the week started off supaa cold. i hate winter. i wore tennis shoes for the first time in a year. haah. now eating hot cheeeetos, nom nom nom. kbye.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

favorite line.

- lil wayne ; got money

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

wdup metallic !

“you know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” - dr. seuss

mis uñas son este color (: ¿es bonita, sí o no ?

Monday, September 21, 2009


whatevs man —
i don't have time to fucking deal with you.
bitches ain't worth my damn time.
go take your bullshit somewhere else.


"i was gone before you walked into my life." - p!nk

if you break his heart in any way possible,
i swear i'll break your face. (: have fun at homecoming !!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


"fear is the heart of love." - death cab for cutie

was the longest day ever. paradox to it: it was a freaking minimum day. i should have ditched 6th period cuhs all i did was sleep. bus wasn’t there by the time the bell rang so everyone was chillin’ outside. oh, christinego got me a boba cuhs she knew i was craving some (; anyways, bus got there. i got on, but joshua wasn’t on it cuhs that idiot walked off without telling me. -_- got off, walked around the whole freaking school to find his ass. turns out he left with his friends. (WOW, joshua has friends !) janice picked me up, we went to bananananana bay con padre. guess who i saw ? JESSIE LOVEEE. ♥ got my pad thai. nomnomnom. anyways, janice’s car is a piece of crap. the coolant kept leaking so the little bar thingy went ALL THE WAY to the red zone. and we were like, a minute from home & her car just breaks down. so we’re at the middle of a main intersection, and her engine just died. -_- called aaa, waited in the freaking sun for an hour, took the guy like. a minute to drive us home. haaaha. did the laundry, watched hella long indian movie, kevin picked me up for basic. helped someone paint a homecoming sign, had cell, went to mcdonalds, got chicken nuggets, chilled @ agnes’. i was freaking dozing off at her place, but now i’m wide awakeeee. ):

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


"i'm not short, i'm vertically challenged." - mr. roubian

honestly, i was definitely not down to go cuhs it was the weekend of emileen’s sixteenth. (btw, haaaay sixteenth year old ^_^) but yeeees, it was fun. (: especially yesterday. hahah, “the amazing race”. eye rub catchang ! ♥ i kept dozing off though. ideekay why cuhs it’d be like. 9:30. -_- whaddahail. and after, i’d be wide awake & i’d stay up till 1am watching television con mi hermana. mom lived in a different room, so i guess it was chill-er. sharon kicked it in our room for lunch & dinner(: I HAD THREE ARIZONA ICED TEAS THIS WEEKEND. ohbaby. oh oh oh ! a billy mays commercial came up last night. ):

anyways. what the hell is up with this brandon riley thaaang !? according to lea, he has some sickness & he’s on life support !? I MISS THREE DAYS, AND I COME BACK TO SOME KID THAT’S ABOUT TO DIE !? D:

branding iron this weeeeeek. ideekay if i’m going cuhs it’s the first day of wala 2. EEH. walnut’s gonna lose anyways. (; necesito hacer mi discusion. i’ve been telling myself that sinceeeee. friday. hah. then i went to christian’s bbq thingy wiff joy and we end up chilling in the jacuzzi till 10. HAHAHA. soooo, i’m gonna work on that now. (: late start tomorrow !

Thursday, August 27, 2009

day cuatro.

"cuhs bitch, i'm the bomb like tick tick... & i cool your ass down if you think you're hot shit." - lil wayne
to sum it all up, tired → irritated → bloody nose → latin & italian songs → hace calor → salad → hot hot heat → roubian’s super cold class → bus ride → singing swagga like us w/ amber → walking in hot hot heat -_- → yummy pizza & appo juice → lea regina lorenzo (BTW, HAPPY MOTHER FREAKING BIRFDAY LOVE. ♥) → computadora → more irritation → pharrell pictchaas → spanish hw → ap chem hw → pick up daisy → baskin robbins in montclair → lea’s fambam’s → yummy food (8 → recording helium party → coming home → studying polyatomic ions → trig hw → larry helping me w/ trig → venting to bethany about ________ → making plans with bethany → trig homework → polyatomic freaking ions → i’m tired. (:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

day tres.

"every person is guilty of all the good he didn't do." - voltaire

woke up super duper tireeeed. my mom wouldn’t let me wear shorts today even though it was gonna be 100 degrees. hm, whenever goya opens his mouth, i fall aschleep. ): i have polyatomic ions test mañana !! aaagh, i haven’t even studied. i got the first 5 down. marquez came into the room & told me someone switched out of his first period & told me i could switch in. but i doubt the glc’s will let me. -_- freaking nazis ! ): spanish was eeeh. i love how me & audrey never say the country chant. HAAAH. visited bento smith during brunch with anhella !(: awwwh, i miss her class. third period was boring. i hate political cartoons. OH. choir show is gonna be based on ojos ! weird, yes ? we’re learning these really weird latin songs with lyrics i can’t pronounce. D: ate lunch with amber today. FINALLY. shooot, i miss la chica. schaefer’s class was lame. but agnes switched into my period ! hahaha. aaand roubian’s class was coolbeans. i like how it’s so small. rode the bus home. yes, i actually missed it. it was hella hot walking home though ! ): apparently it’s gonna be 106 degrees on friday. FML x a billion + 1.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

day dos.

"sometimes i wish i had never met you. because then i could go to sleep at night not knowing there was someone like you out there." - good will hunting

goya’s class is extremely boring. buuut, his daughter is so cute !(: it was like, his screensaver. OMGGGG. so cute. holycrap. sorenson hateeees me ! ): so i wanted to save a tree, so i printed out 2 pages on one page. and i didn’t staple it cuhs i’d have to unstaple it. so i got -10 points. and i didn’t study vocab for los ojos de carmen & i bsed my comprehension part. wttttf. so lames. and then i find out we had to do certain pages of repaso. WELL GUESS WHAT WORLD. i did every single freaking page for 5 chapters. -___- i couldn’t find jessie during brunch, so i chilled with claudia, donna, & jena. harderson came into history again today. HAHA, he’s so funny. & he cusses like there’s no tomorrow. choirrr. ♥ me & alexis were counting down to lunch cuhs we were supaa hungry. learned tres new songs ! (: hm, went to marquez’s class cuhs i needed help on chem & i didn’t wanna ask goya. haha. walked around the whole damn school cuhs chantal wanted to find someone. OH I SAW JY ! (: mm, trig was lame. and i thought i got in trouble cuhs it looked like schaefer was looking at me, but it was someone else. english — went to the theatre cuhs glc’s wanted to go over that stuff. i fell asleep for like a minute. bell rang, waited till 3:30 for madre to pick me up. oh, i got gummy worms @ the student store for joshua. now i’m here attempting to finish trig hw. but i’m on youtube looking at all the c/o 2011 class dances. dayum. we are so good. i showed theo the one where timtu kicks his leg up and catches it at his neck or whatevs. and the photographer stops in the middle of it & theo thinks he’s a dancer. LOL. kay. back to work. lamesauce.

Monday, August 24, 2009

day uno.

"live the life you love, love the life you live." - bob marley

WAS FREAKING BOMB. (: i saw the people i deff needed to see. except you, lea lorenzo ! -sad face-. i got to school like 20 minutes before ap chem started so i helped joshua find his way around school. cuhs heeee’s FRESHMEAT. goya’s class is so boring. like it’s unbelievable. i wanted to fall asleep. ): i miss marquez. AND HE SET SEATS IN ABC ORDER. so alvin sits all the way up front. & joy moved to the back, but it’s still not close enough. ): spanish 3 honors was very. energetic ? HAH. chile, ole ! i was allllmost late for history cuhs bethany & angela walk freaking slow. the rally, OMG THE RALLY. i love love love the little house that was in the front ! (: i’m gonna paint my house those colors. HAH. juniors won poster painting aaaand most spirited. YAAAAH BEEZY. choir seems super fun. i caaaan’t wait !(: schaefer looks like a freaking rat. and i’m sad that we have a seating chart cuhs sarthi sat next to me and we were fooling around. hahahah. roubian’s class consists of like. 10 people. like wtf ? buuut jena’s in my class so s’all good. junior year should be fun. (: i is da excited ! ♥

Thursday, August 20, 2009


i have accounts on every website possible.
well, not really, but yknow.
twitter, tumblr, myspace, blogger, facebook,
xanga, youtube, imeem, photobucket, neopets.
HAHAHAH. yes, even that crap.
along with that, a billion email addresses.
aim x2, yahoo, hotmail.
instant messaging -- aim & msn. haaah.

anyways. vbs ends tomorrow.
i'm gonna miss them kids.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

alvin, i love you (:

alvinxisxsoxlazy: if me n tom are drowning
alvinxisxsoxlazy: and u can only save
alvinxisxsoxlazy: one of us
alvinxisxsoxlazy: who would u choose?
iits lindaaa: tom. duh.
iits lindaaa: what kind of a question is that.
iits lindaaa: pssh.
alvinxisxsoxlazy: ...
alvinxisxsoxlazy: GAN NI MA
iits lindaaa: HAHAHAHAHA
mike tike t0fu:Oh dur. That's an easy question.
mike tike t0fu: Tom of course. Cause he's 2 people, Tom Felton & Draco Malfoy. Save 2 lives instead of one. (:
alvinxisxsoxlazy: god dammit
alvinxisxsoxlazy: i hate u girls

vee bee ess.

"she taught me how to love. she was always talking about these crazy things & i never understood a word she said. all i understood was that she was the girl i sat up every night thinking about." - boy meets world

omggggg, vbs is so tiring.
i wake up at 7:30 cuhs i have devos at 8:30.
little kids running around. oh my.
immanuel chucked a ball at my head today.
& some little girl started licking my knee.
o______________o i have two little girrrrls.
so i guess they're okaaay.
"so linda, where are your brohans ?" - david.
hahaha, brohans. wtf is that.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


"the greatest challenge in life is to find someone who knows all your flaws, differences, & mistakes, yet still loves everything about you." - moses horowitz

haha, random blog title.
so i noticed i haven't been blogging.
that's cuhs i'm on tumblr. (:
baked 2 batches of cookies yesterday.
basic liked them, yay n_____n
vbs all week next week.
hopefully the kids won't tire me out.
theeen, JUNIOR YEAR, baby !!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


i need a guy who'll understand that. HAH.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

rip summer 'o9

"because i had already resolved that if you’re afraid of love, your heart will break anyway, only in not half so nice a fashion as it does when you let somebody love you." - time enough for drums

school starts in two weeks. yay, i'm exciteeeeed ! junior year's gonna be kickassssss. (: i wish i could drive. had a sing along to hayren songs with theo this morning. lea's kickin' it here again. yay !(: mm, still debating whether to do vbs next week at church or not. nomnomnom. sister's in virgina & life pretty much sucks so far. and it's only been like. 11 hours. HAAAAH.

lea's vent;

i dont fucking like your fakeass but your _________ my _________ so fuuuuuck yewwwwwwww.
and i wish i could send this but linda no let me -___-yumyummmm fuuuuhhhhhk a cliiiiiiiiiint !
haaaahaaaaaaa this is what its like when i go balls out on a bitch.

linda. dont worrey. im just venting.

Friday, August 7, 2009


"no sacrifice, no victory." - transformers

jessicatruong & i have decided to get out at 4th period next year so we can go to disneyland (: yay ! that'll be super duper fuuuun.

anyways. this week has been full of ups & downs. i finally got my ipod back. but there's something wrong with it. -_- i need to get a new one. mm, i french tipped my nails last night gray. (= it looks coolbeans ! i'm waiting for school to start cuhs i'm actually excited for it. & to top it all off, today's friday which means basic. ☺

Monday, August 3, 2009

happy august !

"it's hard to be alone." - leonardo dicaprio

whoa, i haven't blogged in a while. hm. friday i got my schedule. fuckkk, i hate it. i have freaking schaefer for math ! & i didn't get marquez for ap chem. then i had basic, which made my week cuhs it was boring without summer school. saturday i went to huntington beach with the cool kids for angela's sixteenth ! (: it was fun cuhs we kept pigging out. nutella & gram crackers is the best. (: mm, car ride to life plaza, we were watching princess diaries. and when we got to life, freaking ay ! everyone's food came & mine was last. D: but it's okaaay, cuhs i had my passionfruit green tea with boba ! hm, then howard took me home. holycrap. serena ! she talks sooo much. HAHA. it was funny cuhs she was like "i'm bon qui qui !" and holyshit. it was like she was on drugs. hm. it's really hot. & idk what else to write. so byebye. LOL.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


"i tend to think you're fearless when you recognize why you should be scared of things, but do them anyway." - christian bale

pisses the hell outta me. HAAAAAAH.

i gotta stop it with the "lindaliuser" usernames.
but they're coolbeans (8

massive headache. again. booooo.
waiting for friday & saturday. <3

Monday, July 27, 2009


"the only time i can really relax is up a tree or somewhere outside. i love being outside." -
tom felton

be my husband ? ♥

went shopping today (: got a flannel, dress, & some jeans from forever 21. ate at cheesecake factory. then watched HP6. tom felton is so hot. YUM. kevin was lecturing me about lust. yeah, kinda lame. whatevs ! JEEEEZUS, his body is so fine. (;

Sunday, July 26, 2009

passionfruit !

"the more you care, the more you have to lose." - harry potter

woke up at 10 today. it was really hot.
headache's still here from last night.
went to church ; hungary missions shared.
didn't eat. so now i'm hungry.
all i've been drinking is passionfruit flavored water.
yum, it's good. butttt it doesn't satisfy D:
cranking up my musica. if only i had AC.
mom called me fat. gee thanks, bitch.
found out i'm going to the beach on saturday. (:
& registration's on friday. YEEE. n___n

Saturday, July 25, 2009


"faith gives you an inner strength & a sense of balance and perspective in life." - gregory peck

a- both semesters, BETCH.
now i have to find shit to do. -__-

hiiii, we're cuh yooht. ♥

oh. & i miss mr jy liew.
aka my best friend who's all the way in ny.

Monday, July 20, 2009

it's so hot.

i take my words back. i do like the cold better than the heat.
oh, & my period's ending so i'm happy.
debating if i should make a tumblr. lea told me to.
so, maaaaybe. (: summer school ends this week.
YESS. hopefully i'll get another a-. cuhs i actually work.
finished my kaleidoscope ! yeeee. n___n
the fab four shit's gonna screw me over though. ):
whaaaatevs. i really crave a boba. kbye.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

1oo thaaangs !

1. hi i'm linda.
2. november 29th !
3. i hate hate hate fobs. with a passion.
4. taiwanese & filipino (:
5. tres siblings.
6. i'm the only "l" amongst my siblings.
7. i hate my mom.
8. arizona green teas run through my veins once a week.
9. friends keep me alive.
10. i need rap to complete my hw.
11. i'm on myspace, twitter, & aim 24/7.
12. i'd rather be in the sun than in the cold.
13. disneyland & basic are my favorite places to be ! (:
14. i used to paint my nails once a week.
15. i LOVE banana bay's pad thai & thai iced teas.
16. i honestly think i'm fat.
17. i don't have tv. D:
18. my closet is filled w/ forever21 clothes.
19. the lion king still makes me cry.
20. neopets & pokemon ruby (;
21. i hate it when people call me chinese.
22. i want to be a photographer.
23. i've been aiming for ucla since second grade.
24. i need a texting plan.
25. i made a penguin in art class ! his name is fabio.
26. green, maroon, & teal (:
27. i neeeeeed a haircut, ferreals.
28. i'm always hungry.
29. i can't go through five minutes w/out saying FUCK.
30. i love flipping people off(:
31. linking arms is fuuuun.
32. i don't know how to swim.
33. voh & hoc ! (:
34. i want a tattoo on my ankle.
35. i want another 3 ear piercings.
36. i'm on my period right now.
37. i watch gossip girl online (;
38. i hate being at home.
39. i want to travel europe.
40. i'm 5'5" (=
41. STAR TREK was a really good movie \\//
42. i love nicknames & inside jokes.
43. in a guy, i look at eyes, smile, & style first (:
44. i've drunk beer before.
45. i love writing long long long letters.
46.i went to evergreen even though i live closer to quail summit.
47. chaparral middle school ; fuck mrs miles.
49. i made it into show choirrrr ♥
50. i don't ever cry in front of people.
51. ocd rapes me all the time.
53. i love going to the animal shop @ the mall (:
54. i will kill for m&ms.
55. i hate the sound of the piano.
56. i lovelovelove cherry on top.
57. i love re-reading books. (:
58. my mom has retarded ass rules.
59. i've never been on splash mountain. -_-
60. i love sitting when everyone is standing.
61. i'm reaaaally loud.
62. i don't care what people think of me.
63. i love papa johns cuhs of their garlic sauce (:
64. venti iced vanilla lattes. all day, err day.
65. people love my chocolate chip cookies.
66. mexican food = love.
67. i hate eating pho.
68. i hate roses. i love tulips.
69. <= is a funny numberrrr !
70. i got my glasses in 4th grade.
71. i love jolly rancher lollipops.
72. fall is the best season.
73. so there's this guy. (;
74. i still believe in santa clause.
75. selena gomez is cuter than demi lovato.
76. this is for emileen: hannah montana is ugly as FUCK.
77. i'm really really stubborn.
78. i purposely do shit to piss my mom off.
79. i have arachnophobia.
80. i only watch saw movies with amber.
81. most of the time i cant hind my emotions
82. kevjumba's my husband.
83. penguins are my favorite animals.
84. i have a US quarter that says puerto rico. o_o
85. i need a texting plan. & a new phone.
86. i hate having "sides" in drama.
87. i have all of owlcity's songs.
88. i love sticking spanish in a daily conversation.
89. my parents own yi-mei bakery.
90. burts bees chapstick is always in my pocket (:
91. i never have money on me. D:
92. i get excited really easily. teehee.
93. theo's my brother from another mother. we're thicker than a snicker(:
94. emileen's my bea$t with boobs that i've named "dee dee" !
95. lea's my nerd best friend who i cover for all the time :]
96. joy's been my bestfriend since kindergarten.
97. amberkhan's my indian sister. we like to watch om shanti om (;
98. i trust 2 people in the world right now.
99. plugs (earrings) scare the shit outta me.
100. i is done. so bye bye.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


"i'm afraid that if you look at a thing long enough,
it loses all of its meaning." - andy warhol

this week has been so full of shit.

fakes, bitches, lies, rumors.
missed calls, no hang-outs.
annoyances, raised voices.
periods, cramps, leakages.
starvation, name-callings.

ps. i really wanna watch HP6.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

fake bitches,

"bitches - they come, they go." - eminem

1) when confronted, you deny everything. you say she wants to hear she's pretty everyday. well bitch, you want to hear you're thin everyday. you flirt with boys like there's no tomorrow. & you want everyone to think you're innocent. HAH, well i guess you're not.

2) yes, i think you're stupid. scratch that, i KNOW you are. don't act like you don't talk shit behind my back. respect the relationship they have. and don't try to fuck things up for them. cuhs if you do, you're going to highly regret it.

& to both: grow some balls + say shit like that to our faces. you walk around thinking it won't ever get to us. well guess what bitches, it did. grow the fuck up. cuhs the world doesn't revolve around you two. things change, friends go. but life doesn't stop for anybody. so SUCK IT.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


hiiii, best friend. jeezus, i don't even know where to start with you. okay, so sixth grade. things weren't anything special seeing that we were puny little kids who thought we were still fifth graders. haaaah. (: but i remember when i met you, we just clicked. yeah, it sounds kinda homo. HAH. seventh grade, i don't think we talked as much. ): boooo. eighth grade. holy shit. this was roller coaster status, ferreals. i went over to your casa for the first time for leadership. & we had to make up spirit day. i think it was sunglasses ? & you told me about your font downloads. mm, then you danced to ciara's 1,2 step. HAHAH. & i was so amazed cuhs your monitors were connected ? there were two i think. YEAAAH. and then later on in the year, we hateeeed each other. well, you hated me. -_- but it's okaaay. i remember i lived at your house that summer. & when freshman year came, i went to your house EVERYDAY to "study for bio". ahahah (: [] <= it's a circle. O <= it's a square. studying would turn into pixel land & then we'd just be on your floor literally laughing out loud. (: & everytime we thought we were drifting, we'd tell each other & then we'd go for sushi. teehee ! sophomore year was the same (: i love the fact that we hang out with completely different people yet are still able to stay this close. i cover for you, & don't trip, you don't owe me (: i love how you finally got over mussolini & moved onto popo. it's finally good to see you smile these days. especially that one time when you came to my house crying your ojos out & then we went upstairs to my room, camera whored, & then got you gayass sunglasses. oh ! & then ate gummy bears and talked "very brutally" to each other. HAHAH. you know i can trust you with anything, and vice versa. you're deff not an extermination project with my sister. you have my back, i have your's. thanks for putting up with all my shit sometimes. half my itunes is based on the songs you've intro'd me to. HAHAH. (: -dolla dolla bill !- i love you <3

Thursday, July 9, 2009

fuck yo shit !

"you've got enemies ? good -- that means you actually stood up for something in your life." - eminem

hiiii, i'm linda.
& if my mom doesn't die anytime soon,
i might have to kill her myself.
kbye ! n___n

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

scavenger hunt !

"i just like to keep challenging myself, keep it varied. it's a craft, & i'm constantly trying to learn & get better at it." - clive owen

"...fool !"
"hooooly, lin-duh !"
thaaaat was super duper fun. (:

Monday, July 6, 2009


"i'm not good at future planning. i don't plan at all. i don't know what i'm doing tomorrow. i don't have a day planner & i don't have a diary. i completely live in the now, not in the past, not in the future." - heath ledger

the week just started and i want it to end already.
my mom's coming home today from san fransisco.
i wish she wouldn't. seriously.
i don't want her nagging & her yelling.
i've been chilling with leareginalorenzo everyday (:
& i won't lie, it's THE SHIEEET.
oh, & i've been eating lots of fat foods.
i weighed myself yesterday.
holyshit. i wanted to jump off a clifff. ):

i roamed arcadia yesterday. it was fun (:
my cousin's leaving for taiwan for the rest of his life.
waaaah, D: imma miss him.

doesn't he look like a girl ? HARHAR.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

truth is,

"life's greatest happiness is to be convinced we are loved." - victor hugo

as much as i want to tell you, i can't.

my cousin came over today to talk.
i went to barnes & nobles to get a book (=
i ended up getting this lullaby by sarah dessen.
it's the cutest book i've ever read.
then i grabbed some rubio's for dinner.
yuuuum. that place is so good.

basic was super energetic today.
hahah, we had to run around all of walnut.
i swear, i feel like i lost a lot of weight (:
buuuut, that's good :D
cuhs i'm a fatass. NOMNOMNOM.
i stayed outside camera whoring (:
with marianna, dora, & inez. <3

Thursday, July 2, 2009


"learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." - albert einstein

passed art with an a- today. oh fsho. i'm happy as hell.
got an iced venti vanilla latte afterwards with janice.
i had to tell her who i liked though. -______________-
her reaction ? "I KNEW IT !" hahaha.
lea went to lollicup & got me a boba milk teaaa. ♥

basic tomorrow, heeeeell yes.

so my mom took all of our computers away.
but left janice's laptop.
lame cuhs not all four of us can share it at the same time.
so jonathan got tony's monitor.
& plugged it into his wires. so s'all good (:

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

summer school !

"this the type of song that make the angels cry; i look up in the sky & i wonder why, why you had to go, go. i know it's better on the other side, you were chosen from the start, never gonna let you go, no. you'll always be in my heart." - better on the other side (a tribute to mj) ; the game ft. chris brown, p diddy, usher, mario winans, & boyz ii men

fish face in the restroooooms (:

i like this one ! except my vneck's too lowww.

beccabear's a kinky one (;

tres musketeeers. 8D

tim tu's my best friend !

lauren & emileen aren't in these cuhs we were taking pictures on emileen's voyagerrr. but since she can't upload them, wait till tomorrow when she brings her camera (= pizza tomorrow ! (: yumyumyum. oh, & madre's leaving for san fran till monday. YES. 8D

oh and,

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


"i have a mouth & i'm not afraid to use it." - megan fox

that one's my favorite & then the old man one (:

Sunday, June 28, 2009

retreat !

"if i have enough money to eat, i'm good." - shia labeouf

retreat was muy fun. (= kevin & joe picked me up like 20 minutes late though. HAH. anyways. so rachel called me while i was still at home & we were talking for like 10 minutes ? and when i thought i was gonna leave, we hung up. and then a minute after, she calls back & she's like "linda linda linda ! i forgot to tell you something but i really need to tell you !" & i'm like "what is it !?" & she's like "i love you." i was like AWWWWWH ! anywaaays. so i got picked up & got to church. (= i had this giant arizona iced tea in my hand when i got on the bus. & i chugged it in the first 30 minutes. talk about bladder rushhh. so i had to pee for the longest time. anyways. on the bus ride, GEEEZUS. some guys need to watch where their eyes go ! ahaha, this one guy was staring at us the whole bus ride. -___- but whatevs. i brought a hugeass bag of hot cheeeetos & we were eating them while playing the scavenger hunt & looking down the mountain. we ended up going 6,000 feet up ;o rachel kept calling all the leaders to tell them that she was sad that michael jackson died. -__- she was actually crying. HAHA. mm, i guess the cabins weren't the best, but they were aiight. there were a shitload of misquitoes & these girls kept screaming in the shower. it was so annoying. i stayed up till 12am outside with bethbaby watching the stars & talking about chicos. bahah. & then our half of the cabin played "rate or date" & apparently everyone heard us. o_o so the next day joeko was like "WHAT WAS MY RATE !?" ahahah. the food was sooo good. like, one of the best meals i've ever eaten on a retreat. nomnomnom. next day was aiight. every single girl was wearing a vneck & shorts. i sweaaar. ahah, it was pretty funny. me & rachel were chilling at the pool taking pictures on someone's telefono while marianna & inez were swimming. ohhh, at like 10 ish, we had a campfire (: everyone was roasting marshmallows, but i ate another cup noodle. hahah. stayed up till 12am again with bethany doing the same thaaang. the stars were SO pretty. i tried to take a picture of them on my phone, but it wouldn't work. oh yeah, me, bethany, rachel, & inez were bugging kevin & following him to the dining room or whatevs to get water or something. ahha idk. i just went with them. and today, jonathanchan whipped out his camera & were took a group picture. well actually, pictures. he set it to take like, 10 pictures at the same time. HAHAH. so we took a total of 30 or 40 ? we attempted the wave, but idk how that turned out. (= & during the last session, kevin was like "can i use some of your lotion for my legs ?" and i'm like "uh. okaaay." & he read the title & was like "i'm irresistable !" & me + bethany looked at him in the weirdest way ever. umm, i fell asleep the last 5 minutes of the bus ride back to church. OH, theo was like "KNOTTY PINE, haha, NAUGHTY." and like, 5 of us started cracking up like craaazy. mm, i'll put up pictures laterrr cuhs i'm tired as HELL & i still have art proyecto to finish.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


“in a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. in a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. in a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. & in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.” - michael jackson
i still can't believe he died. nomnomnom.
moonwalk to piece, mr. king of pop.

TOMORROW, 12:00 PM (:
"get outta heree !"

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

tape !

"don't forget to love before you fall." - taylor swift

art class was so freaking fun today. lea came to chill at our table like she usually does. & then we were playing with masking tape. (: we whipped out our sharpies are were just writing random stuff on them & sticking them on our binders / folders / artpads. & everytime schafer walked by, we would have this cone thing, which was lea's crazy house, & we'd put it on top of the tape & flip everything over. ahah, shit was greatness. and then rebecca was drawing DIRTY pictures & sticking them on our binders. poke, stroke, slap, lick, bite. HARHAR. i have a b in the class. -__- i guess that's what i get for my lack of artwork. HAHAH. tomorrow's last day of second week. (8 yuss. we get pizzaaaa ! & then retreat on friday. i promised rachel i'd sit with her on the bus. & we'd eat hot cheetos + drink arizona green teas while talking. :D yay !!
iits lindaaa: TCHHH !
NiicKzdaNinJa: DUSSH!
iits lindaaa: WTU !
NiicKzdaNinJa: GOMFL!
iits lindaaa: STFU
iits lindaaa: WHAT THE FUCK !?
NiicKzdaNinJa: HAHAH
^ we're so cool 8D

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


"if you have the opportunity to play this game of life, you need to appreciate every moment. a lot of people don't appreciate the moment until it's passed” - kanye west

summer school's starting to get intenseeee. we have five projects we need to finish each day. massive overload, much ? retreat's this weekend. i'm excited. OH, & TRANSFORMERS COMES OUT TOMORROW. i wanted to watch it tonight at midnight, but i couldn't find a ride. ): me, lauren, rebecca, & emileen wanted to watch it together but none of us could get rides. and plus, we have summer school. hahaha, faaail ! ): i've been having the hugest cherry on top craving. oh, & the song "birthday sex" has been stuck in my head for the longest time.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


the FUCK do you think you are ?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

tie-less penguins.

"i think every girl is looking for her mr. darcy." - keira knightley

i have never laughed so much in my life. (:
well, yeah. maybe i have. ahahahah.
we had disaster drill today. it was pretty lame.
but me & emileen were laughing so much.
and then she burped in my face ! -_______-
i had hiccups six times today.
oh, & i watched pride & prejudice again.
that's three times in a row.
i should watch it again tomorrow. LOL.
i craaave cherry on top. D:

we finished our clay animals todaaay.
my penguin's tie - less ): i is sad.

imma eat dim sum tomorrow w/ daddy.
then go to yi-mei to get kevin food.
come home, probably take a shower. hah.
then basic ! mmk, byebye.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


"surely, you must know it was all for you. you are too generous to trifle with me. i believe you spoke with my aunt last night, & it has taught me to hope as i'd scarcely allowed myself before. if your feelings are still what they were last april, tell me so at once. my affections & wishes have not changed, but one word from you will silence me forever. if, however, your feelings have changed, i will have to tell you: you have bewitched me, body & soul, & i love - i love you. & i never wish to be parted from you from this day on." - mr. darcy ; pride & prejudice

summer school really isn't that bad. it's just that i can't draw to save my life. -__- we were learning countour drawings which are basically drawings based on one line. so like, you can't pick up your pencil. it's super duper hard. ): but schafer was like "it's okay, as long as you try." after the break, we do ceramics. (; i'm doing a penguin & today was a good day cuhs the feet hold its fatass body up. :D i think i'm gonna give it to my sister for her cumpleaños. the only thing that sucks though, is that break feels like 2 minutes. i saw christine today. pobrecita hurt herself again. =/ OH, and i saw jonathan jung ! hahah. loser's working at mr lee's. (the tutoring place ?)

i watched pride & prejudice yesterday. lovelovelove that movie ! (: mr. darcy looks like hugh jackman, i swear. but their awkwardness is hella cuuuute ! not like in twilight, where it's just AWKWARD. haha, imma rewatch it w/ my sister rah nao. i craaave cherry on top. D: mrawr. basic friday (: yeeeah boy.

Monday, June 15, 2009


"in the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." - martin luther king jr.
tengo muscles ;D anyways. first day of summer school was super chill. i dragged lea with me and she got in (: the teacher's pretty cool. i love how he'll let us talk. & he doesn't care when lea yells my name down the row. hahahah. i can't draw to save my life, but hey. i'm actually trying. haha. kevin promised me chipotle if i got an a in the class. (= i'm using that as motivation. BAHAH. i already have projects coming up, but they're whatevs. i'm almost done with one of them - the constructive line one. i gotta go get my art supplies though. hm, i'll probably go with lea ? it's really boring though, to sit in a class from 7:30 - 1:00. and break's only 30 minutes. but it feels like regular brunch. =/ and his room is always so freaking cold ! ): now i know to bring sweaters. tahaha !

Sunday, June 14, 2009


"shoot for the moon. if you miss, you will still be among the stars." - les brown

should i take summer school ? cuhs if i do, then that means no project timothy. & when i asked joeko if i could do it, he was like "yeah, that's fine." so idkidkidk. plus, i already got into solitaire which takes care of my art credits. cuhs i know i'm fershur gonna do it senior year too. =/ 7:30 is just waaay too early for me. hah, i'm talking to fili-hawaiiaaa (nick) about it and he's helping me decide. dammit. i made a pro & con list. but it balances out. hahah. my life fails.

sister's graduation was boring as hell. -__- but i took lots of pictures. i shall post them up laterr.

Friday, June 12, 2009

salsa verde doritos.

"there's only one thing, two say, three words, four you -- i love you."
- 1234 ; plain white t's

basic was super chill (: i finally saw rachel agaaaain after what felt like a billion years. ): flint combined with basic which was super chill. during worship, i checked my phone to see the time & rachel bumped me and was like "tsktsk." AHAHAH. and then small group was hella chill cuhs we were talking about the most random stuff. agnes told me to bring tweezers so she can tweeze her forest-like eyebrows. ahahah. i listened to four people vent to me about boyfriend / girlfriend / boy best friend problems. haha, i guess. it's whatevs. i don't feel like blogging today. so i'm gonna get of. hahaha, byebye.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


i asked kevin for a registration form for project timothy. but he told me the cut was at 9th grade. ): which means i can't do ittt. D: ! now all of july, i'm gonna be at summer school till 1, come home, & do nothing. lamelamelame. aaand, i won't be able to hang out w/ timtu like he promised ! ):
NiicKzdaNinJa: $_$ i'ma gold digguhhh
iits lindaaa: LOLOLOL.
iits lindaaa: !_! surprised.
NiicKzdaNinJa: @_@ tirddd!
iits lindaaa: +_+ clown !
NiicKzdaNinJa: is... X_X
NiicKzdaNinJa: dead
iits lindaaa: haha yea
NiicKzdaNinJa: -_- chink!
iits lindaaa: THAAAS ME !
NiicKzdaNinJa: wuts me?!
iits lindaaa: *^____^*
iits lindaaa: the *'s are flowers !
NiicKzdaNinJa: (>! watermelon!
iits lindaaa: cuhs ya know. hawaii has pretty flowers.
^ hahaha, we're funny (:

UP !

"hey i know where south america is ! it's in america. just... south." - russell
that was a cute movie. (: i was about to cry at some parts & other parts were hella funny. i watched it with sarah aka my beaner aka my beanbitch & her little brother. we went inside a photobooth thingy to take pictures, but the piece of shit ate our $3. -___- and when we went to ask for a refund, the girl was like "you can fill out a comment card." lamesauce. we ate mcdonalds & then just walked around. it's puente. there's nothing good there except forever 21. ahah. when my mom picked me up, i was alright. but she kept saying stupid shit. & she burped hella loud & it smelled like shit. she forced sarah into choosing some snack to eat ? (btw, sorry sarah. ahah.) gahd i swear. and she has broken ass english & whenever she tries to speak english, it comes out all stupid. words cannot explain how pissed i was at her. geeeez. talking to filip - hawaiiaaaa rah nao. cuhs he always knows how to make me laugh. tahaha. jonathan doesn't know how to sing the songs i listen to & he gets the lyrics wrong cuhs he knows it pisses me off. & my little brother is just annoying as fuck. whatever. i want summer school to start.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


"you look happy for someone who's getting shot at !" - joy & melody
i went over to joy's today cuhs she got her braces off. (: christian came too & he brought rockband with him. i didn't feel like singing so i just chilled on joy's laptop while they played. i was talking to nicktran, nickhale, melody, jy, lea, & sarah on meebo the whole time. bahaha. then we ate salsa that tasted like beans - o_o - with tortillas. we watched family guy for a while, then the office, some cooking show, & some alaska thingy. hahaha. idk what all these programs are called ! no tengo tele. -_- anyways, so we watched tv for a while & then christian took me home. there are a lot more cue pictures, but i don't wanna put them up. i is lazy. ): jy's in new york rah nao. he was supposed to call me when he landed, but he was too busy talking to a "hot korean chick" -__- some best friend that is. hahah. i miss him ! ): we were drawing graffiti on each other's facebook walls. tahaha. he promised he'd go to m&ms world and get me something. fool better keep that promise. oh! i forgot i went to montclair with lea today (: she needed to do shopping so she dragged me along. teehee. it was good cuhs i kept her from buying everything in all the damn stores. -__- then we went to starbucks & she got me a venti iced vanilla latte. ♥ yummy. i got home, checked my report card. ohHOLLA, five a's & one b. (8 summer school next week. project timothy in july. :D !

late night phone calls.

so i called tim tu at 12 am this morning cuhs it's his birthday ! (:
me: -calls-
tim: hello ?
tim: WHAT !? it's 12 already !?
anyways, we ended up talking for like, an hour. ahahah. we were playing twenty questions cuhs we didn't wanna go to sleep. apparently, he cried four times in the notebook & three times in a walk to remember. and he thinks taylor lautner is "muy calienteeee." HAHAHAH. we talked about disney princes & princesses and classics and all that jazz. apparently he thinks ed westwick is the hottest person ever too ! (= we promised to make each other shirts that said I ♥ T2 & I ♥ L2. & i told him to do project timothy with me so we could hang out at the village when it's free time. (: "i am project timothy." HAHAH. get it. cuhs his name is timothy. HARHAR.

went to cue with joy & melody last night. tahah, that was fun. we were talking smack about ____________ cuhs he kept giving us trouble. and he needed to get over some stuff cuhs he was being a total baby about it. drank two passionfruit green teas w/ boba & had a hugeass plate of curly fries. we went to the same cue machine twice cuhs it made us look all pale & pretty with no pimples. ;D when melody scans them, i'll put them up. ahaha. tony took back the xbox 360. that means no more castle crashers or alias. cuhs our dvd player's retuuurded. ):

Sunday, June 7, 2009


“beauty comes from a life well lived. if you've lived well, your smile lines are in the right places, and your frown lines aren't too bad, what more do you need ?” - jennifer garner
i went to church today. michael came for once & didn't flake out. (: HAHAH. he kicked me during service cuhs he sat behind me & i slapped his knee super hard. douche deserved it. :D anyways. the internet was down for EVER, so i went back on GIMP as usual. i actually had lots of fun. i turned this:

to this:

haha (: i love my delirious superstars. ♥

my mom kicked me & my sister off the tv to watch some pirated movie. -___- so we have to wait 2 hours till we can resume watching alias. ahahah. i played castle crashers & leveled twice. geez. i'm getting bored of that game. =/ i'm free this whole week, then summer school. let's make plans ! (: you'd save my lifeeee.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


"i never think of the future, it comes soon enough." - albert einstein
kevin ended up picking me up 2 hours earlier. which was alright cuhs i wanted to get outta the house anyways. so we were chilling at starbucks for like 20 minutes. then went to church for like. 15 minutes. then we just hung out at jontam's. three other people showed up so we decided to go to maxim to eat. then we went back to church to visit wala 1. that took like, 45 minutes ? haha, idr. hopefully i can fit project timothy into my summer. (: i BETTER be able to. cuhs if i don't, imma dieee. D: i'll probably have to do after lunch though, since i've got summer school. but it's all good. haahha. the internet's been so retarded these days. but the sun's finally showing itself again !!

i woke up this morning & went to go pee. turns out i started my period. laamesauce. ): my stomach hurts so bad rah nao. played castle crashers for a while. then put in alias & watched jennifer garner kick ass. (: when the internet was down, i solved my rubix cube. then i messed it up & solved it again. i did that 6 times. -_____- yeah, that's how bored i got.

Friday, June 5, 2009


"life is short, don't waste time worrying about what people think of you. hold on to the ones that care; in the end they will be the only ones there." - anonymous

my math final was so fucking easy. i got a 100% ! (: i went to banana bay with joy yesterday after school, then to yogurtland. i still like cherry on top better. i ended up not going to graduation because joy didn't want to so i slept over. we watched movies on tv, but i fell asleep at like, 11 ? haaah. went to souplantation for lunch today. joshua's sick. poor boy. now i'm playing castle crashers & about to re-watch all of alias. :D i love that show. i'm honestly not ready for junior year. this year has gone by way to fast. summer school starts next week. yeee. kevin's picking me up later for the last wala 2 cell group this year. it's all gonna be combined. (: we're gonna go to applebees to celebrate the seniors. haha, that should be fun. (: