Monday, November 30, 2009

she’s moved on. and i feel sorry for you, because she thought you were the most amazing boy ever. she may not be the prettiest, or the smartest, but i can guarantee you; she would have given you the world. she thought you were different. she was wrong. & if she could of had any guy in the world, she would have picked you above the others. but you’re just another guy to her now.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


turning sixteen tomorrow, waaaadup.
spending it with my sister at disneyland. (:

Friday, November 27, 2009

random throwbaaack,

1. i really don't know what to do with you. i thought you'd be picking up the pieces for me, but lately, everything's just so blah. i hate that i'm so on & off about you. there are times when i find out some stuff, & i say i want nothing to do with you. but when i see you, it's like nothing ever happened & i feel back on track with my feelings. i don't want to say you're a waste of my time, cuhs even if you are, it's worth every minute. you really are a sweet guy, & i wish i could read you like the back of my hand so i'd know what to do with you.

2. i love you, but i hate what you do. you're one of my best friends, & you know i like him. yet you still go off and FLIRT with him like no other. and it's not just him, it's a bunch of other guys. but what really bugs me is the fact that you like someone else, but you talk & act like you're his girlfriend. and i really want to tell you this, but i seriously can't word it when i'm with you. i've told you a bunch of times to back off, but it seems like you don't listen. i'm doing this for your own good, & for the benefit of him.

3. YOU. mr "i promise on my last bowl of pho". i can't believe you went to knott's with her. i'm so irritated with you two. & i told you not to go for her and to stop with the flirting. come on, you're a freaking senior & she's a freshman. and she ain't even CUTE ! you can do so much better. i feel like we're drifting this year like no otheeer. bestfriend, i laaahve you. since sixth grade, come on now. listen to me, just this once - i promise. you guys haven't even known each other for a long time & you guys say stuff like "i love you" ?! um, ew.

4. whore whore whore. i hate what you're doing with #3 up there. i see your face once a week, & every time i do, i want to slap it. you overdress all the time & you're a complete fake. no wonder whatsherface got in a fight with you. i read your hack on her myspace; gg for cussing like that. you put on this mask of "i want to be a church leader" & you put yourself on blast like that ? retaaard. i feel like a hypocrite when i say this cuhs i know i have the mouth of a beast, but at least i don't prance around calling myself a leader & crap. come on now. act AND dress your age, please.

5. um, i don't know if you're mad at me or not. and if you are, well then i'm sorry for whatever shit i did to you. i see you around at school, and you just ignore me when i say hi & i really don't know what the hell i did. i cleared stuff up with whatshername, so if you were taking her side, things are all good. i trusted you with a lot of stuff & i really wouldn't want a small thing to eff up our friendship. you're supaa chill & you seriously understood all the crap i vented to you about. so i hope i'm wrong about this misunderstanding.

6. homewreckeeeeer. i eat lunch with you every day & it takes me so much not to just reach over & give you the biggest slap ever. i already posted a blog about you, so i won't do any repeats. but DAMN, really !? you seriously would do this to your own "sister" !? shaaaady. well honestly, she deserves better. so you can take dickhead over there witchu so she can finally realize she doesn't need him OR you in her life. strike two for you, bitch. i sweaaar, you're going down.

7. i'm indecisive about you too, haaaaha. you're el presidente, aka stalin or hitler. me & a bunch of other girls get so irritated with you. and i hate that we're always so fake to you, cuhs you're too dumb to see right through us. i can't believe i got you for secret santa, but whaaatevs. i feel like i have an obligation to get you something bigger than all the other girls cuhs you're "THE BIG GIRL" but fuck thaaat. there are times when i can put up with you, but there are others when i wish you never ran for that rank.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy thanksgiving (:

i noticed i take a lot of shit for granted. but for one, i am definitely thankful for friends. they're top priority, number 1 on my list. they come before the fambam, cuhs well. i hate fambam. haah. bestfriends have seen me at my worst & best, yet have stuck with me through thick & thin. i owe them a shitload.

anyways. disneyland on sunday for my birfday. ^_^

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


five more days till my birfday.
five more days till i'm sixteen.
five more days till disneyland.

supaaa excited ! ♥

Thursday, November 19, 2009


wow, strike 2 for you, bitch. why do you even do this to girls ? and not just ANY girls, but your best friends !? last year's was whatevers cuhs i really don't care about that one. what's really bugging me is the one that you're dealing with right now. you met him that ONE DAY and you went off making out with him & what not !? and you KNOW that his girlfriend-of-some-sort, aka your "sister" because she's so damn close to you, was already heartbroken over a couple things that happened before. and you still go off with him, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME !? you need to get your head checked up. you aren't even as cute as she is. and i don't think you know how much pain you're causing her. she cries herself to sleep every single night. and the reason why she hasn't said anything to you yet is cuhs she's playing the better person. she shouldn't have to because he was her's to begin with. grow the fuck up & stop stealing other girls' boyfriends. you shady little bitch.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


i hate getting sick. -__- woke up on sunday feeling like craaap. went to church, came back and just slept. woke up at 7 to eat a little bit and went up to shower and sleep again. woke up on monday feeling gross so i didn't go to school. slept till 11, went downstairs to drink soup, went back to sleep till 5. went on my computer for a while, then went back to sleep till 11:30. HAH. went upstairs to shower, then slept again. woke up today at 10-ish, took a bunch of medicine & madre took my temperature. light fever, but whaatevs. stayed home from school again. spent all day working on my art portfolio. i don't wanna go back to school tomorrow cuhs i'm gonna have to make up a bunch of tests & crap. ): i can't stop sneezing, coughing, & blowing my nose. boo. but i don't regret going to amanda's party. even if it did get me sick. haaah. (:

Sunday, November 15, 2009

amanda's fiestaaa.

so anj. came at 6 & her mom took us to amber’s house. posted there for 30 minutes-ish cuhs amber was deciding on which leggings to wear. picked up lindsey and went to amanda’s. holy craaap, her house is HUGE ! it’s like a mini-white house. hahahaha (: it was really cold while we were eating so we went into the mini garage where everyone was dancing to get body heat. danced with jjung, ryan, anj, amber, alice, nicole, becca, kathie, & stephanie. it got all hot, and then she was gonna cut the cake so it got all cold again. got all hot cuhs we were dancing again, and then jessica’s parents took me & amber home. posted at amber’s for 10 minutes & janice picked me up. woke up today with a freaking sore throat. my legs ache like a mofo & i feel like yakking. napped for half the day & i still have a lot of spanish & history tarea. eeeff. i don’t wanna go to school tomorrow. but yesterday was one hell of a party. [:

Friday, November 13, 2009


i hate when someone gets all up in your face about stupid shit like who i like & crap. well it's obvious i didn't want you to know, or else i would have told you. and you mention the guy i do like & when i deny it, you push it on me saying that i do & i should stop lying. well then why the hell did you ask me in the first place, you nimrod. -____-

Thursday, November 12, 2009


definitely NOT a good day.
janice rushed me out of bed today. & i ended up getting to school like, 10 minutes earlier. so i fell asleep kinda-ish during chem again. but since our whole row was asleep, goya came over & shook our table. haaaaaah. whatevs. sub tomorrow (: spanish was so boring. i'm so sick of artists & paintings. next week's gonna be hell. portfolios are due, orals, tests, writing tests. ): i hate test weeks in spanish cuhs it's like. test after test after test. history was whaaatevs. salmons class is always chill. moved to eric's seat behind ana for the last 5 minutes. attempted to knock out but that nimrod shook my head every 10 seconds. chilled outside the choir room as usual & tried to count how many people would high five eric out of randomness. HAH. one person. (: aaanyways. i can't get the notes for the opening number for choir. -_- it frustrates me. and before we were gonna dance, dictator blew up on us. HAAH. whaaatevs. i'm excited for this year in solitaire, but with her, i'm just like. eh. she gave me a high five cuhs apparently i sold the most tickets for the fall choir concert ? & i was like "... uh." FREAKING VIVIAN ! hahahahahah. i felt something during warmups but i thought i was just imagining things. LOL. you & kaitlyn are hilarious ! ♥ lunch was whaatevs. when brandon walked into trig today, he handed me my maff hw & i guess schaeffer saw and he was STARING at us. and the last 5 minutes of class, he called us over & he was like "you guys got the same answers. is there anything you wanna explain to me ?" asdfghjkl;'* ! i'm never giving brandon my homework again. -_______- good thing he had a lie up his sleeve or else we would have gotten a cheating contract. geebus. roubian's class was aaaalright cuhs i had anj's book. had to write poems & i couldn't finish cuhs eric doesn't do ANYTHING. anyways. mom's coming home from taiwan today. ): my one month of happiness is over. so with that, hello homework. hahaha.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

lady gaga.

you're so weird.
but you're fayrce at the same time.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


"i believe the happiest girls are the prettiest girls." - audrey hepburn

so lea came over yesterday. & we came up with the conclusion that the reason why our left boobs are bigger than our right ones is cuhs we're right handed & we both sleep on our right arms. so last night, i tried sleeping on my left arm. and now my left arm hurts like a bitch. boo. and the reason this is on blogger & not tumblr is cuhs it's a tad bit too inappropriate for tumblr. HAH.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

breath of heaven.

breath of heaven ; amy grant

singing this for winter concert !
gives me goosebumps every time i hear it. (:

Friday, November 6, 2009

"i have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love." - mother teresa

bombed my ap chem test like no otheeer.
imma drop that class. maybe. i think. idk. ):
trig test was aaaalrights.
i get 50 extra credit points, so it's all good.

danced more in choir; learned our intro.
we sho gooood ! except i hate president. -____-

nom nom nom. i want a rubios burrito.
basic tonight, funstuff. [:

Thursday, November 5, 2009


"coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous." — albert einstein

chem — bummed it. fell asleep again, then moved to the back for our stupid review game. bombed that craaap with kaitlyn. hah. whaatevs.
spanish — cheeell. i actually finished my homework for once ! i’m so sick of that stupid thing sorenson makes us do though. it’s like playing slide or whatevs. i feel like i’m back in elementary school.
history — salmons was showing pictures of trench foot. buuut, i didn’t look up (= watched a clip from legends of the fall. holycrap. it always makes me cry. ): but MM, brad pitt. haaaha. moved in the back with eric to do that group test & talked to alyseeee.
choir — reviewed songs, breath of heaven gives me goosebumps ! i’m excited for our christmas concert. (=
trig — HAH. i actually enjoyed today. me, sarthi, michelle, & chelsea won our review game. schaefer has britney spears songs. yeah, it’s pretty faggity of him. mm, we picked michael jackson for our last one. and i was like “i hope he plays human nature.” what does he play ? HUMAN NATURE, BABY. (:
english — ms. whitehead was our sub. boo. like, she’s chill & all, but she talks too much. ): i TRIED to sleep in that class, but freaking eric kept hitting my head. -_- doucheeee.

apchem & trig tests tomorrow. fml. ): but whaatevs. it’s gonna be friday. ♥ more dancing in choir tomorrow, yays ! imma wear my faith shirt. ^_^

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


hi, my name's linda & i need a rewind button !
& to think, last week i was the happiest girl in the world.
it needs to be the weekend soon. ):

Sunday, November 1, 2009

halloween 'o9.

so, i got to nicole’s at 4:30 ish. said hello to bob, my love. told christine about _________ while everyone else showed up. ate lots of food, especially spinach/artichoke dip which was soooo good & filling. had a food coma. went outside with genevieve, daphne, christine, amanda & ryan to take pictures. posted on nicole’s front yard which was funstuff. everyone else came outside, so me, jacki, ryan, & nicole tried to re-take a picture from last year. made sure nicole looked prettier than ____. HAAAH. jacki explained some stuff about ____ & _____. [sorry for all the blanks, haaah.] pretty shaaady ! anyways. camera whored for theeeee longest time. jessie, karen, steven, ana, angie, chris, & chris showed up with chipotle. hahahah ! they were gonna trick or treat w/ us but they had to go somewheeere. finally started trick or treating. mm, it was funstuff ! sang mulan songs agaaaain. along with taylor swift & christmas carols. we tried re-taking all the pictures from last year. it just wasn’t the same without tim ): mm, got back to nicole’s & posted in her living room. beat up a pinata with the names ____ & _____ written on them. had caaake, christine had to leave ): ate more spinach/artichoke dip with chips and swapped candy. had another bloody nose while we were watching music & lyrics. then went into her other living room and took jumping pictures. OH MY GOODNESS. I SWEAR, I AM PICTURE MASTER. [; mm, jessica’s parents came to pick us up at 11-ish. i still think last year was better. buuuuut, whatevs ! i'm waiting for next year. senior year, bitches. [: