Tuesday, June 30, 2009


"i have a mouth & i'm not afraid to use it." - megan fox

that one's my favorite & then the old man one (:

Sunday, June 28, 2009

retreat !

"if i have enough money to eat, i'm good." - shia labeouf

retreat was muy fun. (= kevin & joe picked me up like 20 minutes late though. HAH. anyways. so rachel called me while i was still at home & we were talking for like 10 minutes ? and when i thought i was gonna leave, we hung up. and then a minute after, she calls back & she's like "linda linda linda ! i forgot to tell you something but i really need to tell you !" & i'm like "what is it !?" & she's like "i love you." i was like AWWWWWH ! anywaaays. so i got picked up & got to church. (= i had this giant arizona iced tea in my hand when i got on the bus. & i chugged it in the first 30 minutes. talk about bladder rushhh. so i had to pee for the longest time. anyways. on the bus ride, GEEEZUS. some guys need to watch where their eyes go ! ahaha, this one guy was staring at us the whole bus ride. -___- but whatevs. i brought a hugeass bag of hot cheeeetos & we were eating them while playing the scavenger hunt & looking down the mountain. we ended up going 6,000 feet up ;o rachel kept calling all the leaders to tell them that she was sad that michael jackson died. -__- she was actually crying. HAHA. mm, i guess the cabins weren't the best, but they were aiight. there were a shitload of misquitoes & these girls kept screaming in the shower. it was so annoying. i stayed up till 12am outside with bethbaby watching the stars & talking about chicos. bahah. & then our half of the cabin played "rate or date" & apparently everyone heard us. o_o so the next day joeko was like "WHAT WAS MY RATE !?" ahahah. the food was sooo good. like, one of the best meals i've ever eaten on a retreat. nomnomnom. next day was aiight. every single girl was wearing a vneck & shorts. i sweaaar. ahah, it was pretty funny. me & rachel were chilling at the pool taking pictures on someone's telefono while marianna & inez were swimming. ohhh, at like 10 ish, we had a campfire (: everyone was roasting marshmallows, but i ate another cup noodle. hahah. stayed up till 12am again with bethany doing the same thaaang. the stars were SO pretty. i tried to take a picture of them on my phone, but it wouldn't work. oh yeah, me, bethany, rachel, & inez were bugging kevin & following him to the dining room or whatevs to get water or something. ahha idk. i just went with them. and today, jonathanchan whipped out his camera & were took a group picture. well actually, pictures. he set it to take like, 10 pictures at the same time. HAHAH. so we took a total of 30 or 40 ? we attempted the wave, but idk how that turned out. (= & during the last session, kevin was like "can i use some of your lotion for my legs ?" and i'm like "uh. okaaay." & he read the title & was like "i'm irresistable !" & me + bethany looked at him in the weirdest way ever. umm, i fell asleep the last 5 minutes of the bus ride back to church. OH, theo was like "KNOTTY PINE, haha, NAUGHTY." and like, 5 of us started cracking up like craaazy. mm, i'll put up pictures laterrr cuhs i'm tired as HELL & i still have art proyecto to finish.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


“in a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. in a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. in a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. & in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.” - michael jackson
i still can't believe he died. nomnomnom.
moonwalk to piece, mr. king of pop.

TOMORROW, 12:00 PM (:
"get outta heree !"

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

tape !

"don't forget to love before you fall." - taylor swift

art class was so freaking fun today. lea came to chill at our table like she usually does. & then we were playing with masking tape. (: we whipped out our sharpies are were just writing random stuff on them & sticking them on our binders / folders / artpads. & everytime schafer walked by, we would have this cone thing, which was lea's crazy house, & we'd put it on top of the tape & flip everything over. ahah, shit was greatness. and then rebecca was drawing DIRTY pictures & sticking them on our binders. poke, stroke, slap, lick, bite. HARHAR. i have a b in the class. -__- i guess that's what i get for my lack of artwork. HAHAH. tomorrow's last day of second week. (8 yuss. we get pizzaaaa ! & then retreat on friday. i promised rachel i'd sit with her on the bus. & we'd eat hot cheetos + drink arizona green teas while talking. :D yay !!
iits lindaaa: TCHHH !
NiicKzdaNinJa: DUSSH!
iits lindaaa: WTU !
NiicKzdaNinJa: GOMFL!
iits lindaaa: STFU
iits lindaaa: WHAT THE FUCK !?
NiicKzdaNinJa: HAHAH
^ we're so cool 8D

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


"if you have the opportunity to play this game of life, you need to appreciate every moment. a lot of people don't appreciate the moment until it's passed” - kanye west

summer school's starting to get intenseeee. we have five projects we need to finish each day. massive overload, much ? retreat's this weekend. i'm excited. OH, & TRANSFORMERS COMES OUT TOMORROW. i wanted to watch it tonight at midnight, but i couldn't find a ride. ): me, lauren, rebecca, & emileen wanted to watch it together but none of us could get rides. and plus, we have summer school. hahaha, faaail ! ): i've been having the hugest cherry on top craving. oh, & the song "birthday sex" has been stuck in my head for the longest time.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


the FUCK do you think you are ?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

tie-less penguins.

"i think every girl is looking for her mr. darcy." - keira knightley

i have never laughed so much in my life. (:
well, yeah. maybe i have. ahahahah.
we had disaster drill today. it was pretty lame.
but me & emileen were laughing so much.
and then she burped in my face ! -_______-
i had hiccups six times today.
oh, & i watched pride & prejudice again.
that's three times in a row.
i should watch it again tomorrow. LOL.
i craaave cherry on top. D:

we finished our clay animals todaaay.
my penguin's tie - less ): i is sad.

imma eat dim sum tomorrow w/ daddy.
then go to yi-mei to get kevin food.
come home, probably take a shower. hah.
then basic ! mmk, byebye.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


"surely, you must know it was all for you. you are too generous to trifle with me. i believe you spoke with my aunt last night, & it has taught me to hope as i'd scarcely allowed myself before. if your feelings are still what they were last april, tell me so at once. my affections & wishes have not changed, but one word from you will silence me forever. if, however, your feelings have changed, i will have to tell you: you have bewitched me, body & soul, & i love - i love you. & i never wish to be parted from you from this day on." - mr. darcy ; pride & prejudice

summer school really isn't that bad. it's just that i can't draw to save my life. -__- we were learning countour drawings which are basically drawings based on one line. so like, you can't pick up your pencil. it's super duper hard. ): but schafer was like "it's okay, as long as you try." after the break, we do ceramics. (; i'm doing a penguin & today was a good day cuhs the feet hold its fatass body up. :D i think i'm gonna give it to my sister for her cumpleaƱos. the only thing that sucks though, is that break feels like 2 minutes. i saw christine today. pobrecita hurt herself again. =/ OH, and i saw jonathan jung ! hahah. loser's working at mr lee's. (the tutoring place ?)

i watched pride & prejudice yesterday. lovelovelove that movie ! (: mr. darcy looks like hugh jackman, i swear. but their awkwardness is hella cuuuute ! not like in twilight, where it's just AWKWARD. haha, imma rewatch it w/ my sister rah nao. i craaave cherry on top. D: mrawr. basic friday (: yeeeah boy.

Monday, June 15, 2009


"in the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." - martin luther king jr.
tengo muscles ;D anyways. first day of summer school was super chill. i dragged lea with me and she got in (: the teacher's pretty cool. i love how he'll let us talk. & he doesn't care when lea yells my name down the row. hahahah. i can't draw to save my life, but hey. i'm actually trying. haha. kevin promised me chipotle if i got an a in the class. (= i'm using that as motivation. BAHAH. i already have projects coming up, but they're whatevs. i'm almost done with one of them - the constructive line one. i gotta go get my art supplies though. hm, i'll probably go with lea ? it's really boring though, to sit in a class from 7:30 - 1:00. and break's only 30 minutes. but it feels like regular brunch. =/ and his room is always so freaking cold ! ): now i know to bring sweaters. tahaha !

Sunday, June 14, 2009


"shoot for the moon. if you miss, you will still be among the stars." - les brown

should i take summer school ? cuhs if i do, then that means no project timothy. & when i asked joeko if i could do it, he was like "yeah, that's fine." so idkidkidk. plus, i already got into solitaire which takes care of my art credits. cuhs i know i'm fershur gonna do it senior year too. =/ 7:30 is just waaay too early for me. hah, i'm talking to fili-hawaiiaaa (nick) about it and he's helping me decide. dammit. i made a pro & con list. but it balances out. hahah. my life fails.

sister's graduation was boring as hell. -__- but i took lots of pictures. i shall post them up laterr.

Friday, June 12, 2009

salsa verde doritos.

"there's only one thing, two say, three words, four you -- i love you."
- 1234 ; plain white t's

basic was super chill (: i finally saw rachel agaaaain after what felt like a billion years. ): flint combined with basic which was super chill. during worship, i checked my phone to see the time & rachel bumped me and was like "tsktsk." AHAHAH. and then small group was hella chill cuhs we were talking about the most random stuff. agnes told me to bring tweezers so she can tweeze her forest-like eyebrows. ahahah. i listened to four people vent to me about boyfriend / girlfriend / boy best friend problems. haha, i guess. it's whatevs. i don't feel like blogging today. so i'm gonna get of. hahaha, byebye.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


i asked kevin for a registration form for project timothy. but he told me the cut was at 9th grade. ): which means i can't do ittt. D: ! now all of july, i'm gonna be at summer school till 1, come home, & do nothing. lamelamelame. aaand, i won't be able to hang out w/ timtu like he promised ! ):
NiicKzdaNinJa: $_$ i'ma gold digguhhh
iits lindaaa: LOLOLOL.
iits lindaaa: !_! surprised.
NiicKzdaNinJa: @_@ tirddd!
iits lindaaa: +_+ clown !
NiicKzdaNinJa: is... X_X
NiicKzdaNinJa: dead
iits lindaaa: haha yea
NiicKzdaNinJa: -_- chink!
iits lindaaa: THAAAS ME !
NiicKzdaNinJa: wuts me?!
iits lindaaa: *^____^*
iits lindaaa: the *'s are flowers !
NiicKzdaNinJa: (>! watermelon!
iits lindaaa: cuhs ya know. hawaii has pretty flowers.
^ hahaha, we're funny (:

UP !

"hey i know where south america is ! it's in america. just... south." - russell
that was a cute movie. (: i was about to cry at some parts & other parts were hella funny. i watched it with sarah aka my beaner aka my beanbitch & her little brother. we went inside a photobooth thingy to take pictures, but the piece of shit ate our $3. -___- and when we went to ask for a refund, the girl was like "you can fill out a comment card." lamesauce. we ate mcdonalds & then just walked around. it's puente. there's nothing good there except forever 21. ahah. when my mom picked me up, i was alright. but she kept saying stupid shit. & she burped hella loud & it smelled like shit. she forced sarah into choosing some snack to eat ? (btw, sorry sarah. ahah.) gahd i swear. and she has broken ass english & whenever she tries to speak english, it comes out all stupid. words cannot explain how pissed i was at her. geeeez. talking to filip - hawaiiaaaa rah nao. cuhs he always knows how to make me laugh. tahaha. jonathan doesn't know how to sing the songs i listen to & he gets the lyrics wrong cuhs he knows it pisses me off. & my little brother is just annoying as fuck. whatever. i want summer school to start.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


"you look happy for someone who's getting shot at !" - joy & melody
i went over to joy's today cuhs she got her braces off. (: christian came too & he brought rockband with him. i didn't feel like singing so i just chilled on joy's laptop while they played. i was talking to nicktran, nickhale, melody, jy, lea, & sarah on meebo the whole time. bahaha. then we ate salsa that tasted like beans - o_o - with tortillas. we watched family guy for a while, then the office, some cooking show, & some alaska thingy. hahaha. idk what all these programs are called ! no tengo tele. -_- anyways, so we watched tv for a while & then christian took me home. there are a lot more cue pictures, but i don't wanna put them up. i is lazy. ): jy's in new york rah nao. he was supposed to call me when he landed, but he was too busy talking to a "hot korean chick" -__- some best friend that is. hahah. i miss him ! ): we were drawing graffiti on each other's facebook walls. tahaha. he promised he'd go to m&ms world and get me something. fool better keep that promise. oh! i forgot i went to montclair with lea today (: she needed to do shopping so she dragged me along. teehee. it was good cuhs i kept her from buying everything in all the damn stores. -__- then we went to starbucks & she got me a venti iced vanilla latte. ♥ yummy. i got home, checked my report card. ohHOLLA, five a's & one b. (8 summer school next week. project timothy in july. :D !

late night phone calls.

so i called tim tu at 12 am this morning cuhs it's his birthday ! (:
me: -calls-
tim: hello ?
tim: WHAT !? it's 12 already !?
anyways, we ended up talking for like, an hour. ahahah. we were playing twenty questions cuhs we didn't wanna go to sleep. apparently, he cried four times in the notebook & three times in a walk to remember. and he thinks taylor lautner is "muy calienteeee." HAHAHAH. we talked about disney princes & princesses and classics and all that jazz. apparently he thinks ed westwick is the hottest person ever too ! (= we promised to make each other shirts that said I ♥ T2 & I ♥ L2. & i told him to do project timothy with me so we could hang out at the village when it's free time. (: "i am project timothy." HAHAH. get it. cuhs his name is timothy. HARHAR.

went to cue with joy & melody last night. tahah, that was fun. we were talking smack about ____________ cuhs he kept giving us trouble. and he needed to get over some stuff cuhs he was being a total baby about it. drank two passionfruit green teas w/ boba & had a hugeass plate of curly fries. we went to the same cue machine twice cuhs it made us look all pale & pretty with no pimples. ;D when melody scans them, i'll put them up. ahaha. tony took back the xbox 360. that means no more castle crashers or alias. cuhs our dvd player's retuuurded. ):

Sunday, June 7, 2009


“beauty comes from a life well lived. if you've lived well, your smile lines are in the right places, and your frown lines aren't too bad, what more do you need ?” - jennifer garner
i went to church today. michael came for once & didn't flake out. (: HAHAH. he kicked me during service cuhs he sat behind me & i slapped his knee super hard. douche deserved it. :D anyways. the internet was down for EVER, so i went back on GIMP as usual. i actually had lots of fun. i turned this:

to this:

haha (: i love my delirious superstars. ♥

my mom kicked me & my sister off the tv to watch some pirated movie. -___- so we have to wait 2 hours till we can resume watching alias. ahahah. i played castle crashers & leveled twice. geez. i'm getting bored of that game. =/ i'm free this whole week, then summer school. let's make plans ! (: you'd save my lifeeee.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


"i never think of the future, it comes soon enough." - albert einstein
kevin ended up picking me up 2 hours earlier. which was alright cuhs i wanted to get outta the house anyways. so we were chilling at starbucks for like 20 minutes. then went to church for like. 15 minutes. then we just hung out at jontam's. three other people showed up so we decided to go to maxim to eat. then we went back to church to visit wala 1. that took like, 45 minutes ? haha, idr. hopefully i can fit project timothy into my summer. (: i BETTER be able to. cuhs if i don't, imma dieee. D: i'll probably have to do after lunch though, since i've got summer school. but it's all good. haahha. the internet's been so retarded these days. but the sun's finally showing itself again !!

i woke up this morning & went to go pee. turns out i started my period. laamesauce. ): my stomach hurts so bad rah nao. played castle crashers for a while. then put in alias & watched jennifer garner kick ass. (: when the internet was down, i solved my rubix cube. then i messed it up & solved it again. i did that 6 times. -_____- yeah, that's how bored i got.

Friday, June 5, 2009


"life is short, don't waste time worrying about what people think of you. hold on to the ones that care; in the end they will be the only ones there." - anonymous

my math final was so fucking easy. i got a 100% ! (: i went to banana bay with joy yesterday after school, then to yogurtland. i still like cherry on top better. i ended up not going to graduation because joy didn't want to so i slept over. we watched movies on tv, but i fell asleep at like, 11 ? haaah. went to souplantation for lunch today. joshua's sick. poor boy. now i'm playing castle crashers & about to re-watch all of alias. :D i love that show. i'm honestly not ready for junior year. this year has gone by way to fast. summer school starts next week. yeee. kevin's picking me up later for the last wala 2 cell group this year. it's all gonna be combined. (: we're gonna go to applebees to celebrate the seniors. haha, that should be fun. (:

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

oh my jeez.

"don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." - dr. seuss
as of tomorrow, june fourth two thousand & nine, 12:11 pm, i am going to be a junior. holymotherfuckingshit. this year went by so fast. i'm really sad it's ending. i've made so many new friends, lost a couple, & been through so much shit. yet i've pulled through. so with that said, i am proud to say i'm ready to be called a junior. not. even though i got into solitaire & i'm doing spanish three honors, i have no idea how i'm going to stick sat classes and most importantly, SATS into my schedule. junior year is going to be hell. but it's okay. i'll probably make more friends, dump the ones that didn't matter, & hopefully pull through like this year. (:

i took so many pictures yesterday & today. jessie & sarah serenaded me with titanic love songs ♥ & i know fershur i'm not gonna miss them cuhs i'll be hanging out with them in the summer, watching superstar while eating five layer dip (: i'm going to banana bay with joy after school tomorrow. we'll probably be hanging out in life plaza like little asians. then i gotta get back to school for the graduation. there's a hugeass list of seniors i'm going for. & i'm gonna miss each & every one of their asses. especially josh, cuhs he's moving back to korea. ): fool better do his homework. ahahah. afterwards, i'm going to bj's in brea for stephanie's late dinner with church. hollaaa. friday's gonna be the last wala 2 cell group, then combined for the rest of the verano. & i can't go to vione's bday party cuhs my sister's graduating. so i'm sorry vione !! D: kay, i have to study now. so here's to my last day being a sophomore. adios.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


last day of pe, ever.
oh, i'm gonna miss these girls. <3

history & english finals tomorrow.
uh oh. gotta go study mode. kbye !

Monday, June 1, 2009

happy june.

finals this week.
not really worrying about tomorrow.
more of chem & math.
actually, not really chem either.
math & history ? hah, idc.
i'm so over this year.
there have been way too many ups & downs.
i can't wait for 12:11 pm on thursday.

"if you can dream it, you can do it.
it's kind of fun to do the impossible."
- walt disney