Saturday, February 28, 2009


this week was so bullshit-y.
i'm so happy it's over -__-
i'm so sick of people telling me what to do.
& not wanting to tell stuff to my face.

whatevs. i'm so over it.

she's so cute ! (:
rally was super fun. tahaha.
i screamed my ass off.
so now, i don't think i have a voice.
& for some reason,
i'm smelling starbucks.
but there's no starbucks here.
so i'm craving it.
with some cherry on top.

BASIC was fantasmic (:
flinters came dowwwwn.
it was pretty interesting.
i made agnes ask my brother to sadies.
well, actually.
i asked for her. HAHAHA.
sadies is in two weeks !

Thursday, February 26, 2009

my bea$t,

so you're having a pretty shitty day.
but it's all gooood.
cuhs you've got me & natalie dee !
i love youuu. just because.
you know me inside & out.
and you keep me sane.
just as i turn your ): to a (:
i love you x all the numbers in the world.
forever & ever + a day. mmkay !?
<3 m3 !
hopefully you have a better day. (:
i'm pretty sure you will.
cuhs i always make your day.
HAHAHAHA ! jkaaay.


liu, linda
1 sadie's dance coupon
price: $40.00 / total: $40.00
date: lawrence cheng
payment type: 40.00 cash

hahaha ! bought my ticket todaaay.
harley quinn & joker !
oh yeah, we're so cool (8 lol.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

yeeee :)

i'm freaking hungry. );
and i'm going to sadies !

donde esta mi madre.
ella tiene mi chocolate !

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


i need to find a date.
cuhs i really wanna go.
since it's the last one.
find me someone cute pleasee.

ugh, so i'm on my period.
thought i'd let the whole world know.
and i have monster cramps );
i went to sleep at 7 last night.
and then at 9, emileen woke me up.
s'all good in the hood, though.

i need m&ms.
super super super badly right now.
but i'm drinking aloe juice.
hahah ! shit's goood.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


bananananana bay today w/ my cousin.
then emileen's. cuhs we're going to hollywood ! (:
finally we get to go. bahaha !
& then tomorrow, after church,
i'm going back to emileen's.
to make some cheesecakes.
TAHAHAH ! chocolate swirls, mm !
today better be chill. (:<

Friday, February 20, 2009


i'm sorry );
i really really really really am.
this is like,
the billionth time i've told you.
but i really am.
i feel bad. i'm gonna cry.
& i feel like jumping off a cliff.
you're not online right now.
which makes it worse.
gaaahd, eff my life FERREALS.
please please please,
don't hate me );
& don't get mad at me either.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


finally got his cell phone ! (:
it's a wannabe sidekick.
emileen told me evelyn calls it the ikick ?
i was the first person he called,
& the first person in his phonebook.
hollaaa !

that means basic ! YAY.
i've been on nataliedee w/ emileen
for the longest time (;
shit's uh-may-ziiing !

chem test & spanish writing test tomorrow.
OWLCITY is now my favorite thing to listen to.
& i reaaally wanna go to sadies );

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


so i haven't touched any of my homework yet.
so i'm going to write paragraphs on my best friends (:

lawrencecheng; holyshit. i don't even know where to start with you. i met you like two months ago and i swear, we're like super glue. you are the most gayest being alive, but aay, i still love you like a brother. my aim profile can honestly not keep up with the funny ass things you say to make my day. i bake cookies for you on the shittiest of days, and you always know when to make me smile. you know exactly when i need to be left alone, and exactly when to keep ranting. if i don't show up at the right time, you start to freak out, & i do the same thing. you dedicated part of your blog to me; now i'm dedicating part of mine to you. you are by far the coolest fruit i know B] or shall i say you're fabuloso. (;

amberkhan; i like how we talked shit about each other for the longest time in elementary school (: and then in middle school, i remember we could never get off the phone with each other. you have definitely been there for me, just as i have been for you ♥ you're my hero cuhs you introduced me to bombass indian movies ;) i love how we have the most retarded nicknames for each other, ahah. i honestly don't even know where i would be without you. you know me like the back of your hand, and you are always there for me - through thick & thin. that picture of us is so freaking old, but i can't find a good picture of us ); but it's all good cuhs it brings back old memories. (: i love you best frieeeend.

sarahchang; you definitely are the most willy-wonka lookin' bean bitch i know (: actually, you're the only one i actually know. bahaha ♥ you and jessie are by far the highlights of pe. litto foot! i love when you get all freaking competitive in football & baseball. i like how we communicate while laughing. bus rides witchuu are fershur the best. you are the juliet to my check and jessie is the yes. we know how to stuff ourselves at red robin (; even though you're on your computer diet, i know i can come to you when i need to habla about sheeit. spanish is funny cuhs you hate whenever she calls on you & then on the bus you're always venting like "why the eff does she always call on me !?" you're a cutieee & i love youu.

jessiechen; i know you always talk about wanting to go to diamond ranch and stuff like that, but honestly, i cannot imagine not meeting you. as cheesy as that sounds, you keep me up when i'm down. it's as simple as that. all that "ooh, hot boy!" talk makes the worst day turn good. venting with you is probably the best part of pe, cuhs you actually listen to me, and i listen to you. making fun of stuckerdoodle was the best. and we all know that the topless hello kitty man still has his eyes on you (; you are most deff, one of the five girls that i trust the most with my life. ♥

joyguey; you have been there for me since day one. you were honestly the first friend i've ever made and ever trusted. the person you are with me is the super opposite of how you are with others. bahah. pink snowball! (; i know we get annoyed with each other for the stupidest reasons, but we always find a way to make it back up to each other. we've been there for each other through thick and thin - no matter what. you have seen me at my lamest, at my worst, and deff at my best. i live at your house (literally) whenever i get the chance to and we definitely are the masters at mario kart. toad & toadette for lifeee.

emileenyen; YOU beezy, are ridiculous ♥ the amount of inside jokes we have cannot even be measured. we have been to hell and back, and yet have stuck closer than ever. you know my life, i know your's. chemistry is the best cuhs i've got you (: we say the meanest things to each other, but it's funny cuhs we really mean the opposite. the only reason i appreciate rainy days is the fact that you lunch with me. them bacon flavored noodles & calpicos definitely bring out the asian in us. ^____^ v!~~ i still cannot believe we hated each other last year. >:( i love how you do my math homework & i do your chem homework. you are the japjap dinosaur to my korkor dinosaur. (: you always manage to keep me sane, and whenever i need to "jump off my cliff", you are always there "to catch my fat ass". bea$tfraand for life m3 !

there honestly is no order to this, except 1 & 6.
that's just cuhs lawrence wanted to be first cuhs he was the only boy.
& emileen wanted the "best for last". (:


i brought some for emileen todaaay (:
& i'm bringing her some for the rest of the semana!
so i at a lot when i got home,
but i'm still effing hungryyy ! D;

on the bus ride home today,
sarah couldn't stop laughing. ahahha.
she's so cute, like her brother!
aiyo, i have a lot of homework i have to do.
POOP. no me gusta tarea ):

Monday, February 16, 2009


because life without them would honestly suck balls ♥

Saturday, February 14, 2009

fundaaay !

most definitely the best day ever ! got to the brea mall, went to forever 21. jessie met us up, we went looking for sarah's gift. (while angie dragged sarah somewhere) we went to swarvoski, macy's, nordstorm, & victoria secret. ended up buying her a vsecret jacket. but she returned it cuhs she wanted some loafers. then we took pictures with a topless hello kitty guy. who probably thought we were checking him out. but honestly, we all know he was checking jessie out. bahahah =) we went to the apple store, h&m, steve madden, and finaly red robin. freaking ayy. i feel like a fatass. creamed sarah a billion times w/ whip cream. (HAHAH, maggots ;D) then cpk cuhs her brother wanted some bbq pizza. and then angie gave me some of her candies (; and now i'm home talking to fruitaaay !
omggg, today was freaking fun ♥
happy valentine's daaay!
& happy birthday christian (:

Friday, February 13, 2009


i freaking love you beeeean bitch (:
pe is the best witchuu.

i went to emileen's todaaay.
marcus & lawrence tagged along!
we drank starbucks in the pouring rain,
then took 20 cameroid pictures.
and then fooled around on neopets ;)
i miss thaaat !
i'm leaving for basic sooon.
& this weekend's gonna be chillass.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

haay hottieee.

next christmas.
i want him in my stocking.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


always takes over me. );
i've got ms chen's project to do.
but i always find a way not to.
my internet was down for 6 hours.
i think that was a sign.
poop. weelll, it's almost friday.
geez, i'm so tired.
i hate cold weather.

sarah got me hooked on fmylife.
i've been reading it for the past 30 minutes.

Monday, February 9, 2009

justo lamas!

is stuck in my head.
i CANNOT stop singing eres tu.
& siempre por siempre.

UGH, whatevs. haha.
i hate this rain. it needs to stop.

& i cannot wait for tomorrow!
shana & julie are coming over.
to bake some galletas !

Saturday, February 7, 2009

pe buddies -

we know how to have funn!
this is what we do on rainy days during pe (;

Friday, February 6, 2009

telefono !

my dad finally got sense knocked into him.
but i can't text D; poopy.
nokia 5610 xpressmusic (;

Thursday, February 5, 2009


i have a verrrray big migraine right now );
& it's raining. i hate getting wet.

that meeeans, basic ! (:
aaand, weekend.
i feel like more forever 21.
haha, yeeee =]

OH! i went to emileen's yesterdaay.
howard drove us to starbucks.
& then we walked to her casaaaa.
and camera whored.
a lot. hahah.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


tomorrow's going to be my 1 year of having my period!
i remember when i first got it.
i got on the bus & jessica + amber were like:
"linda! we're so proud of youu." -_-
yeah, um. this is an interesting topic. bahaha.
tomorrow's late start! :)
i'm going to amber's & we're cooking breakfast.
and then after school, i'm going to emileen's!

Monday, February 2, 2009


mondays suck.
i was supposed to go to emileen's tomorrow.
but my mom doesn't wanna pick me up.
because she has a graduation to go to @ church.
but she's gonna have to take local anyways,
cuhs there's going to be traffic if she takes the freeway.
& if she takes freeway, she'll pass by emileen's casa.
like, LITERALLY pass by her house. asdfghjkl;'.

today i woke up all energized.
and then in class, i just knocked out.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

baking, much !?

so after church i went to jay tee's house to bake with her and amber. we played some wii first - which i freaking sucked at - and then we baked some cake & cookies! well, i baked the cookies -_- ahaha, but it was fuuuun (: and then we sat at her table eating cookies and talking about old eighth grade memories and how people change in high school. we decided that once every month, we're going to have a bake day. next time, it's going to be crepes! =) jessica now calls us "baking buddies". LOL. ♥ and then when i get back, i had to go out to eat with my momma and her church friends cuhs it was her birthday today. and while i'm eating, fingers cover my eyes and i hear a "HELLO BEST FRIEND!" i turn around and i see emileen, evelyn, and erica. haha, so i freaking scream my butt off, hug her, and we just talk for like twenty minutes. i know that's rude cuhs i ignored everyone else, but pfft. i am rude. and now i'm at home, supposedly doing animal farm questions but i'm on aim talking to lawrence. & tomorrow's monday!

happy sundaaay!

i was supposed to go to hollywood today with emileen, but her mom cancelled. so instead, i went to the shoppes with joy! we went to the forever 21 in there. okay yeah, it's huge i guess. but deeng, their stuff is so overpriced! their colored skinny jeans are lik $20 - rounded up - but at the puente one, they're like $14. i know both those prices are good for jeans, but um, $6?! theeeen, we went to go watch inkheart! es una pelicula buena. (: and then we went to her casa to eat and watch tv. and i forgot about time and the next thing we knew, it was 9:30. i was supposed to be home at 6:30, and since i wasn't home, i'm grounded now. poop. emileen wanted to go to hollywood next weekend. but now i can't, cuhs my stupid self didn't get home on time! laaame.

i'm up pretty late. i still have to shower. but later today, i'm going to jessica's to bake with her + amber! oh, what fun ;) amber wanted to bake some "chef boyardee" HAHAHA <3