Wednesday, July 29, 2009


"i tend to think you're fearless when you recognize why you should be scared of things, but do them anyway." - christian bale

pisses the hell outta me. HAAAAAAH.

i gotta stop it with the "lindaliuser" usernames.
but they're coolbeans (8

massive headache. again. booooo.
waiting for friday & saturday. <3

Monday, July 27, 2009


"the only time i can really relax is up a tree or somewhere outside. i love being outside." -
tom felton

be my husband ? ♥

went shopping today (: got a flannel, dress, & some jeans from forever 21. ate at cheesecake factory. then watched HP6. tom felton is so hot. YUM. kevin was lecturing me about lust. yeah, kinda lame. whatevs ! JEEEEZUS, his body is so fine. (;

Sunday, July 26, 2009

passionfruit !

"the more you care, the more you have to lose." - harry potter

woke up at 10 today. it was really hot.
headache's still here from last night.
went to church ; hungary missions shared.
didn't eat. so now i'm hungry.
all i've been drinking is passionfruit flavored water.
yum, it's good. butttt it doesn't satisfy D:
cranking up my musica. if only i had AC.
mom called me fat. gee thanks, bitch.
found out i'm going to the beach on saturday. (:
& registration's on friday. YEEE. n___n

Saturday, July 25, 2009


"faith gives you an inner strength & a sense of balance and perspective in life." - gregory peck

a- both semesters, BETCH.
now i have to find shit to do. -__-

hiiii, we're cuh yooht. ♥

oh. & i miss mr jy liew.
aka my best friend who's all the way in ny.

Monday, July 20, 2009

it's so hot.

i take my words back. i do like the cold better than the heat.
oh, & my period's ending so i'm happy.
debating if i should make a tumblr. lea told me to.
so, maaaaybe. (: summer school ends this week.
YESS. hopefully i'll get another a-. cuhs i actually work.
finished my kaleidoscope ! yeeee. n___n
the fab four shit's gonna screw me over though. ):
whaaaatevs. i really crave a boba. kbye.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

1oo thaaangs !

1. hi i'm linda.
2. november 29th !
3. i hate hate hate fobs. with a passion.
4. taiwanese & filipino (:
5. tres siblings.
6. i'm the only "l" amongst my siblings.
7. i hate my mom.
8. arizona green teas run through my veins once a week.
9. friends keep me alive.
10. i need rap to complete my hw.
11. i'm on myspace, twitter, & aim 24/7.
12. i'd rather be in the sun than in the cold.
13. disneyland & basic are my favorite places to be ! (:
14. i used to paint my nails once a week.
15. i LOVE banana bay's pad thai & thai iced teas.
16. i honestly think i'm fat.
17. i don't have tv. D:
18. my closet is filled w/ forever21 clothes.
19. the lion king still makes me cry.
20. neopets & pokemon ruby (;
21. i hate it when people call me chinese.
22. i want to be a photographer.
23. i've been aiming for ucla since second grade.
24. i need a texting plan.
25. i made a penguin in art class ! his name is fabio.
26. green, maroon, & teal (:
27. i neeeeeed a haircut, ferreals.
28. i'm always hungry.
29. i can't go through five minutes w/out saying FUCK.
30. i love flipping people off(:
31. linking arms is fuuuun.
32. i don't know how to swim.
33. voh & hoc ! (:
34. i want a tattoo on my ankle.
35. i want another 3 ear piercings.
36. i'm on my period right now.
37. i watch gossip girl online (;
38. i hate being at home.
39. i want to travel europe.
40. i'm 5'5" (=
41. STAR TREK was a really good movie \\//
42. i love nicknames & inside jokes.
43. in a guy, i look at eyes, smile, & style first (:
44. i've drunk beer before.
45. i love writing long long long letters.
46.i went to evergreen even though i live closer to quail summit.
47. chaparral middle school ; fuck mrs miles.
49. i made it into show choirrrr ♥
50. i don't ever cry in front of people.
51. ocd rapes me all the time.
53. i love going to the animal shop @ the mall (:
54. i will kill for m&ms.
55. i hate the sound of the piano.
56. i lovelovelove cherry on top.
57. i love re-reading books. (:
58. my mom has retarded ass rules.
59. i've never been on splash mountain. -_-
60. i love sitting when everyone is standing.
61. i'm reaaaally loud.
62. i don't care what people think of me.
63. i love papa johns cuhs of their garlic sauce (:
64. venti iced vanilla lattes. all day, err day.
65. people love my chocolate chip cookies.
66. mexican food = love.
67. i hate eating pho.
68. i hate roses. i love tulips.
69. <= is a funny numberrrr !
70. i got my glasses in 4th grade.
71. i love jolly rancher lollipops.
72. fall is the best season.
73. so there's this guy. (;
74. i still believe in santa clause.
75. selena gomez is cuter than demi lovato.
76. this is for emileen: hannah montana is ugly as FUCK.
77. i'm really really stubborn.
78. i purposely do shit to piss my mom off.
79. i have arachnophobia.
80. i only watch saw movies with amber.
81. most of the time i cant hind my emotions
82. kevjumba's my husband.
83. penguins are my favorite animals.
84. i have a US quarter that says puerto rico. o_o
85. i need a texting plan. & a new phone.
86. i hate having "sides" in drama.
87. i have all of owlcity's songs.
88. i love sticking spanish in a daily conversation.
89. my parents own yi-mei bakery.
90. burts bees chapstick is always in my pocket (:
91. i never have money on me. D:
92. i get excited really easily. teehee.
93. theo's my brother from another mother. we're thicker than a snicker(:
94. emileen's my bea$t with boobs that i've named "dee dee" !
95. lea's my nerd best friend who i cover for all the time :]
96. joy's been my bestfriend since kindergarten.
97. amberkhan's my indian sister. we like to watch om shanti om (;
98. i trust 2 people in the world right now.
99. plugs (earrings) scare the shit outta me.
100. i is done. so bye bye.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


"i'm afraid that if you look at a thing long enough,
it loses all of its meaning." - andy warhol

this week has been so full of shit.

fakes, bitches, lies, rumors.
missed calls, no hang-outs.
annoyances, raised voices.
periods, cramps, leakages.
starvation, name-callings.

ps. i really wanna watch HP6.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

fake bitches,

"bitches - they come, they go." - eminem

1) when confronted, you deny everything. you say she wants to hear she's pretty everyday. well bitch, you want to hear you're thin everyday. you flirt with boys like there's no tomorrow. & you want everyone to think you're innocent. HAH, well i guess you're not.

2) yes, i think you're stupid. scratch that, i KNOW you are. don't act like you don't talk shit behind my back. respect the relationship they have. and don't try to fuck things up for them. cuhs if you do, you're going to highly regret it.

& to both: grow some balls + say shit like that to our faces. you walk around thinking it won't ever get to us. well guess what bitches, it did. grow the fuck up. cuhs the world doesn't revolve around you two. things change, friends go. but life doesn't stop for anybody. so SUCK IT.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


hiiii, best friend. jeezus, i don't even know where to start with you. okay, so sixth grade. things weren't anything special seeing that we were puny little kids who thought we were still fifth graders. haaaah. (: but i remember when i met you, we just clicked. yeah, it sounds kinda homo. HAH. seventh grade, i don't think we talked as much. ): boooo. eighth grade. holy shit. this was roller coaster status, ferreals. i went over to your casa for the first time for leadership. & we had to make up spirit day. i think it was sunglasses ? & you told me about your font downloads. mm, then you danced to ciara's 1,2 step. HAHAH. & i was so amazed cuhs your monitors were connected ? there were two i think. YEAAAH. and then later on in the year, we hateeeed each other. well, you hated me. -_- but it's okaaay. i remember i lived at your house that summer. & when freshman year came, i went to your house EVERYDAY to "study for bio". ahahah (: [] <= it's a circle. O <= it's a square. studying would turn into pixel land & then we'd just be on your floor literally laughing out loud. (: & everytime we thought we were drifting, we'd tell each other & then we'd go for sushi. teehee ! sophomore year was the same (: i love the fact that we hang out with completely different people yet are still able to stay this close. i cover for you, & don't trip, you don't owe me (: i love how you finally got over mussolini & moved onto popo. it's finally good to see you smile these days. especially that one time when you came to my house crying your ojos out & then we went upstairs to my room, camera whored, & then got you gayass sunglasses. oh ! & then ate gummy bears and talked "very brutally" to each other. HAHAH. you know i can trust you with anything, and vice versa. you're deff not an extermination project with my sister. you have my back, i have your's. thanks for putting up with all my shit sometimes. half my itunes is based on the songs you've intro'd me to. HAHAH. (: -dolla dolla bill !- i love you <3

Thursday, July 9, 2009

fuck yo shit !

"you've got enemies ? good -- that means you actually stood up for something in your life." - eminem

hiiii, i'm linda.
& if my mom doesn't die anytime soon,
i might have to kill her myself.
kbye ! n___n

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

scavenger hunt !

"i just like to keep challenging myself, keep it varied. it's a craft, & i'm constantly trying to learn & get better at it." - clive owen

"...fool !"
"hooooly, lin-duh !"
thaaaat was super duper fun. (:

Monday, July 6, 2009


"i'm not good at future planning. i don't plan at all. i don't know what i'm doing tomorrow. i don't have a day planner & i don't have a diary. i completely live in the now, not in the past, not in the future." - heath ledger

the week just started and i want it to end already.
my mom's coming home today from san fransisco.
i wish she wouldn't. seriously.
i don't want her nagging & her yelling.
i've been chilling with leareginalorenzo everyday (:
& i won't lie, it's THE SHIEEET.
oh, & i've been eating lots of fat foods.
i weighed myself yesterday.
holyshit. i wanted to jump off a clifff. ):

i roamed arcadia yesterday. it was fun (:
my cousin's leaving for taiwan for the rest of his life.
waaaah, D: imma miss him.

doesn't he look like a girl ? HARHAR.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

truth is,

"life's greatest happiness is to be convinced we are loved." - victor hugo

as much as i want to tell you, i can't.

my cousin came over today to talk.
i went to barnes & nobles to get a book (=
i ended up getting this lullaby by sarah dessen.
it's the cutest book i've ever read.
then i grabbed some rubio's for dinner.
yuuuum. that place is so good.

basic was super energetic today.
hahah, we had to run around all of walnut.
i swear, i feel like i lost a lot of weight (:
buuuut, that's good :D
cuhs i'm a fatass. NOMNOMNOM.
i stayed outside camera whoring (:
with marianna, dora, & inez. <3

Thursday, July 2, 2009


"learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." - albert einstein

passed art with an a- today. oh fsho. i'm happy as hell.
got an iced venti vanilla latte afterwards with janice.
i had to tell her who i liked though. -______________-
her reaction ? "I KNEW IT !" hahaha.
lea went to lollicup & got me a boba milk teaaa. ♥

basic tomorrow, heeeeell yes.

so my mom took all of our computers away.
but left janice's laptop.
lame cuhs not all four of us can share it at the same time.
so jonathan got tony's monitor.
& plugged it into his wires. so s'all good (:

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

summer school !

"this the type of song that make the angels cry; i look up in the sky & i wonder why, why you had to go, go. i know it's better on the other side, you were chosen from the start, never gonna let you go, no. you'll always be in my heart." - better on the other side (a tribute to mj) ; the game ft. chris brown, p diddy, usher, mario winans, & boyz ii men

fish face in the restroooooms (:

i like this one ! except my vneck's too lowww.

beccabear's a kinky one (;

tres musketeeers. 8D

tim tu's my best friend !

lauren & emileen aren't in these cuhs we were taking pictures on emileen's voyagerrr. but since she can't upload them, wait till tomorrow when she brings her camera (= pizza tomorrow ! (: yumyumyum. oh, & madre's leaving for san fran till monday. YES. 8D

oh and,