Tuesday, March 31, 2009

fuck my life.

today was so shitty. for once, i didn't feel like being in chem today. that automatically was a bad sign. math, i freaking knocked the fuck out. now i'm fershur going to fail my test. spanish was so gay. i bombed my stupid test cuhs i didn't study. after school was chill though cuhs i walked down to cherry on top with angela & emileen. i got my mango w/ lychee & mini m&ms. & then i walked to rite aid with emileen to get fat foooods. hot cheetos, arizona iced tea, orange soda, & this bigass bar of hershey's chocolate. and then we walked back up to her casa and we were taking all these pictures on cameroid. we took twenty and then were bored so we took another 11. then rebecca called & said she was gonna come over and chill with us, so we left the other 9 alone until she got there. it took her like forty minutes to finally find out where emileen lived and when she got there, we took the remaining 9 pictures. and then we had to leave for open house. so my sister came and handed me some chicken alfredo & chocolate covered strawberries. rebecca & evelyn ate my alfredo like vultures - it's cool though - and then i had to go to ms frank's class for the chemistry competition. that shit was so lame. so one of the answers were 93% & our group had 93.1% ! fucking significant figures. so we lost & all that shit. then i sprinted to the j building to watch my dipshit of a brother perform his justo lamas crap. and then jy told me to watch his french performance, but i couldn't find him so i was chilling with emileen & christine gave me a glowstick bracelet. i saw josh and made sure i had to do his chem all that usual shit. and then i had to run back to my locker to get my binder and when i got to the car, my mom said we had to go to someone's casa to get something. so i was painting my nails while waiting for her turtle ass to finish talking & when she walked in the car, she was like "what the hell is that smell? linda, i told you to wipe your nail polish off." and i'm like "it's fucking clear, you're not going to see anything." and she's like "i don't care. it's not the outer appearance that counts, it's your heart." and i'm like "the fuckkk. stfu." and all that shit. and then we had to drop justin off & jonathan and joshua kept calling emileen short and shit. so i fucking got pissed and started yelling my ass off at them cuhs emileen's my fucking bea$t friend, so it's basically making fun of me, ya know ? so i got all pissed and start cussing my ass off cuhs i'm so goddamn mad. i'm all "i'd make fun of your friends, but you don't have any." & shit like that and my mom gets all pissed at me and she's like "watch your mouth." and i'm like "hell no. they're making fun of my best friend. i'm not going to fucking let them do that." & i'm all defending her and shit, and my mom's like "before you go to sleep tonight, leave your ipod & cell phone by me. you don't get your computer either." is she fucking out of her mind. i need my ipod, the end. i need my cell phone for my alarm clock & to call my sister to pick me up from school. i need my computer for my fucking english explication. i come home & my computer's not even on my fucking desk. it took me 10 minutes to finally find it, and it was right in front of me the whole time, hidden behind toilet paper. now i'm on for the last couple of minutes before i have to shut if off till the weekend. if i ever go suicidal, blame my gay ass family. pfft, i don't even call them family anymore. i want emileen to fucking adopt my ass. even if i walked out of the house, i doubt anyone would care. and if they did, they'd probably jump up and down & throw a party. i wish my mom had decided to fucking abort me when she had that chance. shit. fuck.

Monday, March 30, 2009


no quote today. i didn't feel the need to put one up.
it's not like anyone reads this stuff, so eh.

i'm sick of 'family'.
i'm sick of their nicknames for me.
i'm sick of listening to them.
i'm sick of hearing their voices.
i'm sick of always having to sacrifice for them.
i'm sick of them always ditching me.
i'm sick of the fact they don't care.
i'm sick of all the crap they've brought me.
i'm sick of my mom.
i'm sick of her punishments.
i'm sick of not being able to paint my nails.
i'm sick of her yelling.
i'm sick of my brothers.
i'm sick of hearing "you're a fat jew".
i'm sick of their 'jokes'.
i'm sick of my sister.
i'm sick of her idea of "joking around".
i'm sick of her calling me lazy.
i'm sick of her telling lies to everyone.
i'm sick of her taking my things without asking OR telling me.
i'm sick of my dad.
i'm sick of the fact i never get to see him.
i'm sick of whenever he comes home.
i'm sick of him yelling at me for things i didn't do.
i'm sick of his loudass voice.
i'm sick of it all & i wish i could run away.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

friday & saturday !

"for beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindess; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never left alone." - audrey hepburn

school was so long -__- i was waiting for the clock to just finally hit 3:00. turns out i got a 97% on my spanish writing exam ! i guess that's a good thing. bahahah. holy shit though. on my oral i said the dumbest thing cuhs i forgot which character i was. ); whatevs. sarthi said i got an 87%, so it's all good. and then right when the bell rang, carolyn called me to tell me kevin was picking me up earlier, so i was like okaay. so chantal got on the bus & we were walking home and shit like that. and then we fooled around and then kevin came at like 4:30 ish. the basic bbq was sooo fun. (: at first, we were sitting there in a group of like, 5, & i was doodling on my knee. hahahah. and then more & more people showed up so it was hella fun ! we played capture the flag w/ glowsticks and easter eggs as the boundaries. and the food ! holyyy. so good. hahhahah. but my ass still hurts from sitting on those baby swings. D; anywaays. and then kevin took me home. but like, we had to stop by church to drop off some things. so me, carolyn, & joyce were sitting in the car listening to kevin's ipod & we cranked the volume up so high. hahaha. and then yeeap. holy crap i was so freaking tired. but yeeah, it was freaking fun =) i love how howard screamed "SHIT!" in front of everyone while playing capture the flag. haha, funny funny.

so i woke up at like, 10 cuhs i was so freaking tired. and then i was chilling on my sister's laptop doing the usual myspace & aim shit. and then chantal called and she wanted to hang out so we decided for her to come over and watch twilight & lion king. so she got here at like 2? and then we watched lion king & cried at the part when mufasa died ); haha, and when my brothers got back, we popped in twilight. OMGGG. that movie is sooo funny. hahah, i couldn't stop laughing ! like the part when he's like "say it. say it out loud." lmfao ! my sister told me to shut up. (: and then i had to find money so i could eat souplantantion with her & i finally found like $10. so then her dad dropped us off at souplantation. holy geebus. i ate so much ! i kept cracking "that's what she said" jokes, LOL. hm. oh, we went into the restroom to take random ass pictures on my telefono. bahaha, i ended up deleting all of them though, cuhs they were all failures. haha. and then when i came home, i looked like a freaking pregnant lady ! i ate sooo much. ugh. ahha. and then i knocked out on my bed for like 30 minutes & woke up, took a shower, and here i am (: pretty productive weekend.

mm, i've got church tomorrow. haha, it's been like what ? 4 weeks since i've gone ? =/ please forgive me, God. & it's weird cuhs i haven't talked to emileen this whole weekend yet ): it's cuhs my momma took my computer away, so if you're reading this, sorry bea$t ! i snuck on her computer like. 10 minutes ago. hahaha. i love youuuu & happy six months w/ mah cuh shr (: okaaaay, i'm tired, so goooodnight !

Thursday, March 26, 2009


each post from now on is going to have a quote. (:
"when it comes down to it, i let them think what they want. if they care enough to bother with what i do, then i'm already better than them." - marilyn monroe
her quotes are so ridiculously amazing. mm, today's chem test was super hard ! ): i didn't even have enough time to finish. poop. whatevs. i've got extra credit =) i want to take ap chem next year. someone take it with me ! teehee. hm, tomorrow's fridaaaay. and i'm so excited for basic's bbq! i think kevin's picking me up at like, 5:30 ? haha, then i'm gonna help him set up cuhs it doesn't start till like 7, i think ? i love fridays. hahah. ugh, i'm falling asleep as i type this. hahah. oh ! i went back to chaparral today for their open house. holy shit man ! they remodeled the whole campus ! and all the classrooms have been moved around and crap like that. hahah. i visited gonzales & oldfield & chapman & gammell & passoth (: bahaha, they still remembered me. teehee ! and then mr chung's room is right next to mrs miles's room now. so i had to go through her room to get to his. holy crap man. -___- it was so lame. my sister & brother were like "if you call her a bitch, i'll give you $20 !" ugh. bad memories, bad memories. so i found out the theme for their promotion dance this yeeear & it's hella cuuute ! yeeah. kay, i'm really tired & i'm gonna need my rest for basic tomorrow. gooodnight !

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


ahah, just kiddingggg ! i wish ♥
boy's so goddamn fineeeee.
sat school was hella fun today.
we kept cracking up @ the smallest things.
& i kept snapping emileen's bra strap.
hahahah ! i forget what we laughed about ):
but we were wheezing. LOL.
& then when we walked outside,
we screamed our asses off !
and there were parents going into the gym.
they kept staring at us. hahah.
mm, chem test tomorrow !
i'm so ready for this. (: i finally understand !
AND THEN; fridaaay.
idk. i loveee basic. especially combined.
theee best. & i'm dragging chantal.
bahahah. it should be fun !
ugh. it's so cold. & i'm tireeeed.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


wow. i'm so fat.
i didn't even realize it until today.
fuck my lifeee !

Saturday, March 21, 2009

life plaza, baby.

so i went to forever 21 again. -_____-
BUT ! i got this cuteass shirt/dress of some sort.
it's hella cuuuuuute ! =)

and then i went to chantal's.
we were watching youtube vids. ahahah.
got to life plaza for donna's party @ 6.
omggg. i ate so much !
got a passionfruit iced tea w/ boba.
and some kung pao chicken ;)
then i creamed donna's face w/ chantal.
and we were all taking pictureeees.
then we all went outside to take more pictures.
wooowie. we were all up on a pole (;
after that we walked up to cue.
took a couple pictures there & then left.
i saw my brother o______o
then we went into plaza walk & chilled @ missha.
i got some nail polish & eye shadow.
AND THEN, we were at this accessories place.
and we got some rings for usssss.
we all got a group one, which was cute.
and then me & chantal got some uglyass flower one.
hahahahaha. whatevs kevs, though.
then we went back to life plaza to shop around.
& my sister picked me up. teeheeeee.
shit man, i'm freaking tireeeeed. goodnight!
emileen beezy,
feel better. you feel like shit right now.
well, more of pissed.
one day, you'll get her back.
or she'll get what she deserves.
but for now, i love you bea$t ♥
forever + a day, mkay ? (:
now go watch yo chicos antes de flores.

Friday, March 20, 2009

fridaaaaay !

mm, today was hella fun ! (: after school, i met up w/ chantal & we went to walnut to get donna's birthday gift. i got her a cuteass shirt that's faded zebra print shirt with a purple peace sign. =) it doesn't sound good described, but it's cuuuute ! and then we went to robek's, which was chilll. on the car, she decided to come to basic with me (: so her dad dropped us off at my house & we were watching parent trap. at dinner & then went to justin's house to see if they wanted to go to the parque with us. then we went to the park. me & chantal were going lesbian status like holding hands & shit like that. hahah, my brother & justin tried to do the same but ew, they could not pull that off. -____- so we chilled at the park for like 10 minutes and then we had to go cuhs basic was gonna start. so me & chantal walked back while them chicos were fooling around behind us. doo doo doo. so we got to basic & kevin was being hella retaaarded. i jacked his mac & started taking pictures with chantal, ahahah ! and then people started getting there, late, but it's all goood. and then during the message, we started talking bout marrying rich people - lame, right? HAH. and then he's like "oh yeah, after college, i'm gonna find myself a rich girl. like SOMEONE WHO OWNS YI MEI!" & boy looks at me. so freaking lame. bahah, i slapped him ! (: anywaaays. i'm hungry & i have tummy pains for no reason. i think it's cuhs i'm hungry. but i don't have any foooood ! ); going to arcadia tomorrow ♥ otaaay. byebye!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

good day !

the cahsee today was so easyyy ! all the questions were basic algebra -____- SO AT LUNCH, aj rafael cameeee ! ♥ he sang i just want you & my soldier which are my faveees (: i recorded errthang on emileen's camera & then i got a picture with him ! he put his arm around me. yeee ♥ and i got his autograph. and theeeen, in math, we had a pizza party. & i helped bring it in, so while i was walking to the front office, he walks by again ! so i'm like "haaaay!" :D teehee. he's so fineeee. christine kept calling me "dork". bahah. i don't careeee ! -fast forward- so then after school, i was chillin' with jessie in the front as usual. and then she left ): so i sat under the tree cuhs it was so effing hott. & then we went down to tea rush & ate like fatasses. aquamarines are so good ! and then we had sat school ! (: me vione christine & emileen were talking on aim. through paper. HAHAH. teehee. idk, it was all so random. and then we went to the gas station to get some fatass foods. hot cheetos & ice cream ! (: yeeeah. that's is. i'm still psyched bout the fact aj came to our school. I LOVE HIMMMMM. :)

but then, my ceiling is like cracking. cuhs my dad has a fishtank right upstairs & it's leaking through. so my floor's all wet. & there's mold up thurr. -___- lazyass doesn't wanna come home to fix it. pfft. whatevers. & my mom's not going to taiwan anymore ! o_o where is my freedom !? ugh. so laaame. hot cheetos for dinner. whatevs. kaay. i'm done. (: no more cahsee tomorrow ! but i kinda like not having to go to classes. D; bahaha. peaceeeee.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


dude. shit was soooo freaking easy -___-
i finished everything w/ like.
an hour & thirty minutes left.
so i was sitting there.
doing nothing. cuhs they wouldn't let us do hw.
or listen to our ipods. so lame.

mm, after school i went to denny's !
& then the gas station.
christine made me & emileen laugh soo much.
knee-man & elbow-woman !
we are now blt.
b; bob (emileen)
l; linda (me)
t; tudge (christine cuhs it ain't BLF for fudge)
me & vione were fooling around in sat class.

theeeen, my mom took forever to pick us up.
so we were taking pictures for 30 minutes.
but s'all good cuhs i was w/ emileen beeeezy !

omggg, words cannot explain how excited i am.
imma get a picture with him, fershur !

ugh, i'm still sick. -sniffle-

Monday, March 16, 2009


the weekend turned out to be so laaame.
minus the fact that i was at emileen's.
so we were making cupcakes w/ cake mix.
teehee ! yummmmmmmy.
& then pizza for dinner while watching cars !
that movie is sofa king cuuute.

well, when i got home, my mom couldn't stop yelling.
as usual. -___- & yesterday, she took my phone away.
i don't get it till next week.
i don't have lunch money for the next two weeks.
& i don't get allowance for this month.
i want my license so i can drive outta hurr.
emileen wanted me to live with her (;
I WISH. poooopie.

then i went to dinner w/ my daddy's friends.
mmm, stuff was so filling !
& then i wanted to go to cue w/ my siblings,
but my mom was being all gay & said no.
then on aim, howard kept iming me bout harry potter.
ahahah ! & he wouldn't stop calling me grinder. -_-

i couldn't fall asleep till 5 am this morning.
so i basically got an hour & thirty minutes of sleep.
woke up & i felt like shittt.
i have a headache, runny nose, & sore throat.
oh & a bloated tummy.
i feel like barfing, but it ends up as burps.

i failed my chem test today. tahah.
fuckk. cahsee tomorrow. shit's so lame.
plus sat school. but that's fun. =)
i've got emileen, vione, & christine. teehee.
otaaay. i'm gonna go nap now. bye!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


okay so i walked into school carrying two different bags of forever 21. like, the forever 21 one & the xxi one. hahah. -fast forward- after schoooool ! so i met up with marcus, emileen, & lawrence. and then we walked down to cherry on top. teehee. i finally got emileen to like mango w/ lychee. gano ! bahaha. and then we went to h mart for a while. jy & alicia found me so i was chilling with them for like five minutes. we went back to emileen's. she took a shower while we were watching wizards of waverly place. bahah. and then i helped her with her stubborn hurr. and then i changed, and straightened my hurr (; and then lawrence put on the purple skinnies. holyshit. they looked so much better than what he usually wears -___- (sorry fruitaaay) and then we were taking pictures. and then her fajja dropped us off at koba tofu grill. we ate but we were still hungry, but whatevs. then we went back to school and were socializing for a while. teehee. got our tickets, went inside. oh my. the music was so freaking loud at firsttt. and then we stood in line for the photo booth, which was pretty lame. cuhs you can only fit two people, but we stuck all four of us in. HAHAH. after the photobooth, we went outside, then went back up to the yoga room for picturesss. we waited in line for like a freaking hour. and we were thinking of cuteass poses and we had a really cute one ! but that old man was like "stand back to back." we're like wtf?! -__- first of all, that shit's just downright lame. and then our shirts won't shown. ); so then we went back down. and then we went through the jumper in the gym. tahaha. I WON ! and then we wanted to dance. well me, rebecca, & emileen wanted to. so we attempted to. but omgg. it feels SO WEIRD. and i kept getting tickled ! cuhs the girls i was dancing with put their arms around my waist, right ? and i'm super duper ticklish so i couldn't stop laughing. and then chantal comes up behind me and puts her arms around my tummy and starts dancing. and i'm like WHOAAAA. and i try to squirm and i end up falling down. -__- LMAO. so it wasn't till the last thirty minutes where i actually started to dance. lmao. me & sarah were doing grease lightning ;) TEEHEE. omg. it smelled so bad in there. cuhs it's like this hugeass circle of grinding bodies. and all you smell is sweat & BO. bleh. but i guess it was fun. haha. it was hot too! until we actually went outside for like 15 minutes. i tried to find josh cuhs he's leaving for korea for two weeks. but i think he left. haha, stupid lames. hahah. then we went back to emileen's & were playing with her sister's fisheye camera. i think lawrence left at like 12 ish? and marcus left at like 1. and then me, emileen, & evelyn were watching liar, liar. well, we got hungry and made hot pockets & drank milk teaaa. and then we finally got tired and went to sleep at 2 am. (: now i'm here while emileen's at elite & she's cramping like a mofo. ); we're gonna go watch watchmen later and go eat deenar. but right now i'm hella cold & kinda hungry. bahah. evelyn just walked up behind me and covered my face. HAAH. kbyeeeee!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


it feels like i bought my ticket yesterday.
i remember when i bought it.
i was like "holy sheeeit, two weeks is forever !"
& BAM, it's tomorrow (:
time sure flies by. hahahaha.

so today when i got off the bus,
we had to cross the street.
so me & jessica were the last ones,
and this impatient guy honked.
holyshit. i threw him a dirty ass look.
-_____- the world needs more patient people.
geeeeebus. faggot.

anywaaays, i'm super hungry.
tomorrow's friday.
i'm going to emileen's ! (;
bahaha. i can't waaait. ♥

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


left for sadies (: estoy emocionada !
sat school isn't that bad.
vione's calculator ! SO CUUUUTE ♥

brahma mile wasn't that bad.
i got 46! that's better than usual.
bahah. jessie was about to die.
): & then gonzo was being all lame.
"this is what you get for not doing anything."
PFFFT, lameees.

anywaaays. i have hot cheetos (:
we went to denny's today.
hahah, but then we were talking too loud.
& some family made us shut up.
-________- whateverrrrrs.
jacki joined us ! HAHA. her miss swan impression.

Monday, March 9, 2009

four days !

i'm counting down to sadies.
cuhs i'm hella excited ! (:
hm. so todaaay.
murphy brought a cake.
me: murphyyy, did you bake this ?
murphy: HELL NO.
hahaha ! :)

fuckkk. brahma mile wednesday.
laaame. gonzo's pissing us off.
us as in jessie, sarah, & me.
why does he always yell at us ?
the fame ; lady gaga

sat school tomorrow + wednesday.
which means, emileen's !
PLUS, sadies friday. which is her place again.
& i think i'm sleeping over ? (;
yeee. we're gonna go watch watchmen.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


so kevin finally found out about yi-mei.
& he won't stop bugging me about it.
-______- "lindaaaaa, i want free food !"
hahaha, basic was super chill (:
we were talking bout sadieees.
& what we should be. lmao.
and then kevin took me homeeee.
freaking ayy, i was falling asleep @ basic.
& when i got home, i couldn't fall asleep.
so i went to bed at like 1 ?

todaaaay, i'm going to cherry on topppp.
with fruitay, donna, & chantal !
& then brea mall for sadies shopping =)
then life plaza for food.
and cue with chantal, finally. hahah.

tomorrow's churchh.
then the gym w/ sarah & jessie !
we finally get to see "james".
hahaha weekend's gonna be cheelll !

Thursday, March 5, 2009


quest crew has been declared:
america's best dance crew.

persuasive essay.

i don't feel like typing that shit out right now.
bus ride was super funny (:
i kept on slapping sarah's arm.
& apparently, i look half white?
HAAAIL no. i is 1/8 filipino.
i want some five layer dip.
like the one i made with sarah ?
mm. yummy in my tummy.
tomorrow's fridaaay !
pizza in chemistry, holla (:
& then basiccccc.
hm, should i go to brea or puente on saturday?
cuhs i like the forever in puente.
but i need to go to the brea's hot topic.
poopoo. whatevs. okay.
i should type my essay out. lames.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

good & bad day.

so our history project wasn't due again, cuhs all the other groups went first. tahaha. i didn't have to see my stupid self getting interviewed -___- pe was SO lame. freaking gonzo made us run 'suicides' just because "we weren't playing." it wasn't my fault cuhs that bitchass jeff wouldn't pass the basketball to me. and then when we were running, stuckerdoodle comes out of his classroom and starts watching me, jessie, & sarah. que asco ! omggg, it was so nasty. i was like "jessie, guess who's watching us?" and at first, she was like "who?" and then she was like "oh fuck! that's nastaaaaay!" LOL (: geeez. english was easy peasy. i got a 100% on my ar test. holla! chemistry, we had a sub. pfft. that sub was so dang chill. she kept leaving the class so we were all fooling around. i whipped out my ipod, but josh stole it & started listening to me 'ghetto songs'. and then me & brittany were fooling around so much. (: i love my ninja! lunch was chill. i walked around so much with chantal for sadies. hahaha. and then i went to the student store with fruitaaay. we were supposed to get oreo ice cream, as usual, but them fags had none left. so we got nachos again. lol. we're gonna get the same things this whole week. (: yee! and then kevin came up behind me and jacked a nacho. whattheeff. holyshit. my math test was so lame. -___- i didn't understand it at all. i probably got like. 3 answers right. ); i didn't even finish, so i had to leave two answers blank. spanish. ugh. i'm getting so effing sick of that class. -____- preteritos are pissing the hell outta me. and then on the bus, me, tyler, & sarah were laughing cuhs of jello. "will you get jiggy with me at sadies?" HAHAHAH ♥ isn't that cute ? and when i was walking home, my madre drove by and picked me up. so i didn't have to walk home. holla! but, i found out some girl jacked my idea for sadies. -____- stupidlames. harley quinn & joker was jessica's idea, but she let me take it. and then i find out another couple's doing it?! LAMESAUCE. poopie. i'm freaking hungry. i want some gummy bears from the student store. yummy. it's supposed to rain tomorrow. ); but, it's 69 degrees right now! HAHA, emileen. (: whatevs. i'm still kinda pissed at someone, but eh. kay, that's all! byeeee.

itSLAwRenCecHenG: im way too hot that when i hug a pig i make bacon
itSLAwRenCecHenG: when i milk a cow i make cheese
itSLAwRenCecHenG: and when i grab that chicken you got yo KFC
hello best friend =)

Monday, March 2, 2009


freaking ellipses, circles, parabolas, & hyperbolas.
who the hail actually understands this shit !?
laaaaaames. anyways, today was super chill =)

period 1; haha murphy wasn't hurr todaaay.
mr. englebretson - the chillest sub everrr.
period 2; i love the gym w/ jessie & sarah ♥
jessie cannot make any baskets to save her life. -_-
period 3; haha! i got my old seat backkk !
so i was able to eat in the back. SUKKA.
period 4; marquez was just whatever. hahahaha.
free day! i was talking smack 'bout ti's wife w/ camelia.
& listening to my ipod with emileeeen !
period 5; i finally finished my story w/ christine!
rofl, shit's funny as hell.
& then valerie whipped out her camera.
so we were taking pictures w/ kottke in them.
period 6; daaaamn. i'm not even gonna get into that.
sarah kept slapping my ass & calves.
MESSED UP. and then sarthi was being hella funny.

today's joy's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING. (:
sweet$IXTEEN! i think i'm going to her casa later.
buy her some pizza & having some best friend time.

yeeee. i'm on the phone w/ sarah right now.
she's asking me how to ask her date to sadies. teehee.
kbyeeeeee! i have to study for math -__-

Sunday, March 1, 2009

happy march!

woohoo! i've got $110 (;
gonna go sadies shopping this weekend.
maybe, if lawrence can go.
teehee. i'm too much of a pussy.
to go into hot topic alone.
hahaha ! and then forever21.
for jeans jeans jeans!

that would be lydia paek.
from abdc's boxcuttuhz. (: ♥
i love her voiceeee !
but i hate that random guy in the back.
kinda looks like lawrence. hah.

i have a math test this week.
sheeit, imma fail that.
damn mr kottke & his electrocuted ass.

oh, & for all you non-batman lovers -
who don't know who harley quinn is,

she's the red & black girl. teehee !