Friday, October 30, 2009



anyways. goya was actually here today for school. boo. spanish was lame. but it went by really fast. screwed up on my 50 states test in salmons, but whaaatevs ! cleaned up the choreo for choir. rally was coolbeans. lost my voice for a while cuhs i was screaming so loud. sat with lea, alexis, & bethany. yayayayay. (: trig was easy stuff. only had like 3 problems to do. haaah. english was boring. but we had like 30 minutes to just chill. eric freaking blew up on me cuhs i touched his hurr. -____- freak. came home, did some laundry. was gonna nap but janice wanted to watch a movie. so we watched the longest yard. haaah, such a cute movie ! um, went to basic 20 minutes earlier cuhs kevin was gonna tutor me & agnes. lames, cuhs he only helped me on one problem. not gonna go into deets about basic, but i was so tireeed. almost passed out on the couch & if it weren't for rachel, i would have probably died. ): got back at like 10ish. hungry as fawk cuhs i didn't eat deenar. my eyes are freaking irrtated and they won't stop itching. ): 11:11, make a wish ! haaaah. kbye.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


today sucked. end of story.

sub in chem. talked to kaitlyn the whole time. failed my spanish oral. paused for 20 seconds straaaaight. i have a fifty states test & id quiz tomorrow in history. learned more choreo for choir. i am so sick of mariah carey's voice. the nightmare before christmas is scary. watched it for best buddies today. trig is hell. study sesh @ agnes' friday ? english was lames. roubian propped the door open and the freaking cold wind was rushing in. ): tried fixing the strap on my bag, but it got caught on my nail so my nail's about to freaking snap off. it hurts. got home, still kinda happy. talked to dorababy & lea. went to jonathan's cap & gown crap, then deenar con padre. i want his canon camera. even though canon beats nikon. he got a doberman. wtf. haah. it's cute, i guess. couldn't stop licking my foot though, sicko. my right earphone on my ipod broke. whaddahail. anyways, got home, attempted to do homework. started my chem outline. but uh, something got to me and now i'm irritated as heeell, even though i really shouldn't have a reason to be. haaah. my feet are supaa cold and so are my hands. my thumb nail hurts like a mofo & i'm tireeed. whatevs. i'm still irrtated. haaah. bye.

ps; happy birthday genevieve & larry. ♥


i hate spanish orals with my life.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

copied from tumblr.

"and in that moment, i swear we were infinite." - stephen chbosky

today was a laaatestart ! i got my 8 hours of sleep last night. i hate ap chem. so so so much. got my choir jackeeet. it’s warm but kinda small. ): i’m gonna fail trig. & roubian’s gonna end up hating me even more. nicole gave me her sweet sixteen thing. but it’s on halloween. 1) idk what imma beeee. 2) janice apparently made plans to go to my aunt’s house & sleep oveeer. BOO. anyways, i finally watched toy story 1 & 2. in 3D. that little baby head is gonna give me nightmares. but those little green aliens are so cute. haahaha ! i’m excited for toy story 3. um, got buffalo wingssss. nom cubed. watched part of the laker game ? haaah, lamesauce. i really need a tv. listened to disney songs & now i have “you’ll be in my heart” stuck in my head. now in possession of two cafe latte lollipops from sees candies — EAT MY SKIVVIES JANICE. (: ricola’s still better than halls. mm, i guess today was overall a good day. been a while since i’ve had one. thanks, ________. (you know who you are, CREEPER.)

Monday, October 26, 2009


today was bipolar. to the maaaax. i hate ap cheeem. D; didn’t turn in my lab cuhs i have no idea what the hell i’m doing in that class. did some fire-changing color though. haaah, funstuff. me & kevin kim were making fun of ______ right in front of her face. gaaahd she’s so stupid & annoying. spanish was LAMESAUCE. i hate ensayos. the pressure makes me brain-dead. i cited each fuente once when i was supposed to cite it twice. -_- fmlfmlfml. history was funstuff. aced my quiz on our lecture, then moved my seat & sat next to eric. yelled “STOP TEXTING, ERIC !” in front of salmons but he didn’t hear me ): talked to daisy about whatshisname & asked her what i should doooo. haha i love her bluntness. choir was funstuff ! except we got lectured about bingooo. ): got our shirts ! aaaand they’re cutes. yay ! saw jy at lunch [: beeeestfriendnigga. math was so gay. haaah. wrote sarthi a letter cuhs i liked his highlighters & i never pay attention to mr. rat face. roubian’s class was so cold. -_- wore eric’s jacket which is HELLA WAAARM. played “swagga like us” cuhs it was part of my hw assignment. hahahahahah. bad song. eric showed me this freaking “sex asap” he found in the newspaper he was reading. FREAKING AY. i couldn’t stop laughing & roubian was giving us dirty looks. -_- anyways. bus ride home was funstuff cuhs amber’s finally back ! [: talked with nicole while she told us more of her usb stories. haaaahaha ! (: lea came over and we chilled at the park for a whileeee. talking about whatshisname. awh, i love my best friend. “linda, don’t get in a relationship. cuhs when that boy hurts you, & i find out, his reproductive system will no longer work.” ♥ anyways. i have a headache and i think jonathan has swine flu. -_- had pizza & made corn soup for dinner & i feel like imma freaking explodeeeeee. k, discussion time. byeees. tomorrow should be funstuff [:

found this on tumblr.

"it’s not easy for me to cry. when i’m sad, i’m very quiet. when i’m mad, you’ll just know. i’m a sucker for chocolate candy. i walk fast when i’m rushing. i’m demanding sometimes. i love to shop, but i’m not a shopaholic. it’s easy to amuse me. i don’t think before i say things. i get bored on some ocasions. i study/do my homework last minute. i don’t smoke or drink, i’m above the influence. i like to have fun and not always stay home. i get in trouble sometimes. i think a lot. i’m very bubbly. i’m shy at first but then i talk a lot. i got my good days and bad days. i love my music, so if you see me phasing out or singing out of no where you’ll know why. i care more about other’s then i do myself. i’m not perfect in any way. there’s more to me than what meet’s the eye. i’m not here to impress anyone other than myself. & if you don’t like me, then i really don’t care. but it’s who i am and i ain’t changing for no one."

amazing how this is 100% correct about me. reblog, fo'really.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

russian roulette.

as my life flashes before my eyes,
i’m wondering will i ever see another sunrise?
so many won’t get the chance to say goodbye,
but it’s too late to pick up the value of my life.

and you can see my heart beating,
you can see it through my chest.
and i’m terrified but i’m not leaving,
i know that i must pass this test -
so just pull the trigger.

daaang, gotta love rihanna. she FIERCE.


"to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." - coco chanel

new blogger layout. & what the hell. i guess i haven't looked at my "followers" list. haaah. sorry if i cuss too much on this stuff, i can't really help it. if you want a more pg-rated blog, visit my tumblr. cuhs this is where i let out all my angry shit & just vent to the world. (= aaanyways. i'm a fucking mess right now. i really don't know what to do & i wanna take a break from it aaaall. the past week has been horrrrible. you'd think i'd love it cuhs madre's in taiwan & shit. massive failures at tests, sleeping at 1am every day, getting lectured by my dad about stupid shit. ugh. i'm so done with junior yeaaar. i still need to get my permit & take my gayass sat's. oh & i've noticed i'm a reaaally deprived child. haaah. i've never seen toy story 1 or 2 full through, or bambi, pinocchio, & dumbo. my house contains 2 wideass plasma tvs but it's not hooked up so i'm basically tv-less. texting's always been blocked, which sucks ass cuhs i've always wanted a texting plan. haaaah. but whatevs. aaanyways. choir's been really fun. i swear, it's the only class i look forward to. we've started choreo for our christmas concert. (: even though "all i want for christmas" is theee most annoying christmas song, i love that vibe i get whenever i walk into the choir room. it's like christmas in there already. we're thinking of sticking a fake christmas tree in there soon. haaah. halloween's in a week & i still don't have an idea of what i wanna be. dammit. i was supposed to be webby with nickhale, but that didn't really work outtt. fuck it. i'm tired as hell. so goodnight.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


"but when i look in the mirror, i see a girl who’s been through so much, and yet, still finds a way to smile at the past. she still loves with all her heart, or what’s left of it. and when you see herwalking in the hallway i can guarantee you she’ll have her head up high, faking a smile just one more time. and for all those people who try to break her, trust me; you never will."

hi, my name's linda & idk what to doooo.

Friday, October 23, 2009


"she has a choice. she can either accept a life of misery or she can struggle against it — and she chooses to struggle. she fails in the end, but there’s something beautiful and even heroic in her rebellion." — kate winslet

baaaaaaaack the fuck off.
i'm so fucking irrtated.
like, words cannot explain.
whatevs. think what you want.
i could honestly care less.

anyways. tired as faawk.
choreo's getting to me. haaaaah.
but it looks good !
can't wait for our showwwww.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


"you're a bitch because of how straightforward you are to people. you're a bitch because of how brutally honest you are. you're a bitch because you say things that not much people will say or have the guts to say. you're a bitch because you tell the truth even if it hurts. you're a bitch because you tell 'em how it is. you're a bitch because if someone doesn't like you, all you're gonna say is "i don't care." so that makes you a bitch. but who cares; everyone needs some honesty in their life anyways."

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


“i’m not a bitch. i just have a low bullshit tolerance.”

"reblogged" from carolynyap ! <3

Excuse me, but hunny I won't let you walk all over me. Call me a bitch, IDGAF. Ima teach you a lesson to don't act like im terrified of you. Yes i'm younger than you, but doesnt mean i'm a fucking idiot. Your words, aren't wisdom to me, its fucking bullshit. Especially how you cover coat everything. You think i can't read you? Too bad i can bitch. Next time you got a problem with me or her, say it and dont end it with "but love you still" type of shit. You just said something fucked up and your trying to make yourself sound like some goodie two shoes. But hunny that don't phase me. I read you like an open book, stop trying to play that "im so perfect" role, when you're just full of imperfections like the rest of us. If you put me on blast, then i'ma do it in return. I won't back down, unless you give me a credible reason to. This could go out to everyone to, if you don't like what i post on twitter, then just "unfollow me". Saves everyone a trip. Cos seriously reading your twitter, is fucking pointless. You talk about the gayest stuff & idk why i still follow you. And you twitter like 24/7 flooding my homepage, so don't come bitching at me that i'm flooding on yours. So here's the solution. GTFO and unfollow me.

Dayum, stupid ass people think age gives them the key to say whtever they want. I got dirt on you too, so you're no hero in my eyes. Fuck off.

Friday, October 16, 2009

see if you can guess who you are.

  1. bestfriend, nerdslut. i love you more than words can explain. (: you know i'll always be down to cover for you, through thick & thin. we've been to hell & back more than once, & i'm down to go back. i approve of yo boyyy ! [;

  2. ohmywonderful. you of all people. haaaah, i still can't believe i like you. but whaaatevs. we'll see how this thing goes. i love our conversations & inside jokes. it's funny that i've known you for like. 2 weeks & yet i tell you errthaang. you're a good guy & my momma needs to see that. haaaah. (:

  3. our relationship is so damn bipolar, i swear. one minute i'll be happy witchu, and the next i'll be ranting on & on about you. i'm sorry if i've hurt you in any way, but damn. sometimes you just annoy the shit outta me. but whaatevs, i guess that's the way our friendship is.

  4. i see you everyday & i know you see me. i don't know why we stopped talking, haah. but i guess i'm pretty irritated that you didn't do anything about it. but whaatevs. maybe one day i'll eventually im you, or you'll do the same. idk if i miss you or not, but i miss our conversations, ferreaaaals.

  5. goddamn it, so much for "best friend" ! you ditched the choir concert like, 20 minutes into the show. i'm still iffy about you & whatsherface, but whatever makes you happy. you promised on your last bowl of pho, so imma hold you up to that. [:

  6. yeah, i guess you're cute. but from what i've heard, you're a complete jeeerk. you flirt so much, and in front of your girlfriend. you make me feel so bad cuhs i feel like she hates me. you're chill in some ways, but i'm gonna keep my distance from you.

  7. what the fuck happened to us. we were so damn close last year and bam, now we only say hi to each other at school. i miss our random ims & our long convos that would start from the minute we'd sign on to like, midnight. i miss you. we need to have like. a motherfucking bonding day or something. haaaah. [:


"a wise girl kisses but doesn’t love, listens but doesn’t believe, and leaves before she is left." — marilyn monroe

you're a cutieeee. (:

Thursday, October 15, 2009


"you are the answer to every prayer i’ve offered. you are a song, a dream, a whisper, and i don’t know how i could live without you for as long as i have. i love you, more than you can ever imagine. i always have, and i always will." - the notebook

today was a good day.
cuhs the sun was finally up (:

btw, i'm a peer buddy (:
his name's justin & he's a junior, too !
gonna double this yeaaar.
con adrian & genevieve. YAYAYAY.
i'm sho excited.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


sHE beLIEveD. - tumblr

from what i've heard, i don't want to like you.
you're a flirt, you're a player.
you're a jerk, you're a heartbreaker.
you're a liar, you're a dick.
you're hella cute, but you're so twisted.

so i'm done witchu.
movin' on cuhs there are way better guys than you.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

choir concert.

"you never lose by loving. you always lose by holding back." — barbara de angelis

it went supaa dupaa well (: i loved every second of it. thank you CAROLYN for making me the wonderful poster that i have still yet to hang. ♥ basic was funstuff. especially when carolyn & agnes were fighting for shotgun for andy's coche. HAHAH, i love you both. level6 coloring w/ andy in arden's coloring book is haaard. ): i officially hate those masks the atlantis people wear. haha(: so um. six week grading period. BOO. one c, two b's, three a's. fml. whaaatevs though. i'm already over this year. roubian officially hates me now i guess cuhs of eric, that dumbass. ): stole jonathan's webcam to oovoo with nick, lima, & jy. daaamn, shit's addicting as heeell ! but um yeah. read my tumblr cuhs i barely update this shiiiit.

Monday, October 5, 2009

you two,

you have got to be kidding me. you guys have known each other for a fucking week and are talking about LOVE with each other ?! it's disgusting. you guys are FOUR years apart. to the guy -- you're my best friend. 'nuff said. and you thinking she's cute is just wrong. cuhs she's not ! she's a fake. she accessorizes TOO much. she looks older than she is, but acts so damn immaturely. how can you possibly "love" her !? you lame-o. ):< & to the girl -- stop playing games. you had BETTER not break his heart. stop leading him on. this deff won't be the first heart you break. you do really low-key & shady shit. stop with this one cuhs he's my bestfriend. break his heart, i break your face. understand ? good.

FUCK, i'm irritated. but last week was a good week i guess. made new friendships, patched up i really needed to patch up. went to hmart area w/ basic-ers !(: saw ms chen & it was kinda awkward. got eric, evelyn, & andy to go to the choir concert. yeee ! i'm sho excited for thursday. went shopping for jonathan's hc suit. omg. who knew it would take four fucking hours. sheeesh. the week started off supaa cold. i hate winter. i wore tennis shoes for the first time in a year. haah. now eating hot cheeeetos, nom nom nom. kbye.