Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wake up call.

I picked up your phone call last night, because I thought we were gonna actually have a mature conversation. Guess I thought wrong. First of all, you screaming "WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM, BITCH ?" into my ear ? Excuse me ? I'M the one with the problem ? You're the one who can't look me in the eye when I try to confront your bitch ass. Don't even try to put up a front about how you're "the biggest bitch on tumblr" all the time, cuhs we both know that when the time comes, you hide behind that fucking wall you've built so high up. Pfft, at least I'm not the one who has to hide behind a phone to set shit straight. Second of all, stop bringing shit up from the past. I thought we cleared everything up. I thought we established that the conclusions YOU kept jumping to were wrong. You're pathetic. Always repeating yourself over & over when you have nothing else to say. I'm not trippin', I don't know why the fuck you are. Third of all, fuck you. I don't need you in my life. HAHAHA. I was kinda expecting this. Honestly, you were just a summer friend. And I'm all right with that fact. I knew what my limits were with you, I knew not to tell you anything that has to do with boys, seeing how you always manage to homewreck your "best friends'" relationships. You're the one calling me shady when your bitch ass is the one telling the whole fucking world all these LIES, making them believe you. Stop tryna make MY best friends take YOUR side. And lastly, "honestly, I feel so much more free now that we don't hang out. I don't think I'll ever be able to trust you." COOL FUCKING BEANS. (: Cuhs I feel the same way ! If you can't trust me, then I guess that pretty much establishes we shouldn't be friends ? HAHA, dumb bitch.

Your damsel-in-distress bullshit has crossed the line. Honestly, you're fucking pathetic. And you're nothing without me, so good luck. You do realize your other "friends" are just as shady as what you described me; hitting the same person up, acting as if the shit between you two never happened. HAHA, whatever. I'm down to stand by the sidelines watching life fuck you over. (; In all honesty though, thanks. You made me realize that I don't need pathetic, clingy bitches like you to tie me down. Hehehe, walk outta my life; I'm not gonna stop you.

Oh, and you're so cool for being able to hang up on me. I wanna be just like you. Shows how much balls you have, huh ?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One Day - Hans Zimmer.

Random thoughts on my mind:
  1. I can’t even bring myself to rant about you anymore. You’ve just crossed my line of respect, so I’m done. Talk shit, get hit. That's all I gotta say to you.
  2. HOMECOMING. I want someone to ask me. ): But that's not gonna happen, so should I just go stag ? Should I not go at all ? QQ, man. QQ.
  3. It hasn't hit me that college apps are due soon. Or that I have SATs coming up. HAHA. I'm too laid back & that shit needs to change. I fucked up last year, so there's no way in hell I'm gonna be able to get into the colleges I wanna get into. Too many expectations from my parents are pissing me off, too. Bitches needa let me live my own life.
  4. I miss the summer. The people I shared it with, the places I went, the wonderful weather, the shit that always kept me up, & just all the memories.
  5. Fall concert's coming up ! Then Christmas concert, and then show choir season. My God, senior year's going by waaay too fast. I'm not ready to leave high school yet. Which is weird, seeing how I'd kill to leave DB.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Whoa, bitch.

You need to calm the FUCK down.
I'm not trying to get at him. He's Asian. You know me better than that - I don't try to get at Asian boys. He's shorter than me. You know height is one of the top things I look for in a guy. He knows too many girls. I know better than to try to get at a guy who knows a buncha girls. Just because I hang out with him doesn't mean I like him. I have more guy friends than girls. It's just the way I am. I feel more comfortable with guys cuhs I'm always so fucking DGAF about dumb shit like this. You know I don't like kickin' it with all these girls cuhs girls bring so much drama with them wherever they go. I thought you were gonna be drama free, but I guess not. And just cuhs I have a bunch of guy friends doesn't mean I'm trying to get at each one of them. -___-
Stop saying how fucking shady I'm being when your bitch ass is the one talking shit behind mine. Thanks for going to MY best friend, telling him all this BS about me. I didn't do anything wrong. My bad for not wanting to take sides. My bad for trying to be the middle person & trying to straighten things out between both of you. My fucking bad for not wanting to lose 2 good friends over a dumb subject like this. But honestly, you need to get the fuck over him. It's gotten to a point where it's ruining your sleeping patterns, your friendships, & your trust. You still call me your best friend, yet you can't trust me kickin' it with him every once in a while ? He's my friend - I'm not just gonna blow him off like that. You know I always guilt trip him about what he did to you & what he's doing now. You know I'm doing all of this for your benefit. Yet you still feel the need to call me as "shady as the bitch I talk about".

& YOU. Thanks for just believing her right off the fucking bat. Thanks for not even bothering to talk to me & just assuming that whatever the fuck she says is true. Thanks for being such a dick lately. You had all this shit with her earlier last year. I'd think you'd know better than to trust her. It lowkey hurts how you'd just believe her like that without coming to me to ask to hear my side of the story. Nice to know how I'm not your "best friend" anymore. Haaaaah. I should've known you'd always pick her over me. Shit's fucking ridiculous. It hurts. Really. I don't let shit get to me that often, but my God. This shit is fucking ridiculous. You know I let my guard down with you. Please stop taking advantage of it.

I used to be so fucking DGAF about everything. I put this shit off since the fucking summer. But today it just blew me over the top. I need to set my fucking priorities straight & not let dumb shit like this get to me. It's my fucking senior year. I'm trying to get through this year as swiftly & drama-free as possible and you're not really helping. I need to start giving a fuck every once in a while or else I'm just gonna bottle all this shit up & blow up like a fucking volcano outta nowhere.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Guess who.

  1. I don't appreciate you saying I was the one who lied to you when you're being shady as fuck right now. Telling people you know I'm close to what I did ? You deliberately twisted my words around, & now you're going behind my back spreading shit. And you call me one of your best friends, pfffffft.
  2. One day, you're gonna realize that I'm not gonna be there for you. Stop feeling the need to depend on me all the time cuhs I'm already starting to bail out on you. I feel like you take me for granted & you don't care about anything else. The world doesn't revolve around you. Please stop thinking it does.
  3. I can't believe you'd even listen to #1 up there. Or ask a simple question as that. You know who I am - honestly, I feel like you know me better than myself. And it hurts to know that you'd believe someone that you had shit with before over me. What happened to always being there for me, always sticking up for me, always down to choosing me ?
  4. I'm really sorry I bailed on you today. I pulled a #2 & I regret it sososososo much. And I know you said "It's okay" & everything, but I still feel horrible. You're always down to listen to whatever bullshit I have to say & you're there for me. I shouldn't feel the need to blow you off for some dumb bitch. I'm sorry & I loooove you. ♥
  5. Talking about you last night made me miss you more than ever. You're gone now; I didn't even get a chance to fix whatever happened between us or say bye. I stare at your screen name every time you sign on, hoping you'd IM me, which is pretty pathetic seeing how I apparently don't have the balls to initiate a conversation.
  6. I'm so done with your bullshit, really. It's gotten to an extent where I just drown your voice out with whatever I can get. You don't own me, you're not me. Stop trying to live my life. Don't talk shit about my friends in front of my fucking face without expecting me to blow the fuck up on you. Put me on blast & I'll put you on blast.
  7. Stop assuming shit. You don't know the shit I go through every day, yet you always expect the worst out of me. Back the fuck off; my life was never yours to take over. Let me live it for myself. If I fuck up, then I fuck up. Big damn deal - I'll just learn from each mistake. How do you honestly expect me to grow up if you won't let me ?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kanye West ft. Drake & Lupe Fiasco

They say your attitude determines your latitude.
I'm high as a mo'fucker, fly as a mo'fucker.
& still the mo'fucker you love to hate,
but can't because you love what I make.