Thursday, September 24, 2009

favorite line.

- lil wayne ; got money

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

wdup metallic !

“you know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” - dr. seuss

mis uñas son este color (: ¿es bonita, sí o no ?

Monday, September 21, 2009


whatevs man —
i don't have time to fucking deal with you.
bitches ain't worth my damn time.
go take your bullshit somewhere else.


"i was gone before you walked into my life." - p!nk

if you break his heart in any way possible,
i swear i'll break your face. (: have fun at homecoming !!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


"fear is the heart of love." - death cab for cutie

was the longest day ever. paradox to it: it was a freaking minimum day. i should have ditched 6th period cuhs all i did was sleep. bus wasn’t there by the time the bell rang so everyone was chillin’ outside. oh, christinego got me a boba cuhs she knew i was craving some (; anyways, bus got there. i got on, but joshua wasn’t on it cuhs that idiot walked off without telling me. -_- got off, walked around the whole freaking school to find his ass. turns out he left with his friends. (WOW, joshua has friends !) janice picked me up, we went to bananananana bay con padre. guess who i saw ? JESSIE LOVEEE. ♥ got my pad thai. nomnomnom. anyways, janice’s car is a piece of crap. the coolant kept leaking so the little bar thingy went ALL THE WAY to the red zone. and we were like, a minute from home & her car just breaks down. so we’re at the middle of a main intersection, and her engine just died. -_- called aaa, waited in the freaking sun for an hour, took the guy like. a minute to drive us home. haaaha. did the laundry, watched hella long indian movie, kevin picked me up for basic. helped someone paint a homecoming sign, had cell, went to mcdonalds, got chicken nuggets, chilled @ agnes’. i was freaking dozing off at her place, but now i’m wide awakeeee. ):

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


"i'm not short, i'm vertically challenged." - mr. roubian

honestly, i was definitely not down to go cuhs it was the weekend of emileen’s sixteenth. (btw, haaaay sixteenth year old ^_^) but yeeees, it was fun. (: especially yesterday. hahah, “the amazing race”. eye rub catchang ! ♥ i kept dozing off though. ideekay why cuhs it’d be like. 9:30. -_- whaddahail. and after, i’d be wide awake & i’d stay up till 1am watching television con mi hermana. mom lived in a different room, so i guess it was chill-er. sharon kicked it in our room for lunch & dinner(: I HAD THREE ARIZONA ICED TEAS THIS WEEKEND. ohbaby. oh oh oh ! a billy mays commercial came up last night. ):

anyways. what the hell is up with this brandon riley thaaang !? according to lea, he has some sickness & he’s on life support !? I MISS THREE DAYS, AND I COME BACK TO SOME KID THAT’S ABOUT TO DIE !? D:

branding iron this weeeeeek. ideekay if i’m going cuhs it’s the first day of wala 2. EEH. walnut’s gonna lose anyways. (; necesito hacer mi discusion. i’ve been telling myself that sinceeeee. friday. hah. then i went to christian’s bbq thingy wiff joy and we end up chilling in the jacuzzi till 10. HAHAHA. soooo, i’m gonna work on that now. (: late start tomorrow !