Thursday, July 29, 2010

Goooood days. (=

I love holding someone's hand like thissss (: Especially laying in bed with my head on his arm & his other arm around my waist. Heeeeeeeeheh. ♥

Friday, July 23, 2010


"You & I are a pair of scissors. Alone, we're knives. Sharp & nasty, made to hurt others. But together, we're scissors. Better, safer, more useful. But more than that, we are our missing halves. And whatever comes between us, we destroy."

Oh, how I love a good hand-holding sesh. (: ♥

Thursday, July 22, 2010

my girlsssss. ♥

Have I mentioned I miss you guys ? ):

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Okay, seriously.

This has got to stop. I feel like your puppet because you're always manipulating my emotions. You either make me happy or you make me feel like shit. You're like another youknowho; I shouldn't put up with you and I shouldn't care. But I can't help but to care. You keep making all these promises - that you'll always be there for me, that you'd put everything aside just for me, that you'd put up with me through thick & thin. But you keep letting me down. You keep making these promises that you end up breaking. And then you find a way to come back. You make spontaneous phone calls that I pick up, knowing I shouldn't. But I do anyway, because my dumb ass is always hoping it would bring an end to all the make-me-feel-like-shits. Biggest SIKE of life or whaaat. I don't want anything to do with you and I want everything to do with you. I want to deck you in the face and I want you to give me a bear hug like you used to. I want to stop talking to you for once & for all and I want to stay up talking to you, even though we're both so damn tired.

What makes me even more mad is that I have no right to be mad. Haaaah. You're not my boyfriend; you don't have to do all that cute shit with me. So honestly, why the hell do I care ? Because I sure as hell don't have a crush on you. Not even a leeeeeedo, teeeeensy, tiny one. Or do I ? I guess I kind of do, because honestly, why else would I be hung over all of this ? You make me feel like an insignificant piece of shit; an option when I make you a priority. I can't say I'm "done", because we both know I'm not. I'm going to keep wanting to make this friendship work, with or without that little crush, because a friendship is probably the only relationship we'll have. But it's all good, because I honestly couldn't ask for anything better.

Friday, July 16, 2010

boiling craaab !

yes, that's cathy nguyen (: boiling crap after despicable me for the first time yesterday with mLui, jHsu, tHuang, pYoussef, cTran, aTang, & aCampbell ! loves of my lifeeee ♥ the most amazing fries & shrimp, hehehe. i'm a happy child (:

Monday, July 12, 2010

goodbye !

i was never the type to let my guard down to someone so easily like how i did so with you. i was always the ‘single & lovin it’ type. why? it’s not that i couldn’t get or find anyone, it’s just that i chose not to. i knew that somewhere along the road, there would be heartaches and regret. and i was right. thanks to you, never again am i gonna let my guard down for anyone. never again. sometimes, people walk in and out of your life to teach you a lesson. so thanks. guards up and lesson learned.

haaaaah, one last post on this douchebag & i'm done.
pwomise. (:

Saturday, July 3, 2010

fuck 'em.

fuck thoughts that keep me up this late.

i hate how she wouldn't stop taking pictures of him.
i hate that i don't talk to him as much.
i hate how i've been thinking of his dumb ass this whole fucking week.
i hate all toy story shit.
i hate how i can't be a bitch to her.
i hate how she can still get guys when she's so fat & ugly.
i hate how every time i saw him looking at her, i wished he was looking at me.
i hate how i'm still hung over this douchebag.
i hate that he's going so far for college.
i hate how i'm never gonna let go of this one small thing.
i hate how i almost cried thinking about him.
i hate how this post & the previous 2 have his name written all over them.

Friday, July 2, 2010

dear _____,