Wednesday, March 31, 2010


march is over. which means SATs in one month ! -___- fml, i haven't even studied. i'm just gonna use my old sat book from last year's sat prep with emileen, christine, & vione. HAAAAAH. too bad i didn't pay attention in that stuff. i miss them though ! ): anyways, yeah. procrastination ftw.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


"little girls cry; big girls say 'fuck.'"

FINALLY cleared errthang up. 14 minute phone call isn't as good as a 3 hour one, but it's better than nothing ! (: my registration card's due tomorrow. five classes ! english, civics/econ, ap calc, ap spanish, & choir. should i take 0-4 or 1-5 ? ugh, i wish i had my license. then it'd be easier to decide, 'naw what i meaaaan ? -__- eric wants me to TA for bromberg with him, buuuut i don't know bromberg ! HAHAHA. booo, idk. we'll see.

Monday, March 29, 2010


heart breaker, dream maker, love taker -
don't ya mess around with me !
hello pop show for spring concert '10. -_____-

Sunday, March 28, 2010

it's 2am,

& i can't seem to fall asleep due to all these thoughts.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010


third time. or is it the fourth ? seriously, what the hell did i do this time ? i hate when you just decide we're not gonna talk. you ignore me, but lemme tell you, it's hard as FUCK to try & ignore you. you have me stressing like no other - trying to figure all this shit out & wanting things to go back to normal. can you tell me like, a week in advance, when you're gonna go all bipolar so i can brace myself for it ? smack in the face, like whaaaaaat. please call so we can have another one of our infamous late night conversations that end up lasting for 3+ hours. i miss you, really.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


"i'm sorry, but suck my ballz please... for the fifth time." - karen

stalin & aimee need to gtfo everyone's backs about prioritizing. i'm sorry that we actually WANT to go to a good college instead of taking a mt. sac placement test like your dumb bimbo ass did. we're not going to try to pursue a career based on choir, so let us do our own shit. stop giving the girls such a hard time when you were the one who told us we weren't even gonna go to hart. and MY ASS breitag assigned a hugeass essay for one girl who missed a competition. stop pulling shit outta your ass to try to get the girls to show up. your fault for signing us up for a competition the week OF spring break. sorry, but some of us have lives outside of show choir. advanced, pffffft.

oh, & for awkward, serious family pictures, did we
not make it clear enough for you that we only wanted like, 6 of the girls in it ? and GG for opening your big ass mouth & making a silly face. AWKWARD. SERIOUS. what part of that do you not get ? maybe it's from all that dick you've been sucking. which is another thing, please don't make us share gross shit like that ever again. i'm sorry that you're so frickin' horny all the time, but really, it's gross. ugh.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


you're paaaathetic ! do you seriously have to make a fake facebook to stand up for yourself ? i should probably be the last person to rant about you, but i have my reasons. seventh grade, remember ? haaaaah. you were so ridiculously fake & you knew a couple of us hated you. i love that you put on this image that you're such a tough person & you know how to handle your shit, but when confronted, all you do is shrug it off & deny every little thing. and today i hear that you made a face facebook ? oh maaaan, you definitely win the MOST PATHETIC award. i don't understand why you even have friends - you're the biggest pussy i know. you walk around getting pissed when people say the smallest things about you, yet you're the one who talks all the shit. it's amazing how long your friendships last. you call everyone your fucking best friend & walk around with your fat ass all up in the air thinking you're so damn hot & you're the shit. you rely so much on other people; i can't wait till all your "friends" realize all the shit you've put them through & finally turn their backs on you. let's see you stand up for yourself for once & show us all what a tough bitch you are. oh wait, you're not.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


aka girls night out. (HAHA. more like girls day out.)
anyways, woke up at 6:45 to get dressed & stuff. takeuchi picked me up at 7:30 & we got to school at 7:45 ish. stupid stalin wasn't even there. little miss "we need all the time we can get, so please come 15 minutes earlier !" -___- AND, she came in her PAJAMAS. really, now ? even diamondaires came dressed, AND on time. and she was like "i prefer you guys curl your hair." & she didn't even curl her's. oh, one more thing - what happened to "let's practice not fidgeting, okay girls ?" PFFT. she wouldn't stop messing with her hair while she was MC-ing. anyways, some of the diamondaires girls piss me off. yknow that one asian quote "the more you help, the more trouble you cause" ? YES. OMG, I NOW UNDERSTAND IT ! ugh, please don't do solitaire next year cuhs i'm not gonna be able to handle you. -___- brea's intermediate got first, then walnut, burroughs, and i forgot the rest. my feet started hurting like a bitch & the judges didn't need anything, so i was good. HAHA. they were SO cute ! old little white grandpas ♥ oh, i got super pissed that we didn't perform first session, cuhs she didn't tell us we weren't, and i changed & shit. do you know how hard it is to take my dress off !? SHAYSH. uh, couldn't make a starbucks run cuhs stalin only gave us 15 minutes for lunch. buuuut, i got a free chili cheese dog & ginger ale. (: watched arcadia's show, then went backstage to change cuhs we were actually GONNA perform. (btw, thanks for making us perform after the advanced & not the intermediate. we would have looked SO bombskeez after intermediate since we're advanced, but nooooo. you had to make us perform after BURROUGHS. -___-) chilled backstage with chihmin & takeuchi while watching brea. cried during the one solo, as always, and helped a couple o' girls change. dang, i didn't know all their shit was velcro ! hahaha, i felt like a dumbass cuhs i was like "uh, idk how to put this on" & this girl was like "it's okay, it doesn't have to be perfect." eh, she didn't seem snobby, so i'm all good with brea. helped a burroughs girl too; btw, they don't seem so good backstage. like, they don't sound as good & look as good. but maybe it's cuhs i was backstage. their blinding dresses, fog machine, all that jazz was still good. typical, they got first, then brea, then arcadia. chilled in the choir room afterwards with a buncha girls. omg, i left out so much details, but it's not like anyone reads this, so vhaaatevs. i can't really post half this shit on tumblr cuhs stalin reads my shit now. sigh. this sucks balls. anyways, i'm glad today's done. gahd, it was so tiring. and i think i got more sick. -____-

Thursday, March 18, 2010

weeeeeeekend !

yay, this weekend is gonna be GOOD.

FRI; it's a friday. need i say more ?
combined basic, yaaaaay !!
SAT; girls night out (8am - 6pm)
dinner with the girls (?)
SUN; church @ VOH
dinner with auntie from oklahoma !

oh, & i found out we're going to SOCAL after all (:
APR 16 - 18 ; saaaan diego !

Monday, March 15, 2010


i hope she doesn't follow me.
i talked SO much shit about her.

ohman, karma's here to bite me in the ass.
faaaaaaaaaaawk !

Saturday, March 13, 2010


so yesterday was brea olinda. we got third out of five ! (: arcadia only got second cuhs it's their director's last year; are you frickin' kidding me ? laaames. anyways, my bra actually didn't fall off. (: i used kait's masking tape & taped it to my skin. yee yee ! ^__^ i saw mr. willert & i was like AH, I MISS YOU, but yeah. stalin fell on her ass, and i have to admit, it was pretty damn funny, AHAHAH. we did so well, i'm really happy. (: (: (: went to chili's with a couple of the girls afterwards, so that was fun. hehehe, avoided _____ (dangit, i don't know her nickname. -_- i gotta ask toe.) but yeah, hahaha all in all, it was pretty damn good. (:

woke up at 6:30 today; got to school at 7:20. breitag wasn't even there so errbody sat outside for like, 45 minutes. alexis curled half of my hurr in the band room, but then we had to get on the bus. I SAW MY BURBANK BOY, OMG OMG OMG OMG ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ i love him. i'm going to have beautiful asian children with him. ODJAOGIUAODFJ. (: los al had supaa cute boys too ! burroughs men got third & MY BURBANK BOY GOT FIRRRRST, YAYAYAY ! sigh. i love him. one of the burbank boys came up to me, hoochie, & shanaynay and said we were the most attractive womens choir. yeee, wsup ! i kinda wish it was my boy, but whaaatevs. hehehe. "hope we see you again !" HAHAH. uhm, oh, we got fifth. but at least we placed ! three girls were missing & stalin + breitag were getting so pissed, but whatever. there are times where school comes before choir, and today called for it. it's not like they're gonna pursue a choir dream or whateves. sats are waaay more important than a competition YOU told us we weren't even going to. -_________- bus ride home was SO FUN. i frickin' love meghan. hahah, "HE'LL GET STUCK, HE'LL GET STUCK !" oh maaan. i don't think i've ever laughed so hard in my life with her. i've decided to stay in solitaire while EVERYONE ELSE IS LEAVING ME FOR MARQUIS, cuhs i can't leave gabbie all alone. ): i'm excited for next week, we're HOSTINGGGGG (:

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

last year.

"i read on like a website that it's better to ask than to ask yourself the question 'should i or should i not?'. if he says no, then who cares ? there's more fish in the sea and there will be one fish that steals your heart and keeps it with him forever. just do what you think is right; don't keep questioning yourself."

you said this to me last year, back when we were still friends & i went to you for every single little (and big) thing. i miss you like crazy & tend to re-read this conversation over & over again on days like this. it makes me cry every time i read it. maybe it was because you were so damn sweet, or because we don't talk anymore. every time i hear someone say the whole "fish in the sea" thing, the first thing i think of is you. i really wish things were different with us. you have no idea how much you meant to me & it pisses me off that i don't know why i can't bring myself to talk to you again. you read me like the back of your hand & i always wondered how you had that sixth sense of knowing when i was down. i really want to just sit with you for hours & talk like how we used to last year. i miss you. really.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


"and i wonder if i ever cross your mind. for me, it happens all the time. it's a quarter after one, i'm a little drunk and i need you now."- need you now ; lady antebellum

i need more throwbacks, so here you go. not that anyone reads this anymore, but if you are, try & guess who you are. unless you're not in here, haaaah.

1. i love the smell your jackets rub off on me whenever i wear them, your smile, your sixth sense of knowing whenever something's up, your hair, your laugh, your arms whenever they’re around me, the small & ridiculous things you do to make me laugh, your voice, the fact that you actually keep your promises, your hugs, that you’re always down to talk, your perfect height, the songs you listen to, when you call me, our pointless conversations, when you grab me by the neck/waist/arm, how you know when to talk or when to shut up, when you catch me staring, your remarks, your sarcasm, walking with you, & you in general. well. i don't think it's love right now, but lowkey, you're all i think about now. i wish you weren't cuhs you're occupying 165418% of my thoughts & i can't focus on anything else, really.

2. lately, i've been so frickin' annoyed with you. i told you i'd always be here for you, but you know better than to ask me for things that i can't give you. the mistakes you are making lately are really bugging me, cuhs you always come complaining about them to me when i told you not to do it in the first place. i don't know. maybe it's just cuhs i'm on my period & i'm easily irritated. give me a week & hopefully, things will go back to normal.

3. i hate that i'm so fake with you. there are so many things i need to confront you about, but i just can't bring myself to. you've hit my most sensitive spot, well. what was, & i still can't bring myself to forgive you for it.

4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. i hate your guts. you & your dictatorship can suck my nonexistant dick. you have made choir suck ass for me this year, & now i'm questioning whether i should do it next year. i can't wait till this year is over & you're finally out of my life. i hope you don't come visit next year, cuhs you're not getting any hugs like kayla. i love that you're so oblivious of all the hatred that's vibed (is that a word ? hahahah.) towards you during class & practice. whatever, more fun for us, haaaah.

5. it's still awkward whenever i see you, but honestly, i wouldn't have it any other way. i'm glad that i finally moved on cuhs you were a waste of a couple of months. i have to admit though, there were times when it was pretty worth it. but if i were to weigh things out, i'd say i'm happier without you. you can go do things with #3 behind my back now, & i promise you, when i find out, i won't trip balls over it anymore. (:

6. i miss you. so so so so much. i see you sometimes during passing period & i get flashbacks of freshman & sophomore year with you. you were seriously one of the best friends i ever had. i really hate that you're hanging out with that group now. you tell me you miss me & we need a day to catch up & chill, and i'm seriously waiting for that day. re-enter my life now, pleaaaase. ):

7. you're on my binder now. i see you EVERYDAY during passing, and i know you see me too. sometimes i wonder how things would be if we didn't stop talking. i still don't understand why we stopped, but maybe it was for the better ? idk, that's what i'm telling myself. i miss the feeling of needing to talk to you whenever i don't feel like talking to anyone else. sometimes i re-read our long conversations & your hilarious comments, and they still bring a smile to my face.

Friday, March 5, 2010

fridays. ♥

TGIF, ferreals ! longest day ever. i won't really go into details. i was still really irritated with the world, especially with one person in particular. but whatevs. basic was fun (: but i started dozing off after jessica & christina were filling us in on the proposals from last week. OMG, cutest stuff ever ! (: my future husband better come up with something as creative as jordan. hehehe. talked to victorious about some stuff cuhs i haven't seen her in fo'evaaaa. poor chica, i swear, i'm gonna castrate a boy. shit. -___- anyways, i called home at 10 to tell joshua to tell janice to pick me up. nigga doesn't even tell her cuhs he's too damn busy with his gay computer games. so i end up calling janice with jillian's phone an hour later & she wakes up & is like "you need a ride home ?" so uh. yeah, it's 11:44 & i just got home & i'm tired as faaaaawk, so good night. (:

Thursday, March 4, 2010


i feel like no one reads this shit anymore. i remember when i first made a blogger, i updated everyday. now i don't even bother to check up on this, let alone blog. but i guess i can use this to vent/write about things i wouldn't really write anywhere else.

well first off. two competitions next week - brea olinda & hart encore. stalin's still the same ol' bitch that she is. i really can't wait till she graduates & i don't have to put up with her anymore. dumb bitch told us we didn't have to go to hart, so a couple of the girls scheduled their sats on that day. and yesterday, apparently she told us we were going & she blames them for scheduling it on the 13th. she swears like we're her fucking minions. i told karen, christine, & jane to just take their goddamn sats. they paid almost $50 for that, and stalin wants them to just throw it away for some fucking competition that we're not even gonna place at ? uhm, haaailz no. i joined solitaire this year because after i watched the spring concert last year, i wanted to be a part of that "family". as cheesy as that sounds, those girls were amazing. i used to look forward to choir in the beginning of the year. but now, i can't stand even being outside of it during passing period. i sit outside with eric & alexis until the bell fucking rings for a reason. every second i'm not inside the choir room is heaven. the happy vibe isn't in there anymore. solitaire has divided into little cliques of their own & there are some girls that i don't even know. we have so many goddamn dictators & every single practice seems like bootcamp. really, you're not gonna let us perform that week if we're late to practice ? what kind of a fucking punishment is that. yeah, i can't even fucking go on. i'm so pissed that i can't even rant about choir anymore.

second, i really think i'm gonna start my period soon cuhs i've just been the most cynical bitch ever. i want to snap at everyone and i've just been getting so damn annoyed lately. all i've been doing is cranking up my music to maximum level so it drowns out everything. everytime someone talks to me in this goddamn house, i just interrupt them & tell them to shut the fuck up. which kinda fucks me over cuhs they're like "excuse me ?" but. idk. haaah, i just wanna give the world the biggest slap ever, then sleep. fat lazy fuck ? yuhp.

haaaah, i'm just rambling on & on & on, aren't i ? it's 10:30. i should sleep. bye for now, oh lovely blog of mine.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

is it you ? - cassie

i'm looking for a lover not a friend,
somebody who can be there when i need someone to talk to.
i'm looking for someone who won't pretend,
somebody not afraid to say the way they feel about you.

and i'm looking for someone who understands
how i feel, someone who can keep it real.
and who knows the way,
the way i like to have it my way.
and i'm looking for someone who takes me there,
wants to share, shows he cares.
thinkin' you're the one that i've been waiting for.

is it you? is it you?
maybe you're the one i've been waiting for.
could you be the one for me?
could you be the one i need?
is it you? is it you?
maybe you're the one i've been waiting for.
could you be the one for me?
could you be the one i need?

i'm looking for someone to share my pain,
someone who i can run to,
who will stay with me when it rains.
someone who i can cry with through the night.
someone who i can trust whose heart is right.
and i'm looking for someone.

and i'm looking for someone who understands
how i feel, someone who can keep it real.
and who knows the way,
the way i like to have it my way.
and i'm looking for someone who takes me there,
wants to share, shows he cares.
thinkin' you're the one that i've been waiting for.


who won't take for granted how much i care,
appreciates that i'm there, someone who listens.
and someone i can call who isn't afraid of love to share.