Saturday, February 27, 2010


i did not pay $800 for this shit.
fuck you stalin, really.
i've decided not to gaf anymore.
your shit's ridiculous.

los alamitos was so bad. my dress & sticky bra came off, so i almost flashed everybody. i cried backstage for the longest time, haaaah. fuck, i don't wanna compete anymore. i'm so done with solitaire this year. dictators can suck my nonexistant dick.

Friday, February 26, 2010


i just had 5 samoas, adding up to 375 calories. oh fuck my life. whatevs though, i've learned to not give a fuck about my figure anyways. i have choir for a reason. ^____^

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


you deserve every little thing he said to you today (& yesterday), you dumb bitch. maybe this'll teach you how to stay outta other people's lives.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

show choir.

why did mr. willert have to leave ? we would have been SO much better with him. watching brea olinda perform last night seriously made me cry. their vocals are so fucking amazing & their choreography is flawless. and their energy makes me tired. it's like they all had red bulls before getting on stage or something. i was watching my sister's old choir dvds and i really wish he stayed at dbhs. they got first place most of the time, and if it wasn't, it was always second. but then again, it was cuhs they were up against burroughs - and pft, burroughs is burroughs. sigh. i love how i recognized hannah (the pianist) just by looking at a random asian chick's back. & bo the drummer ! HAHAHA, it's weird that i know everyone when i wasn't even in high school when they were still there. anyways, i just really wish that aimee would correct us more & stalin wouldn't be such a bitch. gabz was telling me about last year & how angela was so damn strict, and when she wasn't there, kayla was. MAN, wrong year to do solitaire, i swear. ): i did not pay $800 for this shit.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

just one throwback.

why are you such an asshole ? i can't believe you'd even think that i wanted to hang out with you to avoid some bitch. fool, you know i'd chill with you any day. you're the one who told me to pick a day for us to hang out. i waited for you today, but either you were sick or you're seriously pissed and decided to ditch me. i really hope it's the first option cuhs i really wouldn't be able to stand you trying to ditch me. and when i signed onto aim today, i expected a "miss me?" im, but as of right now, i haven't gotten one. yet. so hopefully you'll still send it. i miss you best frieeeeend. please come back into my life. ):

Sunday, February 14, 2010


i hate asians. so much. i hate that i'm asian. i wish all fobs would just die. haaaah. GOD, they're so fucking rude. whatever. today was really eventful. i had bitchass asians who i wanted to slap. but then again, there are always the super chill ones with hookups & shit. (; happy chinese new year. i got $100. WSUPPPP. oh, & valentine's day. haaah. SIKE !

Saturday, February 13, 2010


went to downtown brea to watch valentine's day & walked to bj's to eat. ate like a beast & took lots of pictures. mm, today was a good day. good, but tiring.

suddenly irritated though cuhs jonathan's playing shooting games & the sound's annoying the shit outta me. there's only one person i'll talk to right now but idk if he's awaaaake, dumbshit -___-

Friday, February 12, 2010

such a good day.

my day in a nutshell - i ditched TA first period to walk around campus with nicole hu. had a mouthgasm of heart shaped cookies made by evelyn & brownie cupcakes by nicole. spent all of spanish talking & eating chocolate kisses. freshmen remix was super chill. had theee most amazing hug from someone & now he's my new favorite person to get hugs from. ♥ i understand trig for once in my life & i think i'm ready to confront a bitch. had an extra large arizona iced tea & interesting conversations during basic. my best friend is alive & i just remembered we have a three day weekend. now all i need is my "boyfriend" (according to toetoe) to reply to my IM so we can chitchat aaaall night. (;

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

as of right now,

i'm shivering cuhs it's cold as balls. my left calve is killing me cuhs i didn't stretch before practice today. i have "GANGSTA, GANG GANGSTA !" stuck in my head from this morning. i still have two worksheets, a cartoon to make up, & a spanish project to finish. i'm picking at my nails cuhs they're chipping. i'm about to ktfo. on a side note, disneyland was really fun today. ♥ i didn't get to see bitch today, so s'aaall good. two starbucks runs are keeping me sane right now. ugh, whatever. good night.

* i want to sit, talk, & cry my eyes out with you. i want to tell you my life story, even if it's not interesting at all cuhs i know you'll still listen. i love you - more than words can say.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


can this week just end !?
it's been filled with so much shit, it's ridiculous.
longest week eeeeever.

i'm so ready for the weekend.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


FEB 06; dora le's $weet $ixteen.
FEB 10; disneyland with best buddies.
FEB 19; justo lamas concert w/ babyg's.
FEB 20; first competition (bonita vista)
FEB 27; 2nd competition (los alamitos)

& you ain't gon' tie me down.