Thursday, August 27, 2009

day cuatro.

"cuhs bitch, i'm the bomb like tick tick... & i cool your ass down if you think you're hot shit." - lil wayne
to sum it all up, tired → irritated → bloody nose → latin & italian songs → hace calor → salad → hot hot heat → roubian’s super cold class → bus ride → singing swagga like us w/ amber → walking in hot hot heat -_- → yummy pizza & appo juice → lea regina lorenzo (BTW, HAPPY MOTHER FREAKING BIRFDAY LOVE. ♥) → computadora → more irritation → pharrell pictchaas → spanish hw → ap chem hw → pick up daisy → baskin robbins in montclair → lea’s fambam’s → yummy food (8 → recording helium party → coming home → studying polyatomic ions → trig hw → larry helping me w/ trig → venting to bethany about ________ → making plans with bethany → trig homework → polyatomic freaking ions → i’m tired. (:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

day tres.

"every person is guilty of all the good he didn't do." - voltaire

woke up super duper tireeeed. my mom wouldn’t let me wear shorts today even though it was gonna be 100 degrees. hm, whenever goya opens his mouth, i fall aschleep. ): i have polyatomic ions test maƱana !! aaagh, i haven’t even studied. i got the first 5 down. marquez came into the room & told me someone switched out of his first period & told me i could switch in. but i doubt the glc’s will let me. -_- freaking nazis ! ): spanish was eeeh. i love how me & audrey never say the country chant. HAAAH. visited bento smith during brunch with anhella !(: awwwh, i miss her class. third period was boring. i hate political cartoons. OH. choir show is gonna be based on ojos ! weird, yes ? we’re learning these really weird latin songs with lyrics i can’t pronounce. D: ate lunch with amber today. FINALLY. shooot, i miss la chica. schaefer’s class was lame. but agnes switched into my period ! hahaha. aaand roubian’s class was coolbeans. i like how it’s so small. rode the bus home. yes, i actually missed it. it was hella hot walking home though ! ): apparently it’s gonna be 106 degrees on friday. FML x a billion + 1.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

day dos.

"sometimes i wish i had never met you. because then i could go to sleep at night not knowing there was someone like you out there." - good will hunting

goya’s class is extremely boring. buuut, his daughter is so cute !(: it was like, his screensaver. OMGGGG. so cute. holycrap. sorenson hateeees me ! ): so i wanted to save a tree, so i printed out 2 pages on one page. and i didn’t staple it cuhs i’d have to unstaple it. so i got -10 points. and i didn’t study vocab for los ojos de carmen & i bsed my comprehension part. wttttf. so lames. and then i find out we had to do certain pages of repaso. WELL GUESS WHAT WORLD. i did every single freaking page for 5 chapters. -___- i couldn’t find jessie during brunch, so i chilled with claudia, donna, & jena. harderson came into history again today. HAHA, he’s so funny. & he cusses like there’s no tomorrow. choirrr. ♥ me & alexis were counting down to lunch cuhs we were supaa hungry. learned tres new songs ! (: hm, went to marquez’s class cuhs i needed help on chem & i didn’t wanna ask goya. haha. walked around the whole damn school cuhs chantal wanted to find someone. OH I SAW JY ! (: mm, trig was lame. and i thought i got in trouble cuhs it looked like schaefer was looking at me, but it was someone else. english — went to the theatre cuhs glc’s wanted to go over that stuff. i fell asleep for like a minute. bell rang, waited till 3:30 for madre to pick me up. oh, i got gummy worms @ the student store for joshua. now i’m here attempting to finish trig hw. but i’m on youtube looking at all the c/o 2011 class dances. dayum. we are so good. i showed theo the one where timtu kicks his leg up and catches it at his neck or whatevs. and the photographer stops in the middle of it & theo thinks he’s a dancer. LOL. kay. back to work. lamesauce.

Monday, August 24, 2009

day uno.

"live the life you love, love the life you live." - bob marley

WAS FREAKING BOMB. (: i saw the people i deff needed to see. except you, lea lorenzo ! -sad face-. i got to school like 20 minutes before ap chem started so i helped joshua find his way around school. cuhs heeee’s FRESHMEAT. goya’s class is so boring. like it’s unbelievable. i wanted to fall asleep. ): i miss marquez. AND HE SET SEATS IN ABC ORDER. so alvin sits all the way up front. & joy moved to the back, but it’s still not close enough. ): spanish 3 honors was very. energetic ? HAH. chile, ole ! i was allllmost late for history cuhs bethany & angela walk freaking slow. the rally, OMG THE RALLY. i love love love the little house that was in the front ! (: i’m gonna paint my house those colors. HAH. juniors won poster painting aaaand most spirited. YAAAAH BEEZY. choir seems super fun. i caaaan’t wait !(: schaefer looks like a freaking rat. and i’m sad that we have a seating chart cuhs sarthi sat next to me and we were fooling around. hahahah. roubian’s class consists of like. 10 people. like wtf ? buuut jena’s in my class so s’all good. junior year should be fun. (: i is da excited ! ♥

Thursday, August 20, 2009


i have accounts on every website possible.
well, not really, but yknow.
twitter, tumblr, myspace, blogger, facebook,
xanga, youtube, imeem, photobucket, neopets.
HAHAHAH. yes, even that crap.
along with that, a billion email addresses.
aim x2, yahoo, hotmail.
instant messaging -- aim & msn. haaah.

anyways. vbs ends tomorrow.
i'm gonna miss them kids.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

alvin, i love you (:

alvinxisxsoxlazy: if me n tom are drowning
alvinxisxsoxlazy: and u can only save
alvinxisxsoxlazy: one of us
alvinxisxsoxlazy: who would u choose?
iits lindaaa: tom. duh.
iits lindaaa: what kind of a question is that.
iits lindaaa: pssh.
alvinxisxsoxlazy: ...
alvinxisxsoxlazy: GAN NI MA
iits lindaaa: HAHAHAHAHA
mike tike t0fu:Oh dur. That's an easy question.
mike tike t0fu: Tom of course. Cause he's 2 people, Tom Felton & Draco Malfoy. Save 2 lives instead of one. (:
alvinxisxsoxlazy: god dammit
alvinxisxsoxlazy: i hate u girls

vee bee ess.

"she taught me how to love. she was always talking about these crazy things & i never understood a word she said. all i understood was that she was the girl i sat up every night thinking about." - boy meets world

omggggg, vbs is so tiring.
i wake up at 7:30 cuhs i have devos at 8:30.
little kids running around. oh my.
immanuel chucked a ball at my head today.
& some little girl started licking my knee.
o______________o i have two little girrrrls.
so i guess they're okaaay.
"so linda, where are your brohans ?" - david.
hahaha, brohans. wtf is that.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


"the greatest challenge in life is to find someone who knows all your flaws, differences, & mistakes, yet still loves everything about you." - moses horowitz

haha, random blog title.
so i noticed i haven't been blogging.
that's cuhs i'm on tumblr. (:
baked 2 batches of cookies yesterday.
basic liked them, yay n_____n
vbs all week next week.
hopefully the kids won't tire me out.
theeen, JUNIOR YEAR, baby !!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


i need a guy who'll understand that. HAH.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

rip summer 'o9

"because i had already resolved that if you’re afraid of love, your heart will break anyway, only in not half so nice a fashion as it does when you let somebody love you." - time enough for drums

school starts in two weeks. yay, i'm exciteeeeed ! junior year's gonna be kickassssss. (: i wish i could drive. had a sing along to hayren songs with theo this morning. lea's kickin' it here again. yay !(: mm, still debating whether to do vbs next week at church or not. nomnomnom. sister's in virgina & life pretty much sucks so far. and it's only been like. 11 hours. HAAAAH.

lea's vent;

i dont fucking like your fakeass but your _________ my _________ so fuuuuuck yewwwwwwww.
and i wish i could send this but linda no let me -___-yumyummmm fuuuuhhhhhk a cliiiiiiiiiint !
haaaahaaaaaaa this is what its like when i go balls out on a bitch.

linda. dont worrey. im just venting.

Friday, August 7, 2009


"no sacrifice, no victory." - transformers

jessicatruong & i have decided to get out at 4th period next year so we can go to disneyland (: yay ! that'll be super duper fuuuun.

anyways. this week has been full of ups & downs. i finally got my ipod back. but there's something wrong with it. -_- i need to get a new one. mm, i french tipped my nails last night gray. (= it looks coolbeans ! i'm waiting for school to start cuhs i'm actually excited for it. & to top it all off, today's friday which means basic. ☺

Monday, August 3, 2009

happy august !

"it's hard to be alone." - leonardo dicaprio

whoa, i haven't blogged in a while. hm. friday i got my schedule. fuckkk, i hate it. i have freaking schaefer for math ! & i didn't get marquez for ap chem. then i had basic, which made my week cuhs it was boring without summer school. saturday i went to huntington beach with the cool kids for angela's sixteenth ! (: it was fun cuhs we kept pigging out. nutella & gram crackers is the best. (: mm, car ride to life plaza, we were watching princess diaries. and when we got to life, freaking ay ! everyone's food came & mine was last. D: but it's okaaay, cuhs i had my passionfruit green tea with boba ! hm, then howard took me home. holycrap. serena ! she talks sooo much. HAHA. it was funny cuhs she was like "i'm bon qui qui !" and holyshit. it was like she was on drugs. hm. it's really hot. & idk what else to write. so byebye. LOL.