Monday, June 28, 2010


i want you to IM me like you used to. i want to stay up having more pointless conversations with you. i want to make more inside jokes & reminisce about our old ones. i want to take more mini adventures with you, because we both know it's worth the risk. i want you to be your playful-conceited self that annoyed me, yet always makes my day. i want you to keep doing the smallest things that make me smile on the worst of days. i want to rant to you like i always did, updating you about every little thing while you listened. i miss you. and i really don’t know why.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


this is one thing i'd really love to see with my significant other. too bad there aren't any of those in my near future. -____- sigh. someone take me to watch this ! (: ♥

Friday, June 25, 2010


"never take anyone for granted, because one day you might wake up and realize that you've lost a diamond while you were too busy collecting stones."

an hour phone call so far with eric & i've almost pissed in my pants. -____- i can't believe the basis of our conversation is neopets of all things. HAHAHA, good shit. he still remembers every little thing apparently - from prices to all the little map names. how pathetic.

SIKE, cuhs neopets is the only thing i'm on these days ! this week was supposed to be super busy but everyone ended up bailing on me. ): so all i've been doing is eating, sleeping, & going on the computer. tumblr's being a little bitch all the time, making me go back to neopets. i got nicole & lea back on (^____^) & we have yet to make a playdate where we can just neo-sesh all day. oh god, call us pathetic.

i have preethi's graduation party to go to in a couple of hours. it's 4am. oh god, what is this world coming to. earlier this week, i watched the sun fucking rise. -__- eric made me stay up with him to watch a movie & it took us forever to finally decide on 10 things i hate about you. (oh heath ledger, how i miss you ! ♥) so i ended up sleeping at 5:30. pfft, might as well have pulled an all nighter. sike. but i did end up waking up at 2pm. haaah. yesterday i stayed up watching the hangover cuhs i'm done with the big bang theory. oh how i miss sheldon's BAZINGAs. i feel like such an insomniac. or like a bat. i'm nocturnal !

yknow, i really love blogger. even though no one reads, or even bothers to check, this site anymore, i feel like i have a more privacy-type blog on this. everyone's hopping onto the bandwagon & making a tumblr now and i feel like i can't post personal shit on it anymore. so i'm coming back to blogger, but only to post journal-type blogs. cuhs xanga ain't really workin' out for me either. -___-

womp. vivian's not responding to my ims & eric just fell asleep on me. i guess it's a sign i should go to bed. this weekend is going to be an adventure ! target with takeuchi at 1, gabbie's house to make preethi's graduation present, getting ready at 4, then preethi's graduation party ! one last solitaire moment cuhs we're gonna sing our AWK-apella ♥ ♥ ♥ i gotta wake up at 6:30 on saturday to bake shana's cookies, then go to her house at 10 to get to the beach for her birthday. (: sunday is apparently canceled, but i was supposed to have a pokemon marathon with eric lin. loser bailed on me AGAIN. douchebag. anyways, yeah. i'm tired. goodnight.

oh ps - RIP michael jackson. i still can't believe you're not alive anymore. ):

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

gabriella ♥

"I like how you make me laugh, I like how you make the world seem so much better, I like how you make fun of people with me, I like how you make Spanish class fun, I like how you make Solitaire that much more amazing!, I like how you are always the first person to come to me when I am crying or I miss my mommy, I like how you came into my house to meet my mommy even knowing she was sick and probably wouldnt look good, I like how supportive you are of everything I do, I like how you love and take care of me so much!, I like how you encourage my love for you know who lol, and most of all I like how you are my amazing and beautiful Solitaire sister! And I love you so much!"

sweetest thing a person's ever said to me. (: I LOVE YOU GABRIELLA CAROLINA HERNANDEZ CLEMENTE ! & your ridiculously long name that only i seem to be able to remember. (;

Monday, June 14, 2010

Saturday, June 12, 2010


"a life made of memories, gone so young." - amber pacific ; gone so young
  1. seeing you at graduation was the best start to my summer. i saw you, took a picture with you. you hugged me & held me like you always did, and we talked & cleared everything up. we stayed up talking that night, as well as the following nights. you kept me up at night when i wanted to sleep all the time. and for once, i felt that we were back to where we started. but now we're drifting again. WHY !? ): i hate how this always happens to us. it's such an on & off cycle and it bugs it shit out of me. buuuut, whatever. we'll give it a couple of days & it should be back to normal.
  3. thanks for being there for me all the freaking time. you put up with my bullshit, bitchiness, & major mood swings. who says a girl can't have a guy best friend without developing any feelings for them ? i lovelovelove you & am excited for senior year cuhs we better get a class togetherrrr ! (:
  4. i'm still bugged about what you did earlier this year. plus the fact that you're going to his graduation while you swear you have no feelings whatsoever for him. whaaatever, bitch. i can't say i'm over it, because it still bugs me. the fact that you knew how much i liked him (& how every small thing reminds me of him), yet you still chill & talk to him as if he had nothing to do with me. boo, you whore.
  5. BLAH, you're really starting to irritate me. hahahah, whatever.
  6. i wish you'd die. really, i do. words cannot explain how much i hate you.
  7. i love how close we've gotten since the beginning of summer ! i thought you were a homewrecking bitch, but you're so much more than that (: i love that we can talk about everything & everyone. and now that our parents have rekindled their friendships, we can chill all day, err day ! hehehe ♥
  8. OHHEEEEEY. you were the last boy i would think i'd have interest in. i have a feeling it's just cuhs #7 up there mentioned it slightly, buuut whatevs ! YOU'RE SO SMART. it's really intimidating. and you're graduating in a couple of days & going up to norcal, sooo i don't think anything's gonna happen. and even though we're not that close, we better hang out before you leaveeee ! (:

Thursday, June 10, 2010

summer '10.

consists of usually doing nothing during the day, then late night phone calls from 1-5 am. (: i guess it's treating me alright. i need more plans though !
no summer school, either. yeeeee. ^_^

oh, & i'm diggin' the whole template stuff. (: sucks how no one uses this anymore though. boo.

Friday, June 4, 2010