Saturday, May 22, 2010

spring pop show '10.

i know i've posted SO many rants about choir, but we've finally pulled through. after star testing week, i think we've all matured up & have come clean enough that we're back to where we started - super close and lovable. this MONTH has gone by way too fast & i still can't believe the seniors are graduating in a week & leaving us for good. it's ridiculous. i'm going to miss vivian SO much, it's not even funny. and i hate that my tear ducts are so fucking retarded because the farthest i can come to crying is tearing up. singing "wind beneath my wings" last night as the closure was the most emotional thing for me, besides senior circle. i heard people sniffling behind me & it seriously just broke my heart. i wish i did choir freshman & sophomore year because it has seriously made such an impact on me this year. when andrew spoke last night, it gave me goosebumps. how is it that a blind person can still appreciate the small things in life when he can't even see it ? MY INSPIRATION, DEFINITELY. these girls have definitely made my junior year memorable. walking through the doors into the choir room & being greeted & hugged by everyone just makes my day. i'm going to miss all the seniors and all the girls moving up to marquis. solitaire is definitely gonna miss alla ya'llz ! ♥

Monday, May 10, 2010

what the fuck.

i love how i get yelled at by simply asking my mom what she's cooking for dinner. are you fucking kidding me ? i didn't throw in ANY attitude at all & you're giving me a fucking lecture on how i should be asking you in a nicer manner ? the fuuuuck !? and i can't even take a nap for once in my life in this loudass mother fucking house without hearing screams/yells coming from everyone. EXCUSE ME, but for once, can you all just shut the fuck up ? thanks guys, thanks. now i have a massive headache; not that i didn't have one before. and stop giving me shit when i tried to do something that was gonna benefit all of us. -______-

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Monday, May 3, 2010

anonymous formspringers

need to get the fuck off everyone's dicks. you're saying i've changed ? well pussy, i'm sure everyone has. that's life, get the fuck over it. & don't you DARE call my best friend a slut or a bad influence. she is worth so much more than you think, you just have a stick up your ass which is why you're so damn judgmental. if you knew HALF the shit she has going on, you'd be in tears. & get off evelyn & daisy too. DROP SHIT THAT HAPPENED A BILLION YEARS AGO. shit's getting old as fuuuck. at least think of new things to say besides the same old "look what they did to linda. they turned her into such a worthless bitch." drop the anonymous shit & come say dumb shit like this to my face. i'm a big girl, i can definitely handle it. you on the other hand, pussy shit, need some balls.