Sunday, May 31, 2009

disneyland trips.

dora came over at 7 ? & then victoria's momma picked us up at 7:15. got to disneyland around 8ish. they all got their tickets, & we went in. we decided to ride indiana jones first, but we walked past pirates of the caribbean that had no line whatsoever. so we decided to go on that ride. bethany was scared for the drops, so she made me hold her hand the whole way through. ahhah. walking to indiana jones, we saw haunted mansion so we decided to go on that too. the girl who was our host was freaking crazy. anyways, so we went through that. then we saw pooh, and dora & bethany have never ridden that before so we decided to go on that. it's the cutest thing ever. (: me & dora wanted to go on splash mountain cuhs the wait was FIVE minutes, but victoria & bethany didn't want to cuhs they can't take drops. & since it was their birthdays, we didn't want them to wait for us, ya know ? anyways, we hit indiana jones & there was no wait whatsoever. we requested the front which is the faster part of the ride, and bumpier. hah. and then i mentioned big thunder, & victoria was like "i don't remember that ride." so we went on that. (: i sat with her & she freaking loved that ride. hahaha. and then we went into fantasyland and saw matterhorn so we waited like 10 minutes for that ride. we wach got our own little cart so we didn't have to sit two by two. then we walked to space mountain which was a forty minute wait. but it seemed like 20. we all came up with different poses to do. (; walked to pizza port to eat lunch. bethany got this kickass chicken pasta thingy. but i decided to go healthy & ate a chicken caesar salad. that shit was so good. & stuffing. then we walked around for a bit to rest our tummies. & then went back on big thunder. and then dora wanted to go on auto"to"pia. hah, she kept adding another "to". so we went back to tomorrowland. but victoria wanted star tours, so we went on that. (: that ride's so cute. i love r2-d2. anyways, then we went on autopia. dora can't drive to save her freaking life. -__- she kept on stopping at the most random times. and then someone's car broke down in the middle of the path so everyone had to wait while someone came & helped them. & these two indian kids behind us were being so fucking pissy. i wanted to get out and slap the hell outta them. they were like "GO !" & we're like "WE CAN'T." & they're still like "GO GO GO GO !" dumbasses. then we got a fastpass to space mountain again. round that. then our feet started hurting so we sat in front of the castle and chilled. bethany ditched us to go buy a turkey leg for dora - who wouldn't even throw away our big bag of ruffles but took victoria's water. -__- so me & victoria walked off without them and went on the merry go round cuhs we wanted to. then we walked back to them, & they wanted to go back into fantasyland. you know they have a sleeping beauty walk through !? so we went on that. it was so cute. (: but the goons part was kinda scary. hahah. and then we got onto pinnochio, which was a cute ride. (= all four of us went back onto the merry go round. then walked back to autopia. this time i sat with bethany cuhs she wanted to drive. dora kept stopping in the middle again. then we walked BACK into fantasyland to get onto dumbo. that was fun (: we sat in doubles and kept taking pictures in the air. we had a fastpass for indiana jones so we went on that. then went to the french market place for dinner. i had the worst & most expensive dinner ever. it was so bad. -_- i should have gotten the clam chowder like i always do, but instead i wanted the four cheese pasta. i don't even LIKE cheese. halfway through i realized i still wanted the chimichanga i saw like four hours ago. but it was dark & i didn't think i could find my way to a chimichanga stand. hah. then we waited for like 20 minutes to start the fireworks. but they didn't do it cuhs there were too many clouds & the wind was too strong. so we walked to tomorrowland to find the monorail to take us to downtown disney where bethany's padre was picking us up. but the line for that shit was FOREVER. so we walked to autopia, where that little tram thingy drops you off at main street. and then we left & walked to build - a - bear. we just sat outside waiting for her mom, dad, & sister. i fell asleep sitting outside. HAHAH. by then it was 11 ! so we finally left & i fell asleep on the car ride home. i woke up when dora sat on me cuhs she had to get outta the car & into her house. and then i accidently didn't tell beth's dad when to make a left on longview so we kept on going into chino hills until he found a spot to make a u-turn. ): i felt really bad. got home, showered, fell asleep. i was so tired. & my legs have blisters on them. poop.

i have a history research paper i need to do. fmlfmlfml. i didn't go to church today cuhs i woke up too late when joy's mom came to pick us up. finals this week. then school's out. hallelujah.

Friday, May 29, 2009


shorts + basic shirts = DISNEYLAND <3
getting picked up tomorrow at 7 am.
getting back at 11 pm ? (: i can't waaaait !!

irvine ignite tonighttt.
this is gonna be BOMB DIGGITY.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i love.

this week. things are looking up for once in my life. (:
303030303030 !! can't wait. <3

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


i hate your ass so much right now. -___- <3
aj rafael saw that one tweet of your's where you were like:
"lea doesn't think aj rafael's cute."
& he was like "tell lea i said thank u."
he probably got all butthurt.
lmao. (: oh, & jkay about the hate.
you know i love you ♥ enough to cover for you.
all day, err day.

i got into solitaire.
words cannot explain how happy i am (:
disneyland saturday. HOLLA <3

Monday, May 25, 2009


first of all,

so yesterday i went to joy's church since forever. (: it was coolbeans seeing everyone again. melody especially. ahah ! well i hump-hugged her cuhs i promised her one. but the kids were mopping & made a wet mess all over the floor. so when i hump-hugged her, we fell. & i think the rivets on my jeans fell on her finger so her finger started to bleed internally. D: i hurt my elbow & my ass hurts real bad. my right cheek actually. -_- joy came over and i was doing her chemistry homework. & then lea came cuhs i usually cover her when she has her "up to no good" schemes. (; when joy left, my dad brought us in n out so we ate like fatasses. and then i asked if i could sleep over, but he said no. so i asked if joy could sleep over & he was like 'yeah'. so she came over & brought taken + her gamecube. we played mario kart like little nerds & then christian wanted to come over and watch taken. but he had to take his momma to the airport so he couldn't come. dude, that movie's insane. i love liam neeson. (: so after the movie, we were playing egyptian war & speed. when we got bored, we just talked about random shit. ahah. my neck started cramping up so she was massaging it for me. we ended up falling asleep at like 2 am ? ahahaha. we woke up at 11 am. :D

my neck is bugging the shit out of me. it hurts so bad. & i can't turn it past a certain angle. ): i think i fucked it up when i fell yesterday. whatevs. i just finished playing rockband. & joy just left. D: chantal came over for like 5 minutes ? but she's gone now. lmao. i have a history paper i need to type. i just don't want to. pfft.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


i like how you only come to me when you have no one else to go to or when you're pissed at ________. and when i tell you i care & shit like that, you act like i'm not there + keep talking to ________. it's annoying as fuck. i'm getting so fucking sick of it. i don't even know why i'm still there for you. set your fucking priorities straight, cuhs you know your friend count is deteriorating each day. and one of these days, you're gonna wake up & want to talk to me. but bitch please, that'll be a day where i'm going to stop being there for you.

the beach was so cold. -_- we ended getting there at like 5. but the person who had all the food got lost so we had to wait. we ended up eating at like 7 ? -_- me & camelia were just sitting there with our towels on us like blankets watching them play volleyball. ahah (: oh, & we turned the radio on and listened to the laker gaaaame ! hell yeah, they won. i got home at like 10:30 & i got yelled at by my dad. i'm grounded for the rest of this weekend + can't go out. which sucks cuhs joy's church is watching star trek right now, and i could have went, but my ass had to be home at a certain time. and i was gonna sleep over at joy's casa. LAMES. we were gonna play mario kart like little nerds. ):

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009


chuck finally said "iloveyou" to blaaaair !
shit, it's about time (:
youtube doesn't have embedding codes for it,
so when it does, i'll fershur post it.

chem test was hella eeeeasy.
math test was too cuhs chantal helped me last minute.
& all the questions were on that one section =)
anywaaaays. i'm happy as HELL.
it's finally friday, which means basic.
kevin's picking me up soon.
AND, i've got sour skittleeeeeees !

huntington beach maƱana (:
anyone wanna go with me ?
i can bring one more persona.
gogogogogogo !

eightmoredays till DL !! <3

Thursday, May 21, 2009


math & chem test tomorrow.
i got chem down.
but when have i ever got math ? =/
and, no basic tomorrow.
cuhs i don't have a ride.
whatevs. mom's going to france.
fiestafiestafiesta !!

i finally know christine's birthday.
after ten effing years -___-
hanging out with her today was fun (:
i spent $10 on junk food though.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

i guess,

today was pretty shitty. whatevs, i'm so over it.
it was a never-ending sandwich with so much shit in it.
i'm so glad there's like 9 days left of school.

saturday ; huntington beach for valerie's 17th.
memorial day ; chilling with chantal ?
may 30 ; disneyland w/ bethbaby, tamtam, & victorious.

yah bitch, yaaah.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


me, jessie, sarah, & kathie were walking to ms chen's room as always. & then stuck comes and he pretends he's flying an airplane ? & i accidently yell "ew" really loud. so he looks back and gives me the most priceless look ever. har har. shit was hilarious. oh, i was like "just kidding" but i don't really know (or care, pfft) if he heard. & afterward, jessie and sarah were walking with me to the student store. and we were recollecting the 'memories' of him subbing for his when gonzo the asshole was being all glc-status. we came down to the conclusion of jessie scaring him the most. HAHAHAHAH (:

today was whatever. i honestly don't give a fuck anymore. the fact that my mom & siblings are calling me a fatass bitch isn't anything new. but having someone else's shit on my shoulders ? bitch, your shit is the last thing i need - & want - right now.

currently waiting for may thirtieth. disneyland with bethbaby, victorious, & tamtam. <3

Monday, May 18, 2009


this game is so fun. xbox 360. (:
i feel like a total nerd.
but it's cute. & it's fun. <333

Sunday, May 17, 2009


MAY22; mom & sister leave for france, no basic cuhs no ride ):
MAY23; newport beach for valerie's 17th birthdaaaay.
MAY24; joy's church. gotta hump-hug melody (;
MAY29; irvine ignite. & choir lists come out! & up in 3D.
MAY30; disneyland with bethbaby, victorious, & tamtam.
MAY31; go to voh for the first time since imma sleep over @ beth's.
JUNE4; last day of escuela ! graduation for alicia, josh, & joyce.
JUNE15-JULY23; summer school - funds of art (:
JUNE26; transformers 2 at midnight, BETCH !
& project timothy. i don't know which days.
but imma fershur be up for thaaaat ! ay bay bay.

old memories.

of my last trip to disneyland.
yeah, i really really really wanna go.

oh, teacups. (:

autopiaaaa <3

pluto's a pimp.

penguin from mary poppins !

this shit was AMAZING.

she's half white & half asian (:

(; california screamin' !

let's go. i miss it so much.

they came out with a new fireworks show.
apparently it's called "magical" ? ):

Saturday, May 16, 2009


just in that one scene from 17 again (: <3

so all i did today was go on the computer. i myspaced, twittered, aimed, blogged, facebooked, & watched some gossip girl. it's been almost 11 hours. i didn't even eat. -_- that's just cuhs there's nothing to eat. but uh yeah. today would have been more productive. sheeeit, i wouldn't even be sitting here if chantal's dad didn't ground her ); but it's okay. i thought i was going to the sd homegroup launch. but i couldn't cuhs my brothers had piano lesson. eh. it's whatevs. i didn't wanna be out in the hot hot heat anyways. my itunes is on shuffle for once. so i'm not listening to the same songs over & over again. i wish i could have went to disneyland today. last time i went was a year ago. first week of summer vacation. LAME.


nikon d60. it's only $375 now. (:

Friday, May 15, 2009

b b b basic (:

basic was super chill, as always (:
vented to carolyn, felt good.
kevin lost his wallet. turns out alvin had it.
so we had to drive over to his casa.
talked about people messing w/ us.
"if ANY guy messes with you,
i will turn him into a GIRL.
i will snap that thing off."
anyways. when he dropped me off,
he came inside.
to say hello to jonathan, justin, & tony.
kaaay the end.

ps; i'm hungry.
cuhs pho was for dinner.
but i don't like pho.
so i didn't eat );

sd homegroup launch tomorrow @ pantera (:
be thereeee & let's chill ! <3


i was supposed to go to disneyland tomorrow.
but chantal can't go anymore.
& i just found myself a free ticket.
anyone wanna go ? ):
maaan. this week effing sucked.

basic's in 3 hours. YAY <3

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


thanks mom,
for always fucking calling me fat.
or as you would say:
"go on a diet, you have no waist."
is that not implying that i'm fat ?
i know i'm not the skinniest person alive,
and also not the prettiest,
and DEFINITELY not the most lady-like.
but BITCH, believe me,
you definitely do not deserve my respect.
so i'm waiting.
for the day where your life will be taken.
so that i can finally be happy.

dance concert thursday w/ emileen.
i'm gonna sleep over.
even though i was told not to.
but then again,
when was the last time i ever listened to that bitch ?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

dear world,


so yesterday i didn't go home after school.
well i did, for money so i could chill joy.
oh, & i got my cell phone back.
cuhs chantal was gonna call me for directions.
so then i went to joy's.
we were gonna go watch a movie w/ robert.
but he was like "naaah. there's nothing out."
so we ended up watching youchoob vids (:
& lying around doing nothaaang.
and then i brought up bananana bay.
so we had a craving, called up robert.
but since he was gonna be late,
we last-minute decided on mcdonalds (:
i had the hugest craving for a filet-o-fish.
& then robert was gonna trash his fries.
but i was like NOOO, & i told him to take it to go.
he ended up giving them to me. hah.
then he dropped me off at basic,
& took joy to her church.
turns out i was extra early for basic.
i gave the fries to kevin. hahaha.
then i whipped out my binder & started doing hw.
i copied amber's spanish hw, as usual.
then started chem. but then i was like naaah.
and i ended up peeling a 5 gum wrapper.
kevin said he wanted it, so he stuck it on his phone.
2 seconds later, he peeled it off & threw it at me.
so i stuck it on my planner along w/ 50 other wrappers.
rosalyn got to jontam's, & we talked about prom.
chantal got there, along with tony.
i yelled EW really loud.
la dee daaah. played couch game.
kevin gave message, & then everyone left.
well not really. jonathan called janice to pick us up.
but i didn't wanna go home.
so i asked kevin to take me home.
they left, i sat outside w/ chantal & we just talked.
then she left so i went back inside.
talked to agnes & carolyn about some stuff.
& then kevin took me home.
we talked about a lot of thaaaangs.
when i got home, i knocked out for like 2 hours.
woke up at 12:30. took a shower & went back to sleep.
i woke up at like, 10 today ? (: felt GOOOD.
wrote my letters to christine go.
helped janice mince garlic & onions for lasagna.
waiting to go to arcadia.
oh, i have to bake more cookies. poop.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


was so fun. i'd re-live it if i could.
i walked into math after lunch today.
guess who was my sub? -_-
yes, stuck.
but i kept making mean comments.
like how he can't spell "aggressive".
i think i'm ready for this math test.
hopefully. i'm crossing my fingers.

i got into funds of art for summer (:
i is taking it wiff emireeeen ! <3
we walked down to tea rush again today.
got large peridots w/ boba.
& then went to rite aid to get some fooood.
got to her house, played with her bunny.
then took pictures w/ evelyn on cameroid (;

now i'm here, studying again.
cuhs i really wanna do well on this test.
it was really hot today though.
summer's right around the corner <3
when love story meets viva la vida.
it's on repeat. i love this. it's so soothing.
i showed emileen (: LISTEN !

okay. hello sin/cos/tan.
& goodbye world.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

damn right.

"ohshnaps" is what vione would say (:
imma make that into a shirt. thanks alvin for the idea.
i kinda miss the sat class. especially our trips to HELGA.
i was supposed to hang out w/ the girls today.
but my sister was being all cranky & didn't wanna pick me up.
------------------------------------- edit !

the last guy who has the chains around his neck,
so fine (: & he wore my church's shirttt.
no numbers. x#.


Monday, May 4, 2009

i don't know.

something feels weird. like. change. i was doing a myspace survey & there was a question of what i would do to change the world. it got stuck in my head for the longest time. there's so much to change, ya know ? there's the kids in africa who are dying from aids & poverty. there's the horrible economy that's causing everyone to lose their jobs. & there's the case of swine flu that people are freaking about. (once someone sneezes, it's like "HOLYCRAP. IMMA CALL THE HOSPITAL.") last friday when kevin was taking me home, we were talking about drama filled crap. & he was like "yeah, don't live a double life." & stuff like that. and the thing is, i've tried to change, but it just never works. i don't know. but i think it's time to live life to the fullest as if you were gonna die tomorrow, ya know ? i honestly do NOT like the life i live. sure, i'm talked about - sometimes good, sometimes bad. i wouldn't say i'm feared, but people just don't mess with me. i come off as a bitch most times. and. i. really. don't. like. it. i think it's the fact that i've been relying on myself all this time. maybe i should let God take it into his hands. yeah. i think i will. bee tee double you, i kinda feel weird posting this blog. it's probably my first serious blogpost. & happy birthday evelyn ! hold me up to that guppy's trip (:


Sunday, May 3, 2009

i've decided.

to just give up on school.
well no, not really.
but on english, yeah. hahah.
since i have a 99% anyway.
no need to try harder in that class !
plus, ms chen freaking loves me.

but in math. i have a 65%.
i don't know how the hell imma raise that.
i want to lypo some of the 99%,
& stick it into the 65%.
it'll be a miracle if i pass that class.
cuhs if i dont, then hello summer school.

& murphy needs to start putting in participation.
cuhs i keep getting B's -____-
we're in the star room for the next 2 weeks.
awh man. no ac. it's gonna be hot.

whatevs. counting down the days.
22 left. FASHO.
oh, & happy birthday evelyn !
let's take a trip to guppy's (;

movies !

ghosts of girlfriends past was a cuteass movie (:
i wanna watch the proposal & harry potter, tooooooo.

my finger's swollen from i don't know what.
oh, i've added an americanapparel jacket to my wishlist.

& i need my permit, ferrealssss.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


when i got home, i kept twittering with emileen beezy. & then she sent me a hideous BOOTYFUHH picture of her. (: yeah, it's down there. vvv and then i had to go to basic. holycrap, once i got into jon tam's casa, my head started hurting like a bitch. and then some shit was happening that was pissing me off. i was talking to joyce about it. anyways, so we came up with native american names (; mine was running horse, but since joyce wanted it, i'm glistening rainbow. cuhs agnes was like "i wanna name my kid RAINBOW!" and then jontam & kevinwang were coming up with lame names to name their kids. like "tommy tam" or "timmy tam". & "wayne wang" or "wagner wang". and then us girls established that their kids are gonna hate them. BAHAHAH. & we played animal kingdom w/ our native american names. me & carolyn were decorating the big poster or spiritual gifts. and then chantal had a bunch of questions so she was talking to kevin. then he dropped her off where albertsons is & then i started venting to him about the shitty life i'm going through right nao. & then we went back to church to pick up mimi. mike bigbrother was there ! but he couldn't stop poking me & squeezing my neck. that fool knew i was on my period. weeeird. i was so dead yesterday. i felt bad cuhs i feel like a bitch. hahaha. i was like "don't touch meeee." ): it's whatevs. and then kevin dragged me up to the sound room where he EPIC FAILED at converting the novo vid into his laptop. & then he took me home and i gave him cold noodles from yi mei cuhs last time i gave him bad ones ! HAW HAW. and then i showered, went to bed, and BAM my headache was gone. (;

today i woke up my sister by yelling "OW CHARLIE, YOU BIT ME ! OW OW OWWW." yeah, it always gets her (: & i forgot justin slept over so i probably made a fool outta myself. BAHAH. but who careees ! :D i'm hungry. imma go eat eggs & bacon. OH NO. SWINE FLU.

Friday, May 1, 2009

pee ess.


i want,

- a nikon D60
- an annual pass to disneyland
- an unlimited gift card to forever 21
- a pair of gladiators
- new jeans
- neon nail polish
- a texting plan
- a sidekick iD
- to see _____ come to her senses
- that road trip to oklahoma

and the thing that sucks is,
i won't get any of them.