Thursday, April 30, 2009


i hate being on my period.
cramps are so lame.

choir auditions failed.
i highly doubt i made it in.
this week sucked & it's going by so slow.
i want to fast forward,
to tomorrow 7 pm.
cuhs basic is all i ever look forward to now.

Monday, April 27, 2009

my sister.

is probably the most silliest person you'll ever meet.
though she can be annoying sometimes,
she still knows how to bring a smile to my face.
yes, even in the worst of times.
ps; janice if you're reading this, don't get all sappy. please. -_-

that's her "pretty look".

that's her hugeass smile.

that's her "seductive look".

that's her "mean look".
you can probably see the hint of a smile (:

that's her "surprised look".

Sunday, April 26, 2009


"the inspiration of our line collide is how everything in individuals can collide together and make something better than standing alone. different colors, personalities, looks, and etc. if we all come together in the right ways, we can make a difference to in our society. in our line, you can see different colors that mix together that make a wonderful outfit. you can see great and new exciting ways to wear things. for example, cut out jeans to make sleeves, or even the crazy styles some clothes have mixed with simple style, together they make an extraordinary outfit. don't stand alone if you can take a chance to collide with each other to make something different, or make a difference in this world." - janet & ellen ; collide

Saturday, April 25, 2009


was super fun, ferrealssss !
i didn't take any pictures ):
but anyways. to jackie & sarah:
novo was a fashion show clothing drive.
they took donated clothes to help the homeless.

gahd, there was this dance group.
and they popped like maniacs.
but, he had a girlfriend who was a model ):
i got all saaad D;

the models were so freaking pretty.
& super thin. like ADA ! -___-
i kept yelling "fierce !" cuhs they were all fierce.
tyra would have been like "WHAAA!?"
bahaha, and some of them walked slanted.
kinda like... / HAHAHA.

but yeah, the clothing lines were super cute !
especially rosalyn's bohemian line (:
AND, i saw so many hoc people. it was cool.
apparently we sponsered w/ no numbers?
cool beans (8

afterwards when everyone left,
i had to wait for kevin so he could take me home.
so i was chillin' with dora (:
and we cleaned and moved tables.
hahah, the elevator apparently got smaller.
& ellen was putting lipstick on everyone.
i got some mascaraaa ! (:

finalllly, kevin took me home.
& we were listening to this really pretty song.
but it was like, girly.
and i'm like what the haaail ?!
& he was like "it's from my video game."
-___- freeeeak.

kay i'm super tired cuhs i stood the whole time.
there weren't enough chairs. -_- goodnight! (:

Friday, April 24, 2009


69th post. i thought that was pretty funny.
this week went by so fucking slow.
star testing was a piece of sheeeit ! -_-
but it finally hit friday today.
i guess today was alrighttt.
except i found out a little bit moree.
gahd, i'm so sick of this shady shit.
it's not even funny.
i'd say whatevs, but it's not "whatevs".

basic was okay.
we played ninjaaaa. ahah !
but i got a migraine in the middle of it.
chantal got me tenren'ssssss.
geebus, i feel good.
large boba milk tea is runnin' through my veins. ♥

21167 commerce pointe dr, walnut 91789
doors open at 6 pm (:
semi - formal ; dress to impress
show starts at 6:30 & ends at 7:30.
comecomecomecomecomecome !

Thursday, April 23, 2009


i'm so done with this week.
i've cried four times in the past 24 hours.
& the one person i thought would care the most,
probably couldn't even care less.

saturday's novo & chantal's coming over.
that'll probably be the highlight of the week.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

shitty day.

i don't even know where to fucking start. someone sprayed sweet pea on the bus and it gave me a headache. my ear was hurting. i didn't know anything from the nclb star testing today. i kept puffing cuhs we were playing abcd. my ear was pissing the shit out of me because it hurt so bad. i remembered i have a poetry notebook due tomorrow for chen's class. my ear was hurting. sarthi kept making me move even though i felt like shit. my ear was bugging me. after school, i just broke down. and only chantal was there. well christine go was there too, and i was venting. and then she told me if i needed anything, to just call her. gas station was kinda eh. and then i sat in the cold waiting for burns to open the door for class. but when she finally did, i decided not to go cuhs my ear was hurting so bad. it took me forty minutes to get back home cuhs i had to drop emileen and christine off. my computer wasn't on my desk so i had to go get it from the garage. meaning my mom's gonna bitch at me for taking it out without her knowing. my head hurts. my stomach hurts. my ear fucking hurts.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

i crave boba.

we have telepathyyyyy ! (:
actually. he copies me.

today's heat was unbelievable.
i felt my legs melt in the sun -____-
i have a 98.2% in english.
woohoo ! highest grade, beeeezy =]

Monday, April 20, 2009

ears ears EARS.

i had guitar hero over the weekend, and when i was done, the strap got caught behind my ears. it hurt like a mofo. and every time i comb my hurr, it gets caught. today when we got off the bus, jay tee wanted to see my ear, so she moved my hair. but my hair was caught in my earring, so it dragged my ear with it. haha, it kinda hurt, but it's okay. JESSICA, IF YOU'RE READING THIS, I STILL LOVE YOU. DON'T FEEL BAD. (: ♥ and you know how you're supposed to twist them in your ear so your skin doesn't grow onto it ? yeah, my right ear is okay. but my left ear feels so tight. and it hurts so bad. ); it's whatevs. imma put some alcohol on it. star testing was so boring. i didn't get any of the math portion. luckily emileen had almost the same version as i did. ;] y'all probably already know what i did. HAHAH. and then chihmin drew me a picture of a pink bunny holding a carrot. and he labeled me as the carrot. and when i told him to write "to; the best person in the world", he wrote "from; the best person in the world". he's so retarded. mm, pe was so lame. gonzo made us walk the track rather than just go into the gym. apparently "the gym was already crowded". but we saw stuck go in & me and jessie were like HELL NOOO. but yeah, my knees got sun burnt. they hurt when i bend em. ); i just re-watched brother bear. gahd, i can never get tired of that movie =) it's so cuuute. and then alvin was watching a rated r unrated movie that sounded all nasty. freaking duhhty ashon. anywaaays, i crave some cherry on top. actually. tenren's. howard was supposed to take me & jessie. but whatevsss. i think i'm gonna get some curly fries. YUM. kay bye.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


i got my ears pierced yesterdaaay ! they kinda hurt. it was like a pinch. but my ears blew up cuhs my skin's so goddamn sensitive. -__- anyways. friday night, chantal came over at like 12 am. so we were chillin until that douchebag tony walked over to my house. so retarded. anyways. so i went to charlotte russe to buy some gladiators. but they didn't have my size. so i went to forever 21, and they had ONE shoe that was my size. where the other one was, i do not know. it makes me mad though cuhs it was soooo cute. ): today i didn't go to church. i feels bad. but i went to lea's at like 10. we were being complete nerds. teehee. we ate lots & lots of food. & we drank loooottts of coke. geez. my pee probably smells like it. eww, nasty. so anyways i was there for almost 9 hours. now i'm back at home. it kinda sucks. cuhs all i hear is "you guys are useless !" from my mom. -_- star testing tomorrow. awh shit. fmlfmlfmlfml.
--------------------------------- edit !

gahd, we were sooooo good (:

Friday, April 17, 2009

viernes, BITCH ! (:

mm, the rally was fantasticaaaa ! (: except the seniors won by one point for the brahma spellout. but it's all good cuhs it's their last rally. buhhht, their dance wasn't that great compared to OURS. there were these group of girls fooling around behind all the other seniors. and the reason i saw it was cuhs their backs were facing the sophomores, so yeeap. even brittany was like "i think the sophomores were robbed from the dance." teehee. we're so good 8D anywaays. my throat freaking hurts from yelling. cuhs i've got school spirit! hahah. i accidently stole julie's blue necklace. ): haha, i'll give it back to her probably on monday. but sarah made me a star on mine ! (: i fell so blue, which is kinda nasty, but eh. whatevs. (: basic's in an hour & a half ! ♥ awh shit. star testing next week. math's first. POOP ): anwaaaays, best song ever (:

--------------------------------------edit !

basic was super chill, as always. it was looong though ! but it's okay. cuhs i love basic. (: anyways. kevin finally was like "kay, let's go." and we're like, the last people there. so i'm like "mkaaay." & before basic, i imed him and was like "ayo, i need to tell you something." so yeah, we were talking in the car. he took the long way home & drove extra slow so i could say what i needed to say. but i didn't get to finish, so we sat in his car parked outside my house for another twenty minutes. bahah. but yeah, i don't think i've ever told anyone that much in one whole conversation. but it was good telling him all that stuff cuhs i think i would have blown up if i didn't tell anyone. so yeap. now i'm really tired, so GOODNIGHT (:

Thursday, April 16, 2009

bangs cut !

emi!eeezy, i knows no te gusta.
pero, it will grows out. ^______^
por favor, no te enojas.
me encanta tu, y tu sabes. <3

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ay bay bay.

the reason why i like sleeping over at emileen's is cuhs we, along with evelyn, stay up laughing till 1 am about the most randomest things. ♥ chakarum ser ! today was so fucking cold. i didn't even try running the mile today, so it resulted in rank 53. whatevs. gonzo can suck it. it was funny how me & sarah saw stuck though. hahaha. so my throat hurt & i tasted blood in my mouth after that. and as the day progressed, so did a headache. so i'm sitting here freezing my ass off, itching myself, with a hugeass headache. that denny's burger is kinda making me puke. spanish writing test - eh. i think i bombed that. buuuuht, i added a shitload of vocab, so it's all good. english presentation tomorrow. explication shit. imma go work on it. then i have to study for my math test. stupid kottke. i have a 66% in his class. hello report card filled with 5 a's & a d. -___-

Monday, April 13, 2009


CC4JC247: watch
CC4JC247: now
hahah, it's freaking funnnnny ! (:

i is sleeping over at emileen's tomorrow !
yes, on a school night.
omgomgomgomg. yeeeee.
i haven't seen my babyg's in a long time ! ):

Sunday, April 12, 2009


"life doesn't give you the people you want, it gives you the people you need. to help you, to hurt you, to love you, to leave you, & to make you into the person you were meant to be."

less than three hours left of spring break.
but i'm kinda excited for school =)
well. mainly marquez's class. cuhs it's the best.
hahahahha !
----------------------------------------- EDIT !
me & alvin were having a quote fest =)
iits lindaaa: life doesn't give you the people you want, it gives you the people you need. to help you, to hurt you, to love you, to leave you, & to make you into the person you were meant to be.
iits lindaaa: ME ENCANTAA
alvinxisxsoxlazy: encantaa?
iits lindaaa: i love (:
alvinxisxsoxlazy: OHHH
alvinxisxsoxlazy: hahaha
alvinxisxsoxlazy: how about
alvinxisxsoxlazy: perfect ppl arent real and real ppl arent perfect?
iits lindaaa: OOH I LIKE THAT =)
iits lindaaa: how abouttt.
iits lindaaa: umm.
iits lindaaa: never look back unless you plan on going that way (:
alvinxisxsoxlazy: ohhah thats good
alvinxisxsoxlazy: how about
alvinxisxsoxlazy: if they give you ruled paper, write the other way
alvinxisxsoxlazy: LOL
iits lindaaa: HAHAHA WHATTHE
iits lindaaa: mm.
iits lindaaa: be who you are & say what you feel. because those who mind won't matter, & those who matter won't mind =)
iits lindaaa: DR SEUSS BABY
alvinxisxsoxlazy: LOL hahah
alvinxisxsoxlazy: we're like quote ppl
alvinxisxsoxlazy: LOL
iits lindaaa: it's your turn (:
iits lindaaa: HAHA OH WAIT.
iits lindaaa: skip your turn. this one's so cuuute.
iits lindaaa: "i love you more than spongebob loves jellyfishing. sandy loves karate. mr krabs loves money, & squidward loves his clarinet. but baby i need you like plankton needs the krabby patty secret formula. ♥"
iits lindaaa: HAHAHAHAHA
alvinxisxsoxlazy: HAHAH
alvinxisxsoxlazy: WAT TEHH
iits lindaaa: IT'S SO CUTE.
alvinxisxsoxlazy: plankton and krabby patty
alvinxisxsoxlazy: thats not LOVE
alvinxisxsoxlazy: thats DESPERATION
iits lindaaa: IT'S OBSSESSION.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

worst day ever.

fuck the bitch that i call my mother.
the day she dies is the day when i'll be the happiest person alive.
i'll be happier than a 3 year old @ disneyland.
with the hugest scoop of ice cream in her hand.
every little thing i do wrong, i get yelled at.
she only looks at my mistakes.
she calls me fat & starves me for it.
"you're not even pregnant & you have that big of a stomach!"
she says i have too many pimples.
all she does is fucking yell at me.
whenever i'm crying, it's always cuhs of her.
she brings out the worst in me.
there is no room at all in my heart for her.
she should've aborted me when she had the chance.

i didn't get my ears pierced today.
hopefully, i'll get them tomorrow.

Friday, April 10, 2009


"i don't believe in guilt, i believe in living on impulse as long as you never intentionally hurt another person, and don't judge people in your life. i think you should live completely free." - angelina jolie

are what everyone looks forward to in a week, right ?
it's the end of it, which means weekend.
but for me, i look forward to fridays cuhs of basic.
especially C O M B I N E D .
today was combined with them flinters ♥
i finally got to see rachel sunshine since, i don't even know.
i didn't even WALK into the room,
& i hear a "LINDA !" and then she runs up to me.
and gives me the hugest hug for like, 2 minutes.
and then ada comes & i'm like "HAAY !"
then we walked up to the flint room,
and they tell us we're watching fireproof.
that movie was so unbelievably good.
i couldn't stop crying ! ); & ada was crying w/ me.
it's so sad, and the end is so sweet.
but yeeah. seeing everyone from basic is THE BEST.

spring break's over. i guess it's kinda good.
cuhs i miss school. omg i'm weird.
i'm piercing my ears tomorrow.
i'm kinda scared, but eh. whatevers ! (:
imma go to charlotte russe, too.
i need some jeans & their's are SO CUTE !

Thursday, April 9, 2009

rip. spring break

spring break ends tomorrow ); & i'm super sad.
well, know1ng was a really good movie.
kinda intense, but still. it was very... mind blowing. haha.
i watched CHANGELING today.
OH MYY. there's a good movie to watch !
it's one of my favorites now. teehee.

ohwells. tomorrow's friday.
there's nothing to do.
& i have basic at 7, but no ride home.
hah. i'm screwed.
whatevs, i'm just waiting for monday.
cuhs i kinda miss school, ya know ?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

top 60 ghetto black names (:

thanks emileen beezy for finding it for me.
cuhs this made me cry from laughing too hard (:
& it made my daaay.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

yesterday !

so yesterday, i had to get up at like 6:45 am so i could get to emileen's before my momma left. so i ended up getting to her house at like 7:30 am. i feel bad cuhs i woke her & evelyn up. hahah, shit man ! evelyn sleeps so wacky. so anyways, we were chilling. i forgot what we kept laughing about, but yeeah. i kept hitting my hand on the table and now i have a bruise ); lawrence got here at like 1ish, and li was supposed to come at 8am, but she ended up getting her ass over here at like 1:30. we got picked up and then went to the ice rink. but we got some quesadillas & onion rings that were sofa king good. and when we put on the ice skates, they freaking hurt our ankles ! ): then we were watching erica and the little kids learn how to ice skate, and were cheering her on. & then marcus and howard finally came so we got them their skates and walked over to the rink. dude, howard & marcus were SOOO scared. howard especially. he looked like he was going to cry and wouldn't let go of the railing. and then i was trying to help him by holding his back, but it was all wet. so i was like "howard, did you fall on the ice?" and he's all "no, that's my sweat." ugh, so disgusting. and then me & evelyn finally got tired of helping all them noobs, so we kept on going back and forth across the rink. but shit man, there was this little girl who wasn't even part of the party and she was so annoying ! "this is the beginner's class, you guys shouldn't be here" -__- me & emileen cussed her out. BAHA. mm, and then we went back into the room to eat. -fast forward- when the cake came out, emileen got creamed and then we were all trying to get marcus to lick it off. but he ended up nipping it and so did she. "MY MOMMA'S RIGHT THURR !" (on tape) and we kept on laughing at the randomest shit. bye the time we had to go home, we had all these balloons tied to our wrists and were stuffed into cars. in the car, me & li were getting sofa king annoyed with "teal" and were making randomass videos of mimicking her. haha, shit was fantastic. when we all got back, we were taking random pictures in the middle of the street with our balloons. but i was running, and my bouquet of balloons flew away D; evelyn got all sad cuhs half her "helium party" flew away. so many cars drove by so we had to get off the street which was complicated, cuhs we were all sitting. then we were playing basketball, but evelyn sitting in the trunk of her momma's car eating her chips. when the sun set, we sat on her driveway, attempting to play truth or dare with calpico bottles. when that didn't work, evelyn came up with those brain teasing games. eh, that failed too, so we played ten fingers. (aka deprived child) marcus had to leave before we all finished, and then we went inside. erica was opening her presents and opened mine & howard's present which was a puzzle so we were all working on that. li, emileen, and me were on cameroid taking pictures and drinking lemonade. then my eye started to hurt like a mofo. i'm thinking it's cuhs while we were playing basketball, my eye itched so i itched it but my hand was sofa king duuhhhty. ); [AIDS!!!!! -li] and then howard showed us "my dick" on youtube and he was taking random ass pictures of him & lawrence. they both left at the same time and li & emileen went into emileen's room to talk. i was still on youtube with evelyn watching world of dance videos. and then i was falling asleep so i went to shower but then got all hyper. we went through the new seventeen magazine and then i knocked out first. i woke up at like 1am cuhs apparently fruitaay called emileen asking for me. LOL.

todaaaay, me, emileen, & li woke up at like 12. we laid there for half an hour doing nothing, and emileen couldn't find her glasses. li ended up finding them and then we got up. emileen's padre found a snake in the backyard and then we ate pasta from pizza hut while watching i love money2 on MTV. those failures. hah. we're gonna go to the puente mall to watch know1ng later (: we made a myspace bulletin titled "threesome <696969" & were filling out a survey. okay, the end. go to emileen beeezy's blog to view them pictchaaas ! (

Sunday, April 5, 2009

yay !

ice skating tomorrow with them cool kids (:
i'm sofa king excited, betch !
& i caught up on gossip girl today.
hahah, watched 5 episodes !

Saturday, April 4, 2009

springbreak !

yesterday was a minimum day ! (: so after school, me & anj walked to the band room to meet up with beth babyyy. & then her padre took us to yi-mei and we ate so much for free cuhs my daddy was there =) and then we got shaved ice & walked to anj's casa ! beth took a shower while me and angela were trying to get her dvd player to work -__- so anyways, we ended up watching disney channel ! ;] wizards of waverly place is sofa king cute. ahahah. i miss my tv T_T yes, i went asian. then we went on cameroid and were taking bunches of uglaay pictchaas. and then i had to work on my explication, and that shit took me foreverrr. bethany helped me with a paragraph so yeeah. we had lasagna & breadstick from pizza hut, i think ? and i drank like, 2 bottles of passionfruit green tea. so i saved it & accidently closed it, so i couldn't find it in angela's computadora. -___- bethany called like, 3 guys to see if they could help while i was looking for it. it took us an hour, and by then, basic had already started. i finally found it at like, 8. i turned it in through turnitin and then we left for basic. we walked in while they were worshipping, so i kinda felt bad. =/ but yeeah, kevin gave the message - about God being vitamin water ! (; hahah ! and then i got jon tam and dylan hooked on owl city's songs =) & kevin was supposed to take me home, but he wanted some mexican food somewhere. so after we dropped alvina, angela, & bethany off at church, we drove somewhere that took like 20 minutes. it was sofa king ghetto there ! but yeeah, so he got his burritos, and then it took us like 30 minutes to get me home. but on the way, we were talking about watchmen and all these other movies we wanted to see. well, he didn't want to watch watchmen o_o but yeeah, & then when i got home, janice was watching jab we met. i was like WTHAIL ?! cuhs only i watch indian movies ! so then i was like omg, and i suddenly got tired so i went to bed (:
mm, today there was nothing to do -__- i woke up, there was nothing to eat. so i was playing the wii for a couple of minutes, and then watched salaam e ishq. well, just the one part that i liked. and then i was watching om shanti om cuhs it's a really good movie. i got like, halfway done with it and then i went w/ my sister to drop my brothers off at piano. i stayed with them and was catching up on my rebel angels and listening to owl city (: but i got sofa king hungry cuhs i didn't eat breakfast OR lunch and it was like, 3:30. so we went to yi mei to say hello to my padre and got some food. ahhaha, i freaking stuffed my assss. and then i craved boba so my sister took me to go get some =] i came home, finished om shanti om, and here i am.
spring break;
sunday - church & then baking with jessica & amber (;
monday - ice skating with emileen for her sister's bday party :) ; sleeping over.
tuesday - bea$t day ; movie hopping all day. hahah !
wednesday - shopping with my math babyg's ♥
thursday - nothing planned. i was supposed to go to dland ):
friday - basic hangout in the morning & then basic at night.
saturday - free. someone make plans with me ! =)
sunday - easter ; i've got church !

Thursday, April 2, 2009

jessicar truong !

so i just got your comment on my other blog cuhs i got my computer back - yay! - & it made me go AWWWWWH ! the smallest things like that make my day; all day, errday (: thank you ! and i'm feeling much better now. tahaha. i'm glad things went all good with ______ cuhs you were pretty pissed yesterday ): & i'm waiting for sunday cuhs there's a chance that we're baking ! 8)
i finally got my computer, ipod, & telefono back. cuhs i actually told my momma straightup that my brothers were pissing me off by talking shit about my bea$t fraand. and she was like "okay, take your stuff back." and i'm like HELL YES.
tomorrow's a minimum day ! (: jessie's leaving for taiwan soon. which is making me sad cuhs i'm not gonna have her tomorrow with me ! i can't sing touch my body or circle of life D; but it's all good. hahaha. my spring break is almost full. i just need something to do on thursday & friday morning. so if you're free, talk to meeee & let's make plans ! i have an english explication that's due tomorrow by 11:59 pm. i should start that. hahaha, and i have a new obssession for garlic & chive pita chips. ♥